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July 30, 2002
With an amazing 3 top favorites today, enayla has toppled our previous record. Autumn Whisperlings is one of the 3 that blew us away today. The warm autumn browns and beautiful detail make this one of my all-time favorite pieces. (Selected by $matteo)
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Autumn Whisperlings



Commissioned work done for Tree-Free and The Mountain :) (Smile) ...

She... is a creature of autumns - alike the leaves that tumble unto the ground, she will wither and rot before the snow falls. What remains of her will become frozen. Seeds that bury themselves into the ground. Slowly grinding their way upwards through the dirt as spring approaches - and then, during the fullness of the summer, she will slowly spread her wings again as the flowers spread their petals.

Set free only once the leaves fall, once more, to joyously soar for a few weeks - dancing along the dew-covered fields with her eyes shut and her head thrown back... and then falling, tumbling, dying... rotting... reborn once more...
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