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Poor Lyra

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Collab with :iconbbandall:

I drew the BG and my characters, she drew in Ville and Liz. (the big appie)

Champain pose ref:
Melody pose drawn by moi
Ville belongs to BBandAll, she will comment the ref pic

Lyra told Becca she had to get on her mare, and Melly thought, well, you can see what she thought about that. Lyra also asked if London could get on Champain, so Lyra could she what they needed to work on. And Liz just came over cuz' they're neighbours now!

:new: And yes, Becca fell off. Lyra yelled at her later for using an elevator and a standing martingale on her push button horse...

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Reference Picture for Ville:
Ville's Ref:
 - - Just to let you all know, Ville is not being bad! He is just 'scared' of other horses because they usually beat him up, even though he 18hh and overall huge.

Poor Lyra! She has to deal with London and Champain and Becca and Melody! At least Liz knows what she is doing :)
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Yeah and Lyra is tired from her event two days ago :) She will get even grumpier - watch out Becca!
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Oh Lyra! Liz doesn't know what she thinks about Alexis yet. I have to work on my entries for the much to do!