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Madness - Rand Al'thor

By endave
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Another Wheel of Time fan art. A quick stylistic painting of Rand Al'thor from a scene in one of the books involving lightning, Callandor and soldiers :)

Hope you guys like it even though it is a very different style from my usual paintings. I couldn't think of a better way to capture insanity and grief with clean lines and blended colors. The somewhat visible character reaching for him is Davram Bashere
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Thank you so much!!
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myrdynn-emerysProfessional Traditional Artist
I really like how this one turned out. The light from below is amazing.
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Thank you very much!!
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Really nice! Are you still taking requests on other scenes from the books?
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Thank you very much! Sorry for the super delay response. I have been very busy with work lately. I am always taking requests, I just don't get to them immediately :) 
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Found it! I like it!  Dark, darkness takes human forms, pushing down. Side note: have you heard by Ride into Obsession by Blind Guardian? give it a  try maybe it'll spark something. That's my favourite soundtrack for the book :D
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Oh, is this the one from Path of Daggers where he tries to go after the Seanchan with Calandor and ends up losing control?
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Yea, when he ends up killing both friendly and enemy soldiers. 
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very "impressionistic" style but somehow darker and deeper, as dark and deep as rand's madness
I love the theme, I appreciate che choice of colours, I like your artistic choice. Congrats!
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Thank you very much for the kind words! I am glad you like the outcome :)
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This is really good. Really emotional. And I like the style, it's very stressing and captures the feeling of the scene perfectly.
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Thank you very much! The erratic lines and distorted view definitely captured what I was going for. Glad you liked it :)
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DrowElfMorwenHobbyist Digital Artist
Really gorgeous... I love how you painted this picture. It catches the feeling of his madness well.
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Thank you very much! I really appreciate the compliment! I have had this picture declined by some groups because of being unrefined :) I guess artistic interpretation isn't as relevant as making your paintings look polished :(
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DrowElfMorwenHobbyist Digital Artist
Whatttt? This is definitely a recognized style, but even if not, it's a great, emotional piece.
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Oh well...voting for submissions is highly subjective. Just depends on what the people looking at your painting like to see.
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I love this series so much and your art makes me love it even more. Would you ever consider making a wallpaper for the series? I've only found maybe 3 good ones. PLEASE consider making one. Great picture!
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It is absolutely my pleasure to create these paintings knowing there are people out there who really appreciate them! I am always open to different ideas on what to paint. Lately I have been too busy with work so not a lot of painting time. I am hoping to get back on the swing of things soon.
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That makes two of us! I'll eagerly wait for your next piece!
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Elbow3Hobbyist Artist

Easily one of my favourites of yours.  I love the colours you've used & the quick, erratic style of the image in general portrays the theme beautifully.

Loving this :D
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Oh wow! This is a fairly big deal coming from you!! :love: You are my best and most honest critique on here, so I am surprised you pegged this as one of your favorites! I let my artistic interpretation lead the way and this was the result. I guess sometimes it is good to let your whim lead the way :P
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NaesthielHobbyist General Artist
I like this style :)
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Thanks man! Never hurts to try something new :)
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