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The forest had tones of amber and moss, and the shadows were a dusky, whispery purple much like the colour of her eyes.

Where the depth of those shadows dropped away into blackness, she could see it. It. The looming darkness of the abyss. A darkness that opened up and threatened to swallow her, at times - a darkness that would slither close to her feet and plant little kisses against the hem of her dress.

A feeling she had grown accustomed to - living there, on the brink of falling into the endless dark.

It was a feeling she had grown to love.

Picture very much inspired by quite a few of the old masters. I don't know why and how, but that was what I was thinking of when I worked on the image.
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gorgeous piece of art
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I honestly thought it was a photomanip for a minute. Amazing.
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What the fuck is this shit
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she's so beautiful!
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It is so stunning.. I wish i could paint like that. :<
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Beautifully mastered
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I would like to know what she is thinking about
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Very excellent. I can even feel the emotion and how the darkness of the shadows slowly carress her presence. Awesome job...
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I like it!! Amazing!
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Wow~ Nicely done, very realistic~~^^
pretty and dark!!! i like it!!
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