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Some might have seen this elsewhere, before... but I've been asked to post it here as well... so here we go :) This one is rather recent work, whereas Golden is nearly two-three years old.

The people who know me, or who have seen me around for some time – they know this character. Hajieelkhe is part of one of my longest running plots, and I've designed him, redesigned him, remade and re-attempted him so many times now that I hardly know where I started off. I do remember that in my initial plans for him, he would either have greenish skin or greenish hair... but as it turned out, I really never seemed able to pull the green-skin bit off. So I gave him green hair. Green hair that I eventually dumped for black hair.

Now, however, I did an attempt at green again. I feel this is the closest I've ever managed to get to the Haji in my heart. I decided to be brave with the colours the way I always wanted to be but couldn't seem to get 'right'. Here he is, Hajieelkhe – little brother of Indeoque. Rebellious but delicate, heartbroken though insolent, passionate and and warmdarkhearted.
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Man, I remember seeing this years ago. Did he have a dragon tattoo in the original?
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Beautiful, amazing work~! 
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This is Perfect one)
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Absulutly beautiful artwork. Well done.
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Even after all these years still one of my favorite pieces of art that I've come across.
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You do amazing work.  I really like the qualities of the pictures I see here on your page.  I hope someday to be as skilled.
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The colours work so well! Love 
awesome!  Do more like this :)
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Man this piece is still so inspiring and impressive. Crazy world.
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this picture is sooooo offten stolen without giving credits.
Ive come across it on facebook, then tried to trace it and found it on exactly 86 blogs.... of course - not a lone word about the source of the image. Which is sad as the art is mind blowing.
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you´ve got it... Your work is fantastic!
Riktigt snygga illustrationer! Keep it up :)
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I've loved this drawing for a long time. I'm happy to have found you here!
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It's a really beautiful picture!
Excellent work! ;)
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Great-nice textures
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Great coloring, shadows, and draping. I love this so much! Very inspirational!
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found at facebook: [link] ([link])
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Beautiful - Just Love It.

Awesome Style.
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