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Glimpse of Summer

By enayla
I've spent a lot of time in a cabin this summer, with my cat, in the sun or in the rain - watching dragonflies crawl out of their former shells and stalking frogs through the woods. It has been lovely. Then I came home, got sick (awful, awful cold) and sat down and painted this. It's a self portrait of sorts. That's me, that's my cat, and that's what summer FELT like.

I'm most happy with the fact that my feet look like the monkey feet they are - they're the most 'me' part of the picture, save for the maniac grin.

PLEASE look at the full view, the image isn't made justice in small format.

A couple of close ups on my face and Azrael's face.
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I genuinely think of Azrael from time to time when I wonder about lovely pets I knew the existence of. This made him immortal in my and I am sure many people's memories forever now though <3

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esta genial, te ha quedado un increíble estilo cartoon con un gran diseño de entorno, bien hecho
Love it! Full Of Joy!
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This picture is the greatest picture.
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This is amazing!! This needs to be a movie!
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itz so fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is one of my FAVORITE ones of yours! I also love your other self portrait with the doll version of yourself. You inspire me. :)
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Linda you are by far the very best.....♥
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dear me... this about brought me to tears... it's absolutely fantastic. I am in awe. wow.
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You owned this one. OWNED IT!!!!
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I love it. Love your summer.

Any chance to buy a print somewhere? :)
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Aaaaaaaaaaa! You have the same feet as me! AAaaaaaaaaa!
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I love seeing girls atop of unnecessarily large animals!
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just adorable ^^
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Nice character in the composition.
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This is absolutely adorable in every which way :'D
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So very full of delight! That must have been the most awesome summer ever! Although the kitty looks a bit like it wants to say "can we go home now?" Haha!
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Jag älskar denna bilden! Jag har sett den förut på din hemsida (som tyvärr inte funkar just nu).
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