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Send an email to or a note with the following template filled in. 
  • Image References 
  • Bust up / Waist up
  • Requests or notes (Expression, pose, details)
  • BG color
Feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns. 

(Only Accepting Paypal)

Commissions will usually take a few days to complete. 
I will show progress images to make sure you're liking how it's going. You can make a moderate amount of change requests BEFORE I start to color it! Refunds are available before I enter the coloring process.
Payment will not be required until I am ready to start your commission. 

After receiving a hand injury, I occasionally get chronic general hand pain. This can mean I will need more time to complete your commission or decide to close them early / drop a few slots. It becomes inflamed easily as I draw more, so I will also need to space out how often I will do commissions if more than a few slots are reserved. I'll have a clear and concise schedule available in my Commission Queue

Fdgsgfgdgffdbcvbcvb by end-yl

Bust-Up Sketch and Flats:
Bullet; Red  Aidan (Unpaid) 
Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green 

Waist Up Slots Sketch and Flats: 
Bullet; Red  Fox (Finished) (Paid)
Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green 

Full-Color Slots:
Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green 

Bullet; RedVexting (Unpaid) (Pending) 

Commission & Project Queue

(After receiving your commission feel free to use it however you like. Credit is appreciated, but not required. Commissions cannot be used for profit or be heavily edited. Do not remove my watermark!)
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