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Stupid People

Because every once in a while I like to make completely mature and unsarcastic statements.

I hope my lack of typography skills doesn't burn your eyes. Practice makes perfect, so I'm hoping I'll get the hang of it soon. Bear with me, please.

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Never, if they're born that way, and some are. However, the frustration of dealing with willful ignorance and stupidity sometime tempts even the most peaceful. Doesn't make it right, but does make it understandable. 
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violence itself is "stupid", so i hope never. but when i was in school, i got in fights with people for a few years and everyone else loved it, so i suppose society already has accepted it.
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Never, 'cause some people think smart people are stupid. :XD:
If this was true, more than half of my class will get slapped
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Don't you mean punched?
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Typography is not just an assemblement of beautiful fonts and great lettering, the message matters as much. Rather, more. 

That little separator with nodes you have made for 'it' is definitely a way of making things look tidier. You could do with a few more fonts, like, download them and start using them. 
Once you get the hang of it you'll understand that some fonts have a character that the embodies the message very well. Now it's up to you to practise and the make the most out of it.

Have fun,
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I wish it were true and we were allowed to do this, but only if they really diserved it...
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Great use of type for such a great message. :D  :+favlove:
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Haha, thanks so much!
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Jeff: 。◕‿‿◕。 Beautiful~ X'D
Me: You wonder that everyday about me, huh?
Jeff: Noooo
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You  turned my thoughts into art!
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Makes you wonder..One day
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:giggle: I so do love your quotes like this~! :highfive: And I hope we can punch stupid people soon, without there being any consequence! :aww:
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Haha, oh, I wait for that day...
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Please let it come~! :aww:
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THIS SHOULD BE LEGAL. Also, remove all the warning labels from everything and allow the stupid people to kill themselves.
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When more intelligent people enter the world.
We're currently a small breed.
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I am waiting for this day to come.
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The day all stupid people realize they're stupid and want to be punched in the face.
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waiting for that day man
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