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Matteo Fraise

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 18, 2018, 9:56 PM

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♦ General Information 

♦ Name: Matteo Fraise
♦ Age: 23
♦ Birthday: November 16th
♦ Zodiac: Scolipede (Scorpio)
♦ Gender: Male
♦ Sexuality: Pansexual
♦ Relationship status: Single
♦ Height: 6'2"
♦ Weight: 190lbs

♦ Trainer Information 

♦ Occupation: Adventurer
♦ Hometown: TBA
♦ Preferred Types: Electric | Bug | Fighting
♦ Least Desired Types: None in particular

♦ Characteristics 

♦ Nature|Characteristic:  Bold | Mischievous
♦ Appearance
Strawberry Boi by Enalon

♦ Personality
Resourceful | Headstrong | Distrusting | Brave | Practical | Direct
Matteo is a breed all of his own, making the most of the life he was born into. Don't let the pretty face fool you, behind the winning smile is a sharp and calculating mind. While he doesn't exactly active seek out interaction with other, he's a sociable individual and has a knack for winning folks over and acquiring a wide variety of acquaintances. For as often as he has to tell lies, fudge the truth, or in general, just act outside the boundaries of what most would consider lawful, Matteo frankly hates dishonesty. Hates it in himself, hates it in others and hates that it's a necessity to get by. And while he's a tough one to get to open up, those that manage to make a true friend out of him, will find Matty to be a fiercely loyal companion that will always tell it to you straight.

♦ History
Matteo is a child of the current era, though and through. His parents definitely weren't from the caverns and frankly didn't bother to disclose to Matteo himself any particular details about his heritage. There were far more important things to attend to like keeping food on the table and raiders off their land. He's found a niche for himself taking on the odd quest whenever he can find them, generally making enough caps to get by until the next job comes around. Living so close to poverty and working in less than ideal areas, though, has made him a pretty street savvy individual.

♦ Misc 
Likes: Truth, laughter, strawberries, flirting
Dislikes: Dishonesty, passivity, oranges, being hungry
Theme Song(s): [link]
Dominant Hand: Right

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