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Hello guys, yes I'm alive ^-^ After disappearing for a month I came here to say that everything is fine, I really had a lot of work in October so I disappeared for a while. I was completing the most complicated project of my course, basically I had to develop a boardgame in the eurogame mold, ahh and of course, in three months... obviously I didn't do it alone, but it was a hell of a job.. Well just brought a small illustration of the project, at the moment I will not post much about it, because we will try to pass on the project Well that's it, for now I will not bring many illustrations, slowly I will return the posts as before, see you later!
Yes, I'm alive and back <3
Hello everyone, I would like an opinion from you. What do you think of Art Collab and Commisions of portraits? And one more thing, what do you guys think of a blog sketch? I'm thinking of turning my tumblr into one. Good this is ..  
Hello everyone, I'm here to give you a warning, as I walk around with a lot of things to do, I decided to choose two days a week to post new illustrations, so I'll be able to keep a rhythm of production and post! I'll post every Sunday and Thursday (...
Hello guys, I'm here to tell you that now I'm also in Pinterest (click here to visit) In this link besides finding my illustrations you will also have access to my reference package, yes I am putting together a compilation of references for study, fe...

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