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Tie Dye Pattern Texture Stock

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Click "download" to the left to get an even larger version than full view. It's really hard to get a good photograph of this since it's too large for the scanner (this sheet is about poster size.) I may try to scan small parts of it soon for higher quality, so check out other images in my gallery later if you like this type of marbled pattern. It's handmade paper tie dyed and then marbled with floating black and gold inks. I love this technique so much on it's own, but I bet it makes a great texture for digital artwork too!

You have permission to use this image in your digital art, prints and publications as long as it is altered in some way (such as using it as a drawing reference, digital art collage, backgrounds, texture etc.)

Please leave me a comment if you use the stock, I'd love to see what you did with the image... or add it to your favorites if you liked it. I'll be sure to keep adding more material if I know it's helpful! Thanks ;)
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I used it. Thank you!

Commission: Jaiden by InsomniaQueen
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Thank you ! I intend to use it as a wallpaper o/
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Thanks for the amazing stock Love
used here: fav.me/db5xjp0
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this is just gorgeous. really amazing textures. love it.  do you mind if I use it in making scrapbooking paper to sell or in little tubes to give a nice texture?  I would make it so it is disguised and you cannot tell it was your pure creation. gotta go see what else you created. I love this. I was just at the material store taking photos of textures but none are as lovely as yours. Jan
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I love how the metallic gold shimmers!
Very nice.
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I love this and used edges of it under my cyanotype shot , the link has not shown up yet but it looks really cool . Thank you so much :)
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I blurred it then used a pallet knife effect on it, but it was the background here: carol-colors.deviantart.com/ar…

**thank you for sharing the resources :thanks:
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Love this. Used it here  Thanks
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I am new to this site.  How do I purchase this paper?  I need for sheets.  How much is it and how long does it take?  Can you make them all the same or very similar?
Thank you
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used here - all.worth1000.com/entries/7170…
soon the contest will end, then i´ll post this work here in d.a.

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thank you for making this available. i'm going to experiment with textures with this.
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Used here! fav.me/d6e7of8

Thank you~! <3
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Hi, I used this stock here [link]
Thanks so much for the use:heart:
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:wave: Once again I've used this wonderful piece; thank you!!
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used this here: [link]
might be a bit difficult to tell but it's there
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