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Eodri Goldleaf

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 8, 2017, 7:46 PM

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CC: Normal Quest 1 by Enalon

♦ General Information 

♦ Name: Eodri Goldleaf
♦ Nickname(s): Eo
♦ Age: 29
♦ Birthday: February 18th
♦ Zodiac: Alomomola (Pisces)
♦ Gender: Female
♦ Sexuality: Pansexual
♦ Relationship status: Single
♦ Height: 5'3"

♦ Trainer Information 

♦ Occupation: blep
♦ Ranch Name: Eversong Woods
♦ Ranch Capacity: 20
♦ Hometown: 
♦ Preferred Types: Fairy | Psychic | Grass
♦ Least Desired Types: Rock | Ground

♦ Characteristics 

♦ Nature|Characteristic: Gentle | Often lost in thought
♦ Appearance
Eodri has soft and young features. Her face is composed of high cheekbones, a small up-turned nose, a small mouth with full lips and she is often smiling. Her straight, blonde hair frames her face and falls to her shoulders. Build-wise, Eodri is slender with only the barest hint of muscle and little body fat, so don't expect her to handle any heavy lifting or great feats of strength. She's also just a bit shorter than average and sports a dismal bust. Depending on the individual, she's often been described as pretty or cute by others.

♦ Personality
Eodri is curious, idealistic and mystical. She's interested in others, the world around her, and tackles life with enthusiasm. While charming, she finds leading stressful and would rather defer to another; she enjoys the freedom of life and is often passionate and inspired by a world of possibilities. She works best when she has lots of flexibility and where she can work with people and ideas. She is very sensitive/empathetic to the plights of others and will often trust her intuition. To an onlooker she may seem somewhat directionless and without purpose due to her almost carefree air, but she's often consistent in her own way and lives by a strong sense of values. She has a strong need to be liked and at times may even go a bit overboard in an effort to win acceptance, but is learning that she is typically well-liked without going to extremes.  In the end, Eo's faith in a positive outcome is the cornerstone of her personality; she is ever the dreamer and picture of optimism. Not everyone can take an optimist seriously, but Eodri is not blind to the negative aspects of the world around her. She knows what a dire state everything had been left in. She's just convinced that she can make a difference and wants to strive towards that goal.

♦ History
Eodri's memories before waking are a touch hazy. 

♦ Misc 
Mezzo Soprano
Dominant Hand: Right
The meaning of her first name is "autumn"

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