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I'm leaving the story out, yet again.

Have patience with me - this is the first painting of this kind I've ever made. A first time thing, in more than one way :]

I really -had- to use references for the background, and I hope it came out okay. It was a true challenge :)
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Really goes well with the song I'm listening to, it's really lifting my spirits to see this!!
AlexDbzAlex's avatar
Omg really nice and yes I thought it was a photo at first too=)
first attempt?! wow, it looks almost like a photograph! Great Work!
Stevan55's avatar
I didn't think it was a photo - photo can't have such beautiful colors.
An excelent work with shadows - I like it very much.
GohsArt's avatar
my lord... my god... my precious... :] This is E P I C !
Rotten-Milk's avatar
Fuck! I seriously thought it was a photo!! Great job!!!
GohsArt's avatar
I need to learn a lot my dear friend. Your style is perfect
GohsArt's avatar
I need to learn a lot yet. . my dear friend You own
anac-chan's avatar
i totally love it! you did a great job here=)!
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I love this painting. so much potential. It has a "What next?" kind of appeal. The girl is going somewhere but where? Is she happy, dancing or pleading? Thanks for the post. :)
fatalfantasy12-0's avatar
Love the setting... the movement of the person... <3
absinthianparadox's avatar
This is greatness.

You have managed to convey the notion of both sound and silence, light and shadow, life and death. I love the dreamy yet brooding feel to this that communicates the idea of euthanasia really well.

And I think the title is very suitable for this piece. At first glance, it seems like a bright and almost euphoric reverie, but upon longer examination, the darker tones of the piece really stand out.

A very deep piece of artwork indeed. Keep up the good work! :)
xMySongisNothingx's avatar
Thought this was a photo until I saw it in fullview.
This is pretty wonderful.
zefiraelRain's avatar
This is pretty amazing work.
Flockhart's avatar
Most excellent. I was inspired to start painting again after seeing your work from the early spoiled days. Your talent is exceptional. I am always aware myself that being able to paint is very different from having something to say. you seem to to have both.
jatblack's avatar
Beautiful piece of work. I love it.
coratolan88's avatar
Wow - definitely thought this was a photo before I fullview'd it.
Beautiful work!
this has nothing to do with euthanasia..why did you title it euthanasia
Fallen-from-stars's avatar
OMG, I actually thought it was a photo until I read the comment :) Excellent painting!
Secular's avatar
This one is :love:

Maybe a bit too dark on the body of the piper, and his head, nevertheless it's a very interesting composition!
d-vega's avatar
Extremely mysterious. Technically the painting is perfect, but I'm intrigued by the concept.
Seems that something is happening outside or by the corridor...maybe the lady is playing some kind of requiem or fatal melody to a person who is dying or having a painful agony, to accelerate the moment of death.
The corridor maybe represents symbolically the death or the passage to afterlife, and the strong lights, the newcoming eternity.

Outstanding work, again! :heart:
blackphoenixrises's avatar
Oooh, what a lovely picture! Everything about it is just so... Graceful. Blah, I don't really know how to describe it, but I love it. ^^
I only wish I could take the title seriously- Ages ago, I heard some joke about the "youth in Asia", and have never been able to hear the word without cracking up since... It was funny though... :XD:
Emlis's avatar
I've always been fasinated by the word euthanasia, would like to name something that word, so I had to take a quick look at yours. I'm not dissapointed!
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