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The doves should not be white, my love,
No more than your lonely tears.

And yet, white they remain,
Pure like your innocence,
Even in the face of sin.

The doves should not be white, my love,
Forgive me for tainting them black.

Forgive me, my love, the sin was all mine."

I am well aware of the fact that this isn't one of my best, but... I'm posting it anyway =] Here's to hoping that I won't have to update it any, since there's no doing that here ;]

'tis Vicdaen, God of Light. If you have a problem with androgyny, you should not be looking at my work to begin with =D (Big Grin) I hope you enjoy!
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This is so beautiful beyond words! Love it, so angelic!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not to be confused with Vicodin, god of anesthesia.
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I love this!! Also, I have no problem with the androgyny, i think it really adds something special to it. Being a god, I would expect nothing less :)
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Wow, I love how the clouds turn into his clothes, although to me it looks like a bed sheet, which is also cool. I'm not bothered about androgyny, he's absolutely beautiful!
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This painting acctually brought tears to my eyes.. I'm not sure why..

I just love the lightness and mysteriousness..
Beautiful piece of work. The figure and background seem to suggest purity, sereneness, and an almost angelic quality.

That isn't really what I imagine behind this though. I could see this all as a ploy. He preys on mortals tendency at accept their first impressions. Maybe he makes everything look so beautiful because he doesn't want to face the ugly truth of his own evil. Of course that's just my way of seeing things. Though this is hardly your only work that looks more unsettling as you examine it further.
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I don't like androgyny, so I'll stick to watching your female characters! :)
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omg! so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Vart kommer texten ifrån?
Fint arbete, gillade verkligen blomman och vattendropparna.
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great art, the shape of the body is really good
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fantastic! keep up the good work ^_^
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It's so soft...and light.. and.. and...

I'm going to wake up any minute now aren't I? D: Wow...
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I featured this gorgeous work here: [link]


Hope it's ok :heart:


Take care :iconbackhug:
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I love your hot boys!
It's smexy!
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beautiful work as usual
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