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colored 441_ Toki-chan



Gray and Juvia



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Alyzia - Mountain assassin outfit - commission


8 Facts about Alyzia Diphridias

8 Facts about Alyzia Diphridias

The Princess of the Sacred Guards, Alyzia Diphridias. Oh boy...these 8 facts about her are going to be a doozy. 1. As noted in earlier journals, I first created Rafael, Cory Fang, and the world of Bectar in the 4th grade and spent my childhood and even my college to adulthood years working and developing the series. Alyzia didn't exist until about the 10th grade when I created her as a romantic interest to Cory Fang, but her introduction and story was radically different than what it is now. She was originally an assassin targeting the main group (all 5 were different back then, more on that later since it's relevant in a surprising way) and the story was about Shadow Striker trying to solve a murder of various Sacred Guards officials as well as imprisoned operatives they captured of a group named Vigilance led by Rage. (More on him later). The assassin they were searching for not only killed captured members of Vigilance to prevent them from talking, but they also framed the



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Enara, you're a genius :la:
Fanarts / Colorings / Animations/A lot of other insteresting stuff

I'm living in the Moscow time UTC+3.

๑Hi, my name is Enara123! 🅴🅽🅰🆁🅰➊ ➋ ➌

► I color manga comics. I use original picture/manga panel drawn by mangaka and edit it by making the lineart and coloring. You can find the colored pictures in my gallery in folder "Colorings".

► I draw anime arts/fanarts
► I do short animations. I use Photoshop cs6 for making the gif.
► Linearts. You should have proper base lines to make a good coloring. Yeah, I make those! You can see a lot of linearts in my gallery in folder "LINEARTS".

► Commissions. open with paypal payment in american dollars.(price list you can find in my journal or in the description to some of my works)

◤ If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. You can send me notes.

Thank you very much for adding my page to your watch list! The more you add, the more new pictures I'll add afterwards.

Всем привет. Я рисую арты, разукрашиваю комиксы, создаю анимации и обои и
многое другое! Вы можете найти много интересного в соответствующих папках в моей галерее.
Жми кнопку "Gallery", и просматривай все, что сможешь найти. Некоторые арты имеются только в одной папке по одному экземпляру, например "commissioned fanarts" - заказанные людьми картинки и оплачиваемые за деньги. Кстати, если ты заинтересован, чтобы заказать картинку только такую, какую ты хочешь - отправляй сообщение, я нарисую ее для тебя, приняв оплату с помощью paypal.
Если у тебя есть какие-нибудь вопросы, жми кнопку "Send note".
Если вопрос касательно арта или в рамках разумного - я отвечу как только смогу.

Я работаю в Paint Tool Sai2 и photoshop cs6.


Tools of the Trade
photoshop cs4,Paint Tool SAI,WACOM bamboo tablet
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Do you love polls? :) *rises eyebrows*

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  • I PREFER cupcakes!!

Are you waiting for Outlast 3 ?(more like Outlast:trila...

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  • No, god no
  • I don't play horror games!
  • I'm interested in a further plot but I won't be playing it myself, I'll be watching my fav youtuber play it :)
  • I hear about this for the first time...

Can you drive?

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  • Yes :)
  • No, I'm in the process of getting my license
  • No, I cannot
  • No and I don't want to in the future :)


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