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Blarr... I don't know. I'll have to give this some thought, and see if I should delete it tomorrow. I'm not sure I like it at all.

Pardon the nipple, I hope it's not too disturbing.
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Beautiful! Hope you become famous World Wide! Good Luck Enayla!
We are the richer because you decided to keep her rather than "delete it tomorrow". The vines of her veins seem to bind her forever to the veined marble pillar, she seems lost and estranged from her own freedoms.
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I like it. I can see the torment on her face.
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I absolutely love this, the colours are beautiful and soft, simple. Nice composition and texture.
soulxchild's avatar
I agree, I think the face needs some work and something just seems a bit skewed. But I love the dress and the background.
HellBelleBarbarelle's avatar
Definitely not a disturbing nipple. Definitely not.
CenturyC's avatar
Wow... so emotional... so peaceful... so beautiful...
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okay if your worried about the nipple shame on you. It actually looks more emotional than anything else. Like the hair though. classic, but a defin.
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It's beautiful...
don't delete and don't worry, it's not obscene or anything of that nature.
DangerousToaster's avatar
I think it would be sexier if the nipple was ALMOST showing, but not.
ViikingitValk's avatar
Is she quitted bride?
baronessofblades's avatar
At the risk of sounding like an art thief,I will be using this GORGEOUS pic as reference for an original character of mine in the near future.Hope you don't mind.
CindysArt's avatar
Beautiful! You have a lovely gallery :rose:
linneart's avatar
darn... if you didin't like this.... how would our drawngs look? :rofl: just kidding! it's good. maybe the nipple is a little bit disturbing.
Polka-dotted-cow's avatar
*Gasp* Nip-nip! Oh, noes! :D
azure-towers's avatar
is she wrapped with her hair??
Ofii's avatar
wow so beautiful. You are gooooooood!
aquados's avatar
Awesome piece
MikeNessMonster's avatar
-_-, you think that's bad?
freakyframes's avatar
amazing ...
expressions really came out well !
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