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Sylvia the Satanist 2017 by Enamorte Sylvia the Satanist 2017 by Enamorte
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As some of you may already know, I have a weird affinity for Goth Mary Sues. Especially my own.

Sylvia (I don't remember whether she had a last name or not- I seem to recall picking one out of a magazine, but I can't remember what it was) was my alter ego/Goth!Sue from when I was 13. I've drawn other pictures of her over the years, but they didn't seem quite right. I'd forgotten a lot about Sylvia's design over time, but this time I wracked my brain and remembered as much as I could to get it as correct as possible. I wanted to do a proper picture of her that really looked nice. And looking at this, I can confidently say that this is Sylvia, through and through. In the other attempts at drawing her, I'd forgotten the stripes in her hair, the rat tail, some of her facial piercings, and I didn't get her hair style just right. Her teeth were also filed down to points, which you can't see here. I just realized I forgot to add in her fishnets.

Because I was only 13 and my taste wasn't exactly stellar, Sylvia did look a bit garish, but she was just garish all around. That's what she was all about. She worshiped the devil, drank blood (not because she was a vampire, but just because she was evil and 13-year-old Enamorte thought that's just what Satanists did), had her way with whatever guy she wanted, bossed all of her friends around, did drugs, summoned demons and had sex with them, flouted authority, etc...In other words, she was the typical Goth Mary Sue. She even used rabbit blood (harvested from poor field rabbits behind the abandoned church she and her friends lived in) like styling gel for her hair- in particular, that sort of rat tail you see there. I....don't know. Don't even ask. I was a disturbed child.

Sylvia was, in many ways, a predecessor to Grace. The key difference being Grace had more depth.

There's a quiet, sly little troll inside of me that keeps whispering suggestions to do something more with Sylvia, draw her more, etc. But the rational part of me says no, there's nothing more to really be done. She's a shallow, ridiculous character whose only future would be obnoxious and cringe-worthy. But I guess that's why my inner troll is eyeing her off. Things like that are a guilty pleasure of mine.

For now, however, Sylvia will simply have to stand as a relic of 1997, a snapshot of my inner adolescent turbulence. I can hear the Lost Highway soundtrack just looking at her.

Please do not crop, desaturate, or otherwise edit my images. Thanks!
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fallenangelgothic Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
neomatrenary Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017
CreepOfFear Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017
Disturbed child, weren't we all?
Anyway, by listening to my inner troll, I've got some interesting ideas for characters... not that half of the characters I write now have been there since I was like 10... not at all.
Also, I like the over the top design, looks really nice in your style.
JustAStrangeGal Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I can relate to this, having also been a teen and ending up with a dark character (though male/not quite alter-ego) in 1997, who is still around in one way or another. This gives me feels. :blackrose: :thumbsup:
HotaruThodt Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017   Digital Artist
Man she is so edgy I had to go and get  strictches for my cuts as well as a blood transfusion! :lol:

And yet I want to see more art of her...maybe her and Enoby Ravenway could get into a fight. :lol:
Enamorte Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2017   Digital Artist
oh yeah, she and Enoby would definitely clash...they're both so dominant, there could be only one. Or who knows, maybe they'd end up making out. Goffs are all bisexual according to Enoby, and she'll make out ~sexily~ with pretty much anyone anyway.

It just occurred to me that Sylvia didn't have 4+ names like Enoby, and that surprises me. I need to get on that. I mean, if I'm going to revive a Mary Sue, it's go big or go home.
HotaruThodt Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017   Digital Artist
And then Dumbledore will interrupt their sexily sexy makeout yelling "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING MOTHERFUCKERS?!?!?!"...because he has a headache. :lol:

Oh well if you want to give her more name you can user this and string some names together:…

I made an Edgy Sue myself. Right now she's a townie in my TS2 game, but I should really finish the art I made of her thanks to you. :lmao:
Flutterbunny76 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017
I'm a bit obsessed with that as well.
I don't care if the character is completely 1-Dimensional.
I'm only into it for the art and design.
ERA-7 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Great work! =D
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