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Genealogy of the Ainur

The genealogy of the Ainur. The God-spirits of Middle-Earth.

Much of this information comes from the MERP expansion of the fandom by  Iron Crown Enterprises and Tolkien Enterprises.
Hope you like it.

The Ainur, or "Holy Ones," were the first beings created by Eru, the one God. According to the Elda tale known as the Ainulindalë, their spirits predated the creation of Ea, "The World that Is." They came into Existence in the very Beginning. Eru's thought gave birth to two groups of Ainur: the exalted Valar (Q. "Powers") and their lesser but more numerous brethren, the Maiar (Q. "Hands" or "Beautiful Ones"). Together, these immortal ser- vants form a community borne out of Eru's conception, a community entrusted with the both the making and guardianship of Arda, "the Place." (Endor, "Middle-earth," is the central continent in Arda.) Eru (who the Eldar call "Iluvatar") kindled the Ainur with the Flame Imperishable, the Secret Fire, giving the Holy Ones Being and Vision. After sending the Flame to burn at the heart of Ea, the One spoke to the Ainur. He imparted themes of music and the Ainur sang. They sang separately at first, but Eru eventually gathered them in the Timeless Halls and instilled in them a grand theme. This theme guided the Ainur into harmony and gave birth to the Great Music. The Ainu chorus sang the Great Music, and the pattern and being of all that exists was born. Ea—the World and the Heavens—grew out of the Song, as did Fate.


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Can we order this as a poster?

This is beautiful and so helpful to get the full story. So many names thrown around our places and people talking to who going where about what thing. Gotta read it like 5 times lol.

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I have looked up and down for the original post of this! I've recently started reading the Silmarillion and am just now discovering how much I've been missing by having only read and seen LOTR and the Hobbit. I LOVE this chart, so much so that I wish I could get it to use whenever I am referring back to the book. You wouldn't happen to sell prints of this somewhere would you??

My mellon, hookin a brotha up with that good shit. I do have a trouble though, I am new here, and if one of you had the patience, I would like to know how to view this image in high definition (I've already downloaded it). I can scarcely make out the finer writing and could use a nudge in the right direction. Thanks again creator!

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This is incredible! I love the images you chose for the Valar especially! Can I add this to the LotR wiki please?

This is absolutely incredible! I am really curious who the artists are behind the Valar. Can you send me some links of the artists (where did you find those pictures)?

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The first time I saw this I audibly said "Holy Shit"


Absolutely beautiful.



Nice work bro. Thanks.

This is great work!

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Absolutely fantastic!

Looks like something straight out of Dark Souls ;-D

Hola. Está hermoso el trabajo. Cuando deseo descargarlo me sale "Error: Ningún archivo encontrado". No he podido descargarlo. Por favor, si podrías ver por qué pasa esto.

I would happily buy this as poster or as high-res pic to print. amazing work!

What can i do to be able to read the text?
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Click on the download button below the image.

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It's depressing that so many people think this is canon.

Really nice work! Also, not to be critical, but the Valar and Maiar only existed within Arda--they became Maiar and Valar once they entered the world, but outside of it, they were just Ainur. Valar and Maiar are power-based, but they're more positions than a subdivision of Ainur.

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