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Roman Austriakov Diaz by End-0 Roman Austriakov Diaz by End-0
Diaz is, frankly, one of my all time favourite. This caracter is the boss of the first "big" arc in my story.
As you may have guessed, he is a tank u___u

Diaz is much more complicated than what it seems.
He is the leader of a group of mercenary that saw their country burned and pillaged. He is fueled by hate for the whole world.
He suffered many injuries, one left him with a broken skull (hence the scar on the forehead and his right eye), and physically can't feel pain since. The other one is his mouth, in the past, a Ice User got to freeze a part of his face which he himself ripped off to prevent the ice from spreading (he couldn't feel pain).
He is a bit unstable, prone to outbursts of rage and violence.
His has power over metal, and specifically "impact", a shockwave that works like two magnets in repulsion. With that, Diaz can easily flip a tank or derail a train. He has metal boots that coupled with his power allow him to make giant leaps like the Hulk u_u

People consider him like a mindless monster, but he is actually very intelligent, save for the unstable side. He is a very tragic caracter, from my point of view at least. I like the contrast of him being unable to feel pain, when his life is one of constant suffering.

He is a good badguy in that sense.
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