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String Theory

By encodedlogic
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Man this rocks my desktop!

Apophys and Photoshop, if you want a large version for your desktop, message me and I'll send one your way!
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LukasFilms Photographer
this would indeed rock my desktop- when you have the time id love one.
would you say that Apophys has a sharp learning curve? Im fairly proficiant in photoshop and in my work never had need for a 'fractal generator'. But seeing results like this make me want to try it for myself. How much of this was made using Apophys and how much was Photoshop?
its awesome, no question.
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I'll see if I can find the full size version, it may or may not have gotten deleted or wiped when I switched computers, I always seem to lose something or another when that happens. I'll see what I can find ya.
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Do you know what String Theory is?

Ooo, groovy. Reminds me of Jamiroquai.
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Do you want to know or are you asking if I know? =)

Glad you liked it =D
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I'm asking if you know. I know...vaguely. Yeah, anyway...

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It has something to do with partical physics, or more correctly, quantum physics and how you define the smallest possible unit of... whatever... basically they replace a point with a 'string' which is (I'm guessing) some sort of loop that connects around to itself or to other strings, this gives each physical point a 'volume' or 'length' which can be measured as opposed to a point which by definition has no length area or volume.

That's as best I can do, or at least what I know, if you want more I'd suggest: wikipedia

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Ok, I'm satisfied.
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patharProfessional Photographer
Simply fantastic! :clap::clap::clap: Great job!
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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it =)
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very cool, and i lov the title
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Nice , how have you done it ?
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A little program called apophysis, its a fractal generator and render.
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I'll try. Thanks
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This looks awesome m8!! :)
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Thanks! Glad you liked it =)
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Very cool man.
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That is nice work. How did you do that? I'm always trying to learn new techniques.
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Apophysis, its a fractal generator and renderer, do a google search, it's a free program.
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Your welcome!
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