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This is Tneme. Tneme used to be the god of Enslavement, some time ago. He was born as the result of a very unholy union - the God of Pain had raped the Goddess of Freedom.

As Tneme grew up, he came to realise that the true god of slavery was not /him/, but rather the chains that hid inside his veins. They played him like a puppet. Forcing him to do things he would rather not have. They writhed and twisted inside of him and the pain of resisting them was unbearable. Eventually, he managed to plea to his mother for aid, and she forced the chains out of him (though they found a new host, eventually). Tneme was god, no longer, after that. He lost his powers and his home - forced to leave the world where he was born.

Lonely, bitter, and with a broken heart, he sits on a swing in the woods, contemplating the loss of his life and childhood.
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It´s so sad and beautiful! Amazing work! ❤
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God I :heart: this so much. Not only do I like the art, but the story that comes with it is really nice. Good job!
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I want to adopt him! Poor Tneme! Your art is fabulous and I love the descriptions! Keep it up! Hugs and Best of Luck!
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This is gorgeous.
MademoiselleRosa's avatar
So sad, yet so beautiful...
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can't believe i found this by chance :O i used this picture like years ago for one of my role-play-characters.. never knew it was one of yours! :)
very nice work!
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Awww.. *sniffles* The story and the lonely yet blank expression on his face just makes me want to hug him.. This is incredibly well done and one incredibly handsome character!
Fantasized-Teravan's avatar
Aw, such a sad story! Your work is beautiful! ^_^
This has always been my favorite ever since my friend showed me your work around 2003 :) up until now it's still number one in my heart <3 you are awesome, I hope to be able to do a tattoo as perfect as this someday :D
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i'd casually walk up to him and ask "a bit chilly isn't it?"
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I think I've just fallen in love with him *-* I love your work and your characters :D Most beautiful I've seen for so long ago. Thank you for this!
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I will NEVER think the same way of a swing in the woods again... specially when a good looking guys is sitting on it....:D
Amazing work on the lightning! I just can't stop starring at it!
Amazing work on the lightning! I just can't stop starring at it!
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i wish his story was like a book i could read >_<
this is a very nice picture!
Cruel13's avatar
i dont like men-pic but this is sooo gorgeous and adorable^^
Lucibz's avatar
Love it...and I love the backstory!
KrusttyhBenyh's avatar
woooow!! Wonderful!
AnnaGabrie's avatar
pure beauty....
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there are no words to describe the beauty of the picture and the story...wonderful *lostinwatching* :)
thetravelingbard's avatar
ahhhh, sweet love! If only real guys looked this hot!
mekare-86's avatar
Great story! He is f*cking, deadly handsome! :)
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