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male elf swords man

really rare picture from what i draw. its not female.
and this is it.
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this drawing is really good, is there any more fo this particular character?
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Wow. I love his face, masculine but almost delicate at a glance. Love it, dear!
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:omg: looks amazing!! :omg:
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This is just beautiful
You should draw more males - awesome!
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Absolutely stunning! 8D
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I really liked the sword and the skins, but his somewhat arrogant expression and leg armor are fantastic! great job :D
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I meant skin, the colors you used for the skin are pretty great
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Well I would get killd really easyly if he would run around battelfiled like that :D

Adorable ;)
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The alienness in the shape of his face is beautiful. Stunning colours as well :)
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Amazing! Faved it :D
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I absolutely love this picture,

but I do have to point out that if he gets into a fight like this, he will die... and that would be a shame
he's wearing heavy armor on his legs, which will hinder his movements, and his torso (containing all his vital organs) is unprotected...
though, I'm sure you know...
I will shut up now and enjoy your art
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he is preparing for battle, middle of wearing his armor and checking his blade. but suddenly he hear a sound from the far beyond horizen.
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then I feel relieved, to think someone could hurt him...
is this some 'random' art or is this some character? I'd love to read about him.
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Its just random art haha
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