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Green Copper n Gold Metal Leaf

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Click "download" to the left to get an even larger version than full view. If you're using Firefox and the download image's save file says ".htm" at the end, just rename it to a ".jpg" when you save and it will read as an image.

You have permission to use this image in your digital art, publications, other websites and prints as long as it is altered in some way (such as using it with a drawing/text overlay, digital art collage, backgrounds, texture etc.) Basically the only thing I don't want is the exact same image to be sold or uploaded in other stock/texture galleries.

No need to write for permissions, but please leave me a comment here (with the link to your image) if you use this stock, I'd love to see what you did with the image. Or add it to your favorites if you found it useful and want to share it with others. I'll be sure to keep adding more material if I know it's helpful! Thanks ;)
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1671x1677px 1.15 MB
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10/800 second
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5 mm
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Feb 25, 2007, 5:31:26 PM
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aliencircuits3@gmail.com Anthony Stewart - you have so many that are all very excellent & would work incredibly for our modern music vision as album cover art work, I truly hope you consider allowing me your permission to use some of your awesome works to experiment with & hopefully be approved by you to use for our new project - we simply do not have your artistic gifts to generate or create such outstanding visuals but we do greatly appreciate grand art. I'll comply to your directions & follow your instruction to the exact measure - even if you wish for me to send to you my mock ups designs for your own approval I will, but to be fair I think it only respectful ti ask for your blessing rather than just rip your great works off like so many people do these days, I can & will give you name credit also anywhere & everywhere a photo using your art is published so people know & can find you. it may help build a fan base & following for you & give you exposure in new ways. thank you -
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Very nice work!  Thank you for sharing it.
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Really cool! I used it here: Keeper used Sentinel's Grimore by sailingShipwrecks
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Used here!! thedragonfreak77.deviantart.co…
Thank you, this is a very unique texture!
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I used this here:

Blossom by om-ra

Thank you!!!!
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hey there, thanks for this piece. My version is here fav.me/d8hveg0
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Thank you for this lovely texture. I used it here: Of conquests and consequences chapter 3 cover
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I used your stock image here: fav.me/d7um1ri
I hope you'll enjoy it. :-)
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i used your stock in this picture here and credited you in a link for this picture
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This was PERFECT for a wallpaper I designed, you can see it here. :)

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love it! :heart:
used here: [link]
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Thank you for the upload! Used your stock here: [link]
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Thanks for your generousity...I own a scrap metals recycling firm in India and will try to use this image in some way...will let you know.
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and here : [link]
thank you again:heart:
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used it here : [link]
thank you :heart:
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I had a heap of this stuff on Schlagg Metal/Dutch Gold- some was beautiful like this and some very muted and washed out. Cost a Bomb at the time - 20 years ago and $1 a sheet about 10cm x 10cm
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I'm not sure yet, but I might print this out and use it for my collage project in printmaking ^_^ If I do, I'll scan it and post the link :heart: This is absolutely gorgeous!
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Used it my work !!thank you ;)
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Used it here: [link]

Thank you.
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