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A few useful brushes

I've been using lots of brush sets that I've downloaded from various people for so long but found that I only used a handful of them, so I decided to make some of my own to use. These are the sort of brushes that I use for about 90% of my work. This the first set of custom brushes that I've made, so be kind! ;) Though I haven't made a complete painting with them yet, I did test them out a lot, so they should be fine.

These were made using Photoshop CS4.

1 through 4 are what I use most often for everything
5 & 6 are for painting dirt/ground
7 & 8 are two different types of leaves/foliage
9 is grass
10 is for painting trees/branches, while 11 is for texturing them
12 & 13 are for hair
14 is just an all-purpose texture brush, as is 15

You don't have to credit me if you make anything with them, but a :+fav: would be nice. :) Please do not upload these brushes elsewhere. Thanks, and enjoy!
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Muito Obrigada!!!

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Thank you I have downloaded these
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Thank You , these should help for what i have in mind.
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In love with these brushes!  Used here - thank you!
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They're cool ! Thanks for sharing them. \o/
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Thanks :meow: I really like them!
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How do I use them?
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Maybe this will help? [link]
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I ADORE 15. It's such subtle texture, but because it's a brush, you can do really easy spot-treatment.

7, 8 and 9 are also some great foliage brushes.
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Tried these all out (I love new brushes), and I really like brushes 4,7 and 8. Used on a black background, they give me a cool velvet painting effect. #15 is also one of the best brushes I've used for grunging up a polished surface quick. Great job for your first set.
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Awesome, thanks for letting me know how they worked out for you! :)
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Oh Hell yes! I love the way you paint and I only hope I can get only half as good as you, so I'm downloading these either during Religions if I can get a signal or I'll wait until I get home. These brushes look great! :XD:
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awesome. They're not really anything special, but hopefully you can get some good use out of them. :)
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