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dolphins 8 Leaping Dolphins by EveLivesey
my own and painted
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Love this composition! Wonderful tones,mood & atmosphere~
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I love everything. I love how this makes me feel. It's almost like i can feel the music in the pic. I just love it. Amazing work. ;)
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I've been looking through alot of your images, I have no idea really how I found them, but I wanted to tell you 1. you have a great imagination 2. I do like a lot of the concepts you do and how you put them together BUT...I think you would benefit in remembering that less is sometimes more, and I see this in more than one of your images. IMO the dolphins do not belong in this image, and if they DO provide structure for your 'background story' then maybe just one would have worked OR if you had different drips of water coming off of them. The way you have them, just seems too 'perfect' than any dolphins would ever really swim. Another element that for sure could be gone is the candle. You have that gorgeous moonlight and the shadow is great from that and the rim lighting on everything, then bam you have this akward, very out of place candle. Just my thoughts. keep up the good work though for sure, its very lovely
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Well, hello HigherSeeking,
You know, even IF anybody specifies wanting critique on their artwork, that's not
then open season for insulting attack on the person's process or choices or choices
of elements, but of constructive opinions and pointers or suggestions based upon
the final result.
You stick to your world and sensibilities of the awkward (what's akward mean, anyway?)
existence of such as, "too perfect", or somebody might wander through your gallery and
give you a numbered listing of everything they think you are doing wrong. How would
you like that?
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thank you, this is a book cover s I added the elements the client wanted :)
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I like this alot! :) love the blending where the water hits the piano, stool and dress. looks legit. :)
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i can make like you?
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thank you, not sure what you mean?
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I can do you like it?
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wow it is wonderful!
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You're welcome! ;-)
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Very beautiful and emotional work! Great lighting and atmosphere too :clap:
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