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Aries - 2016 Fae Zodiac Calendar

I finally have my first Fae finished for the Kickstarter Calendar Project I will be launching in September.  This is the first sign of the zodiac, Aries!  I want this calendar to have a little darker mood than I normally paint, so I am trying a different style.  Let me know what you think!  I will be posting the link to the Kickstarter here when it goes live, but check out my facebook page for even more updates! 

There is only 3 days left of the Kickstarter!!  If you want the Calendar or one of the Fae as a Limited Edition print, time is running out!!!

You can also check out the other Fae for the Calendar that I have done so far!

Aries - 2016 Fae Zodiac Calendar

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Aquarius - 2016 Fae Zodiac Calendar

Pisces - 2016 Fae Zodiac Calendar
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god that looks good,,,,,makes me like being an aries
Soluna17's avatar
This is incredible!
Eclaring's avatar
She looks stunning! Lovely details
Enrial's avatar
Wow! This is amazing, love her pose
Zeeria's avatar
Omg I love Zodiac drawings like these! And you did a great job with Aries (my favorite)!
andre-super-nero22's avatar
 Magnificent! Her face is very beautiful!:D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) 
Crazywitch333's avatar
mechanicalvalkyrie's avatar
The horns and the wings look really good. Good luck with your project :)
Enchantress-LeLe's avatar
Thank you, I will take all the luck I can get :D
Raizel-K's avatar
*~* so awesome asdfghjk!!! 

hope i can make stuff like this one day *~*

keep it up :D 

while i go cry in a corner cuz i cant draw shit ;~;
Enchantress-LeLe's avatar
If you keep practicing and you will do even better than this!!! *cheers you on!!* ^.^
Raizel-K's avatar
thank u so much! i cant draw for like 2 months cuz of my job but i will start again after that :D
ILikeCommas's avatar
Oh wow, the eyes really pop, and the detail on the horns is killer!
Enchantress-LeLe's avatar
Omgosh I am glad you said something about the horns, they took forever! XD 

Ty :D:D:D
ILikeCommas's avatar
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fantastic stuff! 
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