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Manga-Making Tutorial

Wha-? enchan made a tutorial?
You better believe it! I spent all day on it :XD: See what I do when my webcomic is on hiatus? :D
For those of you who have asked me how it's done, I present to you the step-by-step manga tutorial~~~!
It's very unprofessional...T___T I'm sorry...I do hope it helps though.
And that tachikiri guide I tell you I'll provide here is here-> [link]
Full view to see the tutorial....It's huuuuge O_O Gomenne~~T^T
The mini comic features my characters from the webcomic MAJESTY -> [link]
I know it doesn't make sense...but I had to come up with something fast enough for the tutorial. (It might make sense if you know the characters ^^;;;;; *loser* )
Good Luck~! And enjoy!
Required Tools: The media shown in the first step of the tutorial, Photoshop 5 or higher and ComicWorks.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for all the favs! I'm happy you found this helpful in some sorta way XD;; I edited my site address in the description...and maybe one day I'll fix the address on the tutorial---but it is wrong XD....Remember~~~>! :D
ANOTHER EDIT: Okay, so the Tachikiri guide isn't working...Nevermind that. Every publishing company has it's own guides anyway but the standard is that the page dimensions should follow a 2:3 ratio.
MORE EDIT: Thank you, :icongenesisdux: for bringing this to my attention but you can find the Tokyopop template if you Google "mechspec5"...She says, "The second link, a pdf file, has the template at the bottom of it"
Now please stop asking me where it is XD;;
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Useful tutorial!
Thank you for this! :)
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You're welcome :) Good luck!
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This is very helpful!
I wish I had a decent paint program though, that would make my job WAY easier. XD
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There's lots of free ones! Check out GIMP and SAI and stuff like that~
One-eyeHitomi's avatar
Thanks! that will help a lot! X3
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thank you so much~!!!!!!!!!!!!
enchantma's avatar
You're welcome so much! (:
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This will really help me! I'm writing a manga :3

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Fantastic!! I'm glad to hear! Best of luck! Be sure to link me to pages when you're done (:
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Umm WTF These are all posts of people with computer soft ware your art is coll from what I saw but.............
KillerBlume's avatar
Wow very helpfull
thx !
enchantma's avatar
glad you think so! (:
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why isn't it working T.T?
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aww dunno why, but try this maybe? [link]
it's another tutorial, perhaps this will load.
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^^ This helped me out ALOT!
I've been trying to start up my comic lately and have been having a tough time!


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"you can find the Tokyopop template if you Google "mechspec5"...She says, "The second link, a pdf file, has the template at the bottom of it" "

...This is the second link..
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Hi :)

I think you used a bit too much screentone, but it's a good tutorial :D Thanks for sharing :D
enchantma's avatar
Haha, the tutorial is from yeeeeeeeeears ago. I made a new one which is a bit more recent [link] and now I'm in the middle of working on an even newer one~
BlackRainNeko's avatar
nice :D And I think that the other tutorial is even better :D And you improved the screentoning too ^^
I'm looking forward to the new tutorial :D
Foxgirl95's avatar
thank you I was hopeing some one made tutorial for this kind of stuff.
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you're welcome! enjoy!
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