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Path of Petals

By enayla
Sooo... yes.... weeeelll... I don't think this one is as 'good' as the one I did earlier, but it was fun to do. Tried something new, again, so, anyway.

Snippet of the text meant to go with it:


The moss, underneath the touch of her fingertips, was thick, and sticky; when she retracted her trembling digits, it clung to the satin skin. Stubbornly, bitterly; scented in a cloyingly sweet way that became almost overwhelming, as she rubbed her fingertips together.

It smells like blood.

That was her first thought, and it was strong. It nailed itself firmly to the walls of her mind, and lingered there as she turned to rush deeper into the woods. Soft, silky tears streaming down ivory white cheeks.

Pale blossoms clutched to her chest, as if their bridal-veil petals could somehow banish the harsh words she had spoken - and those that had been spoken to her.
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I've been looking for this for at least fifteen years. I feel as though I am listening to music

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Stunning! Been looking for this piece for ages and finally found it. It was one of my favourites years ago, and I still really really like it.

The atmosphere is great and everytime I look at it I feel like it's coming right out of a fairy tale, like Snow White. :)
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Wow, this is a masterpiece!
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Great art!  Well done!
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Very Gothic and awesome.
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Fantastic work!
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This art is awesome. Great colors and atmosphere and this lady... I don't know why, but it reminds me a little Snow White, when he got lost in the woods :D
(Sorry for my English)
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hi, i olready use you'r pic, this [link] and i forgotten asked you about that, sorry, and at the bottom i specialy left you'r signature... well if you over against i will delete it.
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i already delet it, and waiting you'r answere)
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I love this .. so much!
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I really like this. Added it to favorites!
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Absolutely beautiful! Will look into your other works as well :) I found my new desktop, if that's alright with you?
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I didn't have to think twice about giving this a fav!! The text that goes along with it just draws one into it.
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This is so good all I can say is WOW! The details are so haunting.
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Gorgious work! Love the creepy cloaked person.
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Your wrk has been featured here:[link]:heart:
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:evillaugh:you think you're all alone but HA there's some hooded guy following you!!!:evillaugh:
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lost in your art ^^
awesome work there!
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The faint shadow of a person at the background adds such an eerie and wonderful touch!
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