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EA's Pocket Dress

So here comes my first freebie :happybounce:
This dress was made in Marvelous Designer 8 for the Genesis8Female Base.

If you are familiar with this software you will know what to do with the file.

UPDATE:  now included the .obj file and a working UV  (I hope)
My biggest THANK YOU to SilentLadyGTA for her helpful critique, hints and advice :heart:

Tip1: the particle distance here is 10mm for faster simulation, you have to change it to your taste
Tip2: if you bring it in DAZ Studio or another software don't forget to use a subdivision modifier ;)

There are no restrictions of using this file but you are not allowed to redistribute or resell the model.
A mention and a link to your work would be fine.

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very , very beautiful !!

i finally imported / rendered it yesterday ..

:heart: Thank You :heart:

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That came out very nice and I have to thank you for playing around with it!
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I want to use this so bad but I can't afford that program DX
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Oh, I'm so sorry for you! One year ago they had a big xmas sale and so I could get it...
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Thank you very much. Great work!
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Thank you :) Have fun!!
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This is awesome :D nice job :D

Have you by any chance figured out how to save the mat names into daz or poser?

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Thank you and yes, I did ;)
1) all mat names has to be one word, if you need more use an underscore
2) if you export as an OBJ use the "Object (selected)" option and tick "select all patterns", "select all Graphics and Trims", "single object", "weld", "thin" AND the most important: "unified UV coordinates" and finally the "cm DAZ Studio"
That I figured out after some trial and error ;)
All the texture options I leave unticked because I texture in DAZ so far...
Good luck :D
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Yeah, I might have used a space on some of mine. I tend to only use one word for brevity but have occasionally used more. I just ignore it and redo it Daz if there's something I don't like. :D But I'll use the underscore from now on! Thanks for this. 

By the way, I always used export 'Thick' before because for close ups the cloth just looked too papery, but I've been playing with the 'Then, Weld' lately. I never use dforce though, it's wayyyyyyyyyyy too slow compared to MD
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How do I fit this to the model I am working with?

It is my first time working with a .obj file

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Are you asking about the default obj that is included in my zip or the obj that you exported from Marvelous Designer?
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The one in your .zip

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I'm really sorry. Unfortunately I don't have the skills yet to make an obj conform to a figure and to give some advice. That's why I put the default obj in the zip and not a .duf file. It's all about rigging and weightmapping and the transfer tool. Some people here are able to do this and were asking me for the obj. If you have time and nerves enough you could search for the transfer tool in the DAZ manual or over at Youtube and try it yourself. Good luck!
A good starting point is to load the G8F Base into Daz without any moving and then my .obj (Files/Import/OBJ) That loads the dress directly on the girl how you can see in the image above... But it will not follow her moves because it isn't rigged etc... 
All the pics with the dress draped result from fitting in Marvelous Designer and bring it then into DAZ as a posed .obj
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Thank you for letting me know.

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Awesome. Thank you hon :D

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Thank you!  That looks amazing!
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Thank you and have fun :)
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Are you not tired of making dress:D (Big Grin) Happy birthday Enchanted-April :) (Smile) 
Enchanted-April's avatar
Just in reality ;)
Thank you, dear Sir!!! :heart:
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Thank you and now you can download the zip. I putted the OBJ into, you will find it inside ;)

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thank you very much, it's time for me to download it! :eager:
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Ooh this looks like a fun dress!! Nice work and love the pockets!! 
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