I need someone to take over or club closing down.

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Hi everyone,

I posted back in 2014 that the club needed Admin help and nothing really came from it and it saddens me. I took over this club because the previous owner wasn't able to do it anymore.

I don't come on DeviantArt like I used, I have a broken spine and other focuses in my life that keep me away months at a time. I know people keep submitting things which I get to when I get on, but I am sure that it upsets people that I don't respond in a timely manner.

So at this time, I am looking for someone who can take over this club and keep it alive or I will be closing it down. As of right now, I will be closing off new submissions until this gets figured out.

Thank you for all those who have been around when this live was alive and for sticking with it as much as you could. I wish I could give you back that club, I just can't anymore.

Who can help?

Thank you by the way for your support of this group!!
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I've never done admin work in a DA group before but am willing to give it a shot. I do have experience working on a good sized facebook page along with my own art page on Facebook.
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Hi Ravynfaire-
I kinda know where you're coming from. My sciatic nerve was badly damaged. I suffer from a lot of paralysis and nerve damage in my right leg. I have developed RSD from it all.  Please don't give up the things you enjoy, but do take breaks and time off for yourself. I wish you all the best and hope things improve for you.  I know that it's hard to find good medications for pain. They say exercise is the best remedy, but when exercise makes you scream, it's hard to push forward.  Just do the best you can on your own pace and level :)

What kind of help do you need exactly? And how many hours a week on average?  
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Thank you. It have been having a lot of bad days lately and I will continue to try as much as I can.
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I know how bad that is, I've been running two by myself lately.
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I don't have the opportunity, just wanted to say sorry about your accident and pains! :heart: