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Skintones - updated

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It's been years since I did my skintone swatches (… &…). I don't really use premade palettes like this but a lot of people have really seemed to like them over the years so I decided to do an updated version. I color picked these from actual photos. There is a warm and cool blush color in light, medium and dark tones that can be lightly brushed over the lips, cheeks, etc. All the example faces had one of those pinks airbrushed on a multiply layer over top. These aren't perfect, but I hope they are helpful to someone.

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realy helpful thank you

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All are so gorgeous I wish I had this clear skin XD
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Thanks so much. This is something I needed.

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these are going to be very useful, thanks!

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Ooh! These are lovely! I'm saving these for future use. :love:
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Thank you. This is very helpful.
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Awesome, I'm glad
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Thank you! This is very useful!
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Great, thanks for letting me know
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(I know I shouldn’t be, but) Without context, I was slightly unnerved by this.

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:XD: yeah, I thought that it looked a little creepy while working on it!
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Here is my growing collection of faces I've peeled off the heads of my victims!
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“Yes, is it not artistic enough for you?”


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Lovely, thank you so much for sharing! Pastel Pink Heart Bullet  
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Well done!  This should help in character creation!  Thank you. :)
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This is helpful. Thanks for sharing! :D 
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no problem, glad it helps!
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Thank you so much! I'm new with digital art so this is very helpful!

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That's great, good luck with your art!
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Oof I needed something like this and what'll ya know, it appears. Thanks!
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