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Genealogy of the Ainur

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The genealogy of the Ainur. The God-spirits of Middle-Earth.

Much of this information comes from the MERP expansion of the fandom by  Iron Crown Enterprises and Tolkien Enterprises.
Hope you like it.

The Ainur, or "Holy Ones," were the first beings created by Eru, the one God. According to the Elda tale known as the Ainulindalë, their spirits predated the creation of Ea, "The World that Is." They came into Existence in the very Beginning. Eru's thought gave birth to two groups of Ainur: the exalted Valar (Q. "Powers") and their lesser but more numerous brethren, the Maiar (Q. "Hands" or "Beautiful Ones"). Together, these immortal ser- vants form a community borne out of Eru's conception, a community entrusted with the both the making and guardianship of Arda, "the Place." (Endor, "Middle-earth," is the central continent in Arda.) Eru (who the Eldar call "Iluvatar") kindled the Ainur with the Flame Imperishable, the Secret Fire, giving the Holy Ones Being and Vision. After sending the Flame to burn at the heart of Ea, the One spoke to the Ainur. He imparted themes of music and the Ainur sang. They sang separately at first, but Eru eventually gathered them in the Timeless Halls and instilled in them a grand theme. This theme guided the Ainur into harmony and gave birth to the Great Music. The Ainu chorus sang the Great Music, and the pattern and being of all that exists was born. Ea—the World and the Heavens—grew out of the Song, as did Fate.


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