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Green Mask

Having finally finished a project on Friday, I've spent this weekend completely immersed in laziness. I feel as if though I truly needed it. I am worn thin, worn out, worn ragged and wispy like one of those last year's leaves stubbornly clinging to a branch though they're little but skeletons.

Imagination, however, runs wild. Creativity is at an all time high. I want to paint, I want to write, I want to do things... you know, the things you do when you're twitching with ideas.

Aching shoulders and head keep me from the computer though. So, in the computer's stead, I dug out my papier mache, my paints, my old, broken bits and pieces of jewellery, feathers, bric-a-bracs and bits and pieces I've picked up along the way... and sat down to make yet another mask.

Everything worked against me. I couldn't find the piece I wanted to fit over the mask's nose, at first... and when I finally did, I couldn't find the papier mache. Once I did find all the things, the clay still had to stay three hours in the fridge for best effect. I cheated, pulled it out after one and a half, and jumped on it. I had Corpse Bride playing on the dvd at first.

Then I watched Sin City, I watched some Buffy, I watched Dangerous Liaisons, and then suddenly noticed that... it was light outside, the sun was coming up, the mask was done, and I was pleasantly exhausted. I think it's my best one yet.

Sorry about the poor photos. I just want to show it off:
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Is the mask itself for sale by any chance? I've been looking everywhere for the perfect mask for my wife and this is above and beyond... 
AWESOME !!! how U hold the feathers ? i love Ur mask =D
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The most beautiful mask i've ever seen!
I was interested in making mask myself and this is really inspirational :D
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Absolutely beautiful! I've been looking at mask pictures for the the past few days to try and get inspired (there is a masked ball at the end of the month) and this is the first mask that I've seen and really gotten excited about. While I think mine will be more abstract and less bird, your use of natural (ish) matirials combined with delicate and well placed jewling has gotten some gears turning. Props on turning out an phenominal work of art, props for the photo compistion and thank you thank you for the inspiration. If you have any tips on mask building please feel free to send them my way.
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this is an amazing picture
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I like the pose next to a mirror.
The colors really go together well.
The mask and the jewelry also compliment one another as well as the makeup.
Good Job!
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Stunning! X3
The dark colors of the mask contrast the lighter colors in the lower half of the photo extremely well, and the detail on the beak is very intricate. Beautiful!
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Just is fantastic. The mask is amazing. As is the photo. Wow
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Really wonderful piece.
PhobiasPhobia's avatar
Wow this really hits me hard with beauty.
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it is AMAZING! I wonder where do you get all the material for these masks?
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The masks are really stunning ^_^
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This mask is incredibly beautiful. I love it!!
Ginkitsune-chan's avatar
This is...
Wow. I honestly think that is the most beautiful mask I've ever seen, and I'm kind of a fanatic.
The picture is beautiful and really unique. I can only hope I'll one day be as good as you.
Keep up the outstanding work! :)
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Hey - love the mask btw :) I'm currently working on a production of The Tempest by Shakespeare, and this is along the lines of what I was Ariel (the elemental spirit) to look like - would I be able to use this image on several t-shirts for the cast and crew? I've not finalised the design yet, but it is the current favourite image for us to use. What do you reckon? [link]
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Poor photos my foot!

Not only is the mask just gorgeous, the make up, jewelry, and set up accentuated it! On that note, is that a mirror, or was that photo shopped? My amateur eyes cannot tell :aww:
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The turquoise eye shadow and lipstick was an excellent choice!
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This is SO COOL :D :D :D XD
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Where did you get the feathers for the front?
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you call that a poor photo?lol, I think its amazing! Such a gorgeous mask! I have a question though, I've never made a mask or anything in my life, so how do you get the face shape to be so nice? Can you buy them pre-made or do you have to use your own face as a model?
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