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My way of celebrating finishing a week of schoolwork be like:

Can I just say that I absolutely love (legal) graffiti?
The amount of filters and layers I used to make this is unreal.

Here's the standalone background because I think it's legit: 
Rebel bg by EncryptedOS
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O o p you're super talented. Keep up the good work B)

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Thank you, but do you mind removing the cuss word? My page is family-friendl.

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I love to wake up to this!!

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Thank you! 🤩

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OMG yes!!!!

EncrytedOS I love you're drawings sooooo much man,the shading,the style,the colors,everything in this picture is a masterpiece.Actually this is a perfect background for computer or for phone:)

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Thank you! I sized it specifically for that purpose, and I have it set as my background on both.

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This should be the background on here! The thing behind your name and bio ya know?

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I tried it, but the angle's not quite suited for it. It is the background on my phone and PC, though!

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Oh sweet! And sorry bout the angle thing girl..

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Nah, I could change it if I wanted to, LOL.

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I love graffiti/street art too, Downtown in my city is FULL of beautiful murals, Anyways, This looks REALLY cool. I love the colors and everything.

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I have a friend who is a big fan of legal graffiti! Apparently it’s called “Street art” or “Street Murals” and there are a ton of cool channels on YouTube that showcase the process on how it is done. This piece looks really nice! The graffiti looks really well made and the general “vibe“ of the piece works well.

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Thank you! I’ve been seeing it pop up on my YouTube feed recently, so that’s what inspired this.

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Yeah, it's really interesting! I saw this one artist called Smoe nova which was really cool minus how he occasionally curses in some videos. The style is really nice and it's really cool seeing the videos. I recommend the "Ugly playground got a graffiti makeover" video as it was the first I saw!

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I think Smoe’s the one I saw!

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That's funny! It's a really cool channel, my friend introduced me to it. They have some amazing realistic and cartoony murals!

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