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Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite cartoon character: Wolverine

Favourite Visual Artist
Alma-Tadema, Froud, Bauer, Burton, Bouguereau
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Placebo, APC, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Tool, Katatonia
Favourite Writers
Oscar Wilde, Tolkien, Glen Duncan, B.E Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk
Favourite Games
Planescape Torment, Morrowind, Oblivion
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop 7.0, Painter, Intuos tablet.
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Just wanted to say that I have a new piece up on my website. I'd post it here, but I still like my Spoiled piece better than this one, so I don't want to push Spoiled down... unfortunately. So, go see at Furiae - I hope you'll like. A friend of mine has wonderful imagination when it comes to games, and he's poking around at doing a board game for my Furiae world. The creature in my new image is for the game (well, for the entire Furiae world, really, but it will be used in the game). I'm very much looking forward to what he'll do. I can't wait to test the game... I think I need only sit down and go over the map before we can give it a bit of
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People frequently ask me for the tools of my trade. I'll tell you right away - I have an old screen, and I'm getting a new one, soon. Something good. The one I have doesn't match up with the machine. So I can't advice you on that, but.... My computer is a BOXX - http://www.boxxtechnologies.com/ In my opinion, they make the best computers for digital artists. So far the only 'crashes' I've had have been related to my idiocy, not the computer, and I have no issues what so ever in any kind of way. As for digital pens - there's nothing like a Wacom. Honest. http://www.wacom.com I use an older version at home, but the Intuos 3 is excellent:
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Hi everyone :) Sorry I'm not around as much as I used to be, but I guess that's what working a lot does to you. I'm on an absolutely wonderful project now - for a movie called the Golden Compass. If you've not heard about it, take a look at IMDB... I think it will be wonderful, I have such respect for the director and everyone on the project seems lovely. I get awesome job offers quite frequently now, and it looks as if though I might jump head-first into yet another project when this one is done. I love my job!! Meanwhile, I'm trying to entertain my demanding cat Azrael, as well as spend at least a little time with my good friends, but it'
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Its extremely sad to see again, weirdos attacking artists for their expertise in a medium, ESPECIALLY this one being Digital art. I have never seen such pitiful lives attack such a person off the internet. I really hope linda is living happier without the involvement of such nobodies. What you left us with is truly a gift thank you for all your time on here- I hope to see your beautiful creations again <3 ~

Linda has no idea who I am and I don't think anyone will read this but, I'm a very perceptive person and I can make an assumption about what happened to her.

Back in the day I used to be only one more of her fans (I still am but back then I always kept an eye looking forward for her next update) and I saw Linda was way out of this world.

She started to gain a 'celebrity' status which is something most of people dream of, but for her it meant being in the spotlight all the time, getting thousands of messages everyday, thousands of people constantly claiming for her attention and the pressure from her fans to post a new picture on a daily basis. If this wasn't enough, remember she also had to make a living, plus was working hard on her book. Back in the day she used to write about all this in her online journals. She even used to do some vanity google searches (googling your own name) and freaked out at the amount of results she found about herself.

She found a lot of sites where people would post her pictures trying to figure her out, trying to figure her day by day, trying to meddle into her personal life, to be her shadow and to follow her around everywhere. Guys, this is not right. I know her pictures made us fall in love and all but we were demanding too much from her.

Then, the accusations we all know about came and that's where she had it, it was enough. For years I was like: "I miss her, I would totally talk her into digital art again" but after doing a retrospective and seeing the facts, all I can do is to respect her decision of taking control of her own life. She gave us something really beautiful that will remain in our hearts forever but we all misused it. All she wanted to do was to share her vission with us.

I have no idea of what's up with her nowadays and I won't even try to find out, I will respect her privacy and just send her my best vibes, my best wishes, despite the fact that she doesn't even know me. I hope she's doing well. I also want to thank her for making the digital art communities more beautiful, for reminding me that there are good things in this world.

Thank you, Linda.

I just ran into your art and I saw something really beautiful. They are really beatiful because they are good, but what really made me look your art up was the emotions and the story in the pictures. Your art is most beautiful I have ever seen.
Where are you? 
You inspired me to push further, you made me see how far painting can go, I still use the smudge-brush you posted on you website/forum long ago, I miss you!!! 
Your death has been noted.
Please remain still while your inactive account is collected.

Thank you for your existence.
You have been such an inspiration for many years!! I desire to see more of your works if there is more to come :) Thank you, Linda! 😎