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Berserker Grimm by End-0 Berserker Grimm by End-0
God this is so old ... Not a very good look on my gallery I guess but I'm posting all my old drawings I never posted cuz I was too lazy u.u"

One of the oldest caracter I ever created for End-0 .
Berserkers are some kind of super soldiers with various abilities created by the Empire, the bad guys, to fight the ennemy officiers with powers (mainly the good guys).

Grimm is the first "one on one" real ennemy for the main protagonist, Klyde.
I actually really like him, because his battle will really scar Klyde and make him reconsider who the ennemy really is in a war. "In war, there are only victims", or something along those lines. Grimm was a loyal and kind soldier for his country, a bit like Klyde, but for the sake of his country he has been turned into this weird monster.
He has powerful and very long, stretched arms, that can cut even through buildings. This is an old draft so his design has changed since.

Grimm has turned insane due to the experiments he suffered, but occasionnaly he has peaks of lucidity in which he communicates with the hero, showing that he actually is a good guy that was ruined by the war. He really grew on me as a touching caracter, even though he is pretty disgusting most of the time.
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