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Handmade Rice Paper Texture

Click "download" to the left to get an even larger version than full view. If you're using Firefox and the download image's save file says ".htm" at the end, just rename it to a ".jpg" when you save and it will read as an image.

You have permission to use this image in your digital art, publications, other websites and prints as long as it is altered in some way (such as using it with a drawing/text overlay, as a drawing reference, digital art collage, backgrounds, texture etc.) Basically the only thing I don't want is the exact same image to be uploaded in other stock/texture galleries.

No need to write for permissions, but please leave me a comment here (with the link to your image) if you use this stock, I'd love to see what you did with the image. Or add it to your favorites if you found it useful and want to share it with others. I'll be sure to keep adding more material if I know it's helpful! Thanks ;)
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Thank you so much for this beautiful texture!! I used it for some posters here is one:

Seven Samurai Poster
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Thank you for the use of this great texture. I used it on my first ever composite. you can view it here:…
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I had to use a couple of your images, including this one and 'Marble paint stone texutre' for a character design. I haven't created any digital artwork in about a year, and I couldn't be happier with the final design thanks to you. :)
Hope you like it! <3
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Together Used here, Thank you!
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Thank you for providing beautiful stock! I used this image here:…
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I used this wonderful texture here.  Thank you!!!
I used your texture again, this time for a bonsai photograph. Thank you!…
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I think I finally understand how they got the texture on the cover of Simple Minds' New Gold Dream album!
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Wonderful texture, thank you very much for sharing. Used it for the lampshade here:…
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Thank you so much :) I used your texture for the background of this illustration :

 Children of Kami: Namida and Senken by Thylrienn
thank you! i didn't use yet, but i will use it soon. thank you very much
Thank you very much! I used your texture in a cherry blossom image here:….
Very useful, used for part of a package background
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Hello! :D

I'm using your paper texture as a overlay for my drawing here:

Thank you so much for the texture! I really appreciate the giant size of it >_<
Thanks. I used here : [link]
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Used this here, thanks! [link]
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Hi thank you for sharing. I will use it but its for a class assignment. I wont be viewed out side of the academic atmosphere. If it is i will credit you again. Thanks <3
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