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Queen of Hearts

Yet another theme from the 100 themes challenge, "Queen of Hearts". I know I already did a hearts-themed picture last year, but that was with the card suit specifically in mind. This time I thought I'd just do something with a heart shape as a theme. AND plenty of purple, you know, just for a little something new. Always full of surprises, that's me. :slow:

I purposely dragged this one out because I had no idea what I was going to paint next (still don't), and I held onto it just so I'd have something to work on. But after a while I found myself just blankly staring at it, trying to come up with something else I could paint into it just to keep it going. That's when I realized that I might as well stop desperately clutching it to my bosom and just release it into the wild. The blank canvas awaits...
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I'm so in love with this!
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Thank god you did Brush Set for the Hair.
I'm doing a Portrait piece of on my friends, who just so happens to have this kind of hair. 
I'm catching my ass with it T.T His hair ain't easy way XD 
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haha, glad you're finding them useful! :D
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I live the hair I wish there was a tutorial
LovablyAwkward's avatar
Her hair is beautiful, it must have taken awhile to finish! 
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Why didn't I see this the last ten times I've been in your gallery!?

I love the depth, and the color scheme is *awesome*!! And the HAIR?!  WOW!  
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Thanks! :D You probably didn't see it because my gallery is a mess, I should really clean it up!
eveningstars242's avatar
Nah it's not a mess I just need to look harder!
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OMG this is so beautiful!
lifeisafantasy1216's avatar
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omg this one is soo amazing
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wow! that,s an amazing art!!!
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I love the colours here, and her jaw line is so wonderfully done.
TheLaughingDreamer's avatar
this is my favorite her face is very beautiful
BloodMoonEquinox's avatar
I love the colors in this one, she looks very elegant! :love:
kharis-art's avatar
Creativity and execution are amazing. Beautiful!
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Sua arte é linda, ela tem um coração na mão, e uma varinha como se alguém pudesse fazer um pedido e ela mostrasse que certas coisas feitas com amor é muito mais importantes do que qualqer outro pedido, adorei, parabéns.

His art is beautiful, she has a heart in his hand and a wand as if someone could make a request and it showed that certain things made ​​with love is more important than the other request qualqer, loved it, congratulations.
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Thank you so much :hug:
DemonikaDemise's avatar
you a re very welcome!
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Great work!!! The colours, the hair .. is awesome!
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