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Meet Eyzaathe, Queen of the Crystal City Fae and rumoured to be one of the most beautiful creatures of Aii Chriaston.

The waterfall is part of the brooklet of Ah'tuala. It runs down from the tall mountains of Chi Dala Mia towards the sea. Local people have long since wondered at its mystical glow, but legend has it that the source of the little rivulet is right next to the entrance to the Fae Kingdom of the Crystal City. Nobody has found the source and returned with the memory of it to tell anyone, though, so the tale is as of yet just that - a fairytale

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Absolutely Gorgeous

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Wow! Awesome job!
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Wow this is such awesome art
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Extremely beautiful picture, it looks so wonderful and mythical, very well done...Clap 
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Most amazing art, I do love your work, keep it up. fantabulous. Thank you.
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that glow might be associated with dinoflagellates, a type of plankton with bioluminescent quality when mixed up with certain nutrients in specific trees around the location. examination of a small vial o' sample in the lab would do the trick. arghf nvm me. just come back : /
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Simply stunning! I love it! :D
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Stunningly beautiful!
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C'est juste magnifique. ..
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That's great job & incredible! :love:
HaV0cK's avatar your work :)
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featured in my journal :heart:
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ZOMG it's BlueSoup :wow:
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i have loved your art for ten years but i was not able to tell you as i didnt know most of the art i liked was from you till this morning when icame upon this print, which was a favorite of mine in 2002. you are wonderfly creative, thank you for gracing my world with all your awesome art. you are just so awesome! thank you for giving us such beauty to gaze upon, such talent is gods gift. you are blessed, as we are too, becuase you share your beauty . thank you again.
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Magnific :clap: :love: :heart: Thank you very much :)
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i was give a card with this picture on it years ago. i loved it and still have it
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This is one of the timeless pieces you've created that I don't think I'll ever grow tired of viewing.
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you are the one who did this?im love your art!i have this beautiful drawkings in my older brothers room!and i most say im really love this fairies!but im didnt now who did them!=)
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Gah! Art like this makes me crazy, I just love this ^ ^ it looks so magical and pure! Great job :)
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