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First I want to wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day! A small feature of some beautiful Valentines Day works below.

secondly, I seen this story on the news last night, the company that stole the artwork is a huge company from my home Province. I see many artists that do not even put their name on their work and while that is their choice and maybe not my place to say, I think they should reconsider because on the news report they suggested that this type of stuff goes on more than we know and these companies are banking on the fact that the artist will never find out. Here is the article www.winnipegfreepress.com/loca…

now enjoy these beautiful works!

My Valentine by jscribblescom .:L.O.V.E.:. by Morteque Falling in love by enchanting-ce-memory I love you mother by Ultradragon

Mature Content

Love is... by Bru2sha
<da:thumb id="244747666"/><da:thumb id="120850306"/> Love is Three White Doves by MBHenriksen

Love by heakmeat Wishing On A Dream by Shedboy68 LOVE the Sacred Gift by ChristabelleLAmort Happy Valentine 2014 by AngeliaArt Happy Valentines Day by CindysArt<da:thumb id="433783647"/><da:thumb id="433775969"/> He loves me, he loves me not... by KCsummerz The Sorrow Of The Elf by Celtica-Harmony

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I've told at least one artist that maybe he should reconsider, but he said nah and that he'd rather just do the art for fun.
I beg to differ. It is fun to do yes, but all that hard work and dedication that goes into our art is being ripped off left and right.
Even I've had at least ONE if not more that I know of has been stolen, defaced, and claimed on a French site. What they did
was they erased my name, added something else, and said it was there's. I asked the person whomever did this if they could
guide me along. They did and they took the defaced art off their site and apologized. However, these people aren't just finding
us on Deviantart, our works our showing in bing and google search engines. I've asked Deviantart if that could be stopped, and
they said no it cannot. -_-. Why do we bother inputting a password if our work is going to be stolen? I would suggest going to

www.myfreecopyright.org it helps people like me who don't have a LOT of money, or aren't lucky enough to have a lawyer in the family
to have a copyright on the art. :).
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yep, if you are doing it for fun, that's cool whatever, but I still don't think anyone even doing it for fun would want a company making a bunch of money off their work.....maybe that's just me lol. Yes my free copyright is is a really good site, for those of you that live in the US it's really important to use something like that to register your work, in Canada here we do not need to register anything in order to prove it's ours luckily, but good site for people to know about :)
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You guys have an advantage over us on that part.
I agree that whomever creates a digital art, SHOULD
place their name or a copyright mark on their artwork.
They took time and effort to create it. Why would you want
someone else to come along and say they did it? When in fact,
if someone confronted them that they did it -- they can't do a thing!
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Thank you so much for the feature! :heart:
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I definitely agree with you. Artists should put their names at the corner of their artwork or add a watermark. 
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I checked that out Jess. That's just awful. Anyway, thanx so much for including my work amongst such talent!! :heart::hug:
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Thamks for including my work in your feature Hug 
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Thanks for the feature :D
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Thank you for featuring my art! :hug:
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Beautiful pieces! :love:
Thank you very much for including my work! 
And     Valentines Day by KmyGraphic  to You too! Love-Tulips by KmyGraphic

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Thank you for featuring me! I really appreciate it!
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