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End-0 - Arc Von Ceres by End-0 End-0 - Arc Von Ceres by End-0
It's been a long time since I posted anything, but lately i'm mainly working on A3 format and I have no means to scan it sooo =X
But I managed to get some of those scanned so i'll post them starting with this one x)

About the characters, hum this arc is focused on Adrian's family, the guy with the scythe. I won't talk about all the plot it involves but I like them a lot beacause they give of a strange vibe u_u

So, Adrian Zak Farenheit Von Ceres (lol at the long names, it's a family thing) on the bottom is the prodigual son of the family, he ran away from his father, on the top right because he didn't want to take part in his busyness.

The father, Arow Ford Farenheit blabla is a wealthy industrial that provides weaponry to almost every country in the world, thus propagating war and conflit. That's what Adrian disagrees on, he doesn't want this soiled heritage. But Arow isn't a bad guy, busyness is busyness, and family is the most important thing to him, so Adrian's behavior is hurting him a lot.
Under him are Vlad and Celeste, adrian's brother and sister (Vlad is a dumbass who wants his father empire and Celeste a cute and fragile girl who is protected by everyone in the family).

Arow, as well as Adrian is victim to some kind of dementia that runs in the family, they are apparently communicating with "princes of hell" which guides them and manifests in some different kinds of weapons.
The twin scythe Adrian is wielding is the form of the demon Mammon created by Adrian power over metal which he shares with his father.
The big winged serpent like thing at the top is Orias, a demon communicating with Arow, but Orias is poison and is slowly dragging arow in madness, making him darker and darker as time goes by. Arow's loss of sanity is accelerated by every outrage he faces, be it Adrian's defiance, Vlad's intent to steal his Empire away, or the death of their mother when she gave birth to Celeste which he didn't heal from.
Well, Arow is a strong character I care a lot for, he isn't as bad as his son depicts him, he is juste more mature and appears as really cold even when everything he does is for the family.

At the center is Martin Alfort, their buttler whose a retired commando specialised in handguns. Not much to say, he just is quite cool, it must be the buttler thing that does that...
And the black guy with the smileys on the cap, Naos (yeah you don't see it there but he's black), he is awesome.
I like Naos a lot, he is a cowardly funky guy, he is the commando that replaced Alfort when he left, they have a "master/student" relationship, but Alfort is greatly disappointed by him.
Naos fights with handguns, and though he is extremely talented at fighting, he always runs away when thing go sour. He is really fun and relaxed, and yet very dangerous.

Naos is a soldier from the Empire, biggest country at war and Vlad is ploting with him to overthrow his father is exchange for full support to the Empire from the company when he'll be in charge and stop it from providing ennemy countrys.
The stakes are high for this arc and within a really, how shall I put it, "sober" universe, with war, soldiers, army vehicules and stuff, the Von Ceres Family and their dementia allows a big part of fantastic to get involved in a somewhat plain story.

Well, that's about it ... I talk too much and people wont read even half of it but I can't help it x')
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