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Anya Bouley

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 16, 2018, 10:03 PM

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♦ General Information 

♦ Name: Anya Bouley
♦ Age: 26
♦ Birthday: October 3rd
♦ Zodiac: Lampent (Libra)
♦ Gender: Female
♦ Sexuality: Heterosexual
♦ Relationship status: Single
♦ Height: 5'4"
♦ Weight: 112lb

♦ Trainer Information 

♦ Occupation: Tattoo Artist
♦ Hometown: TBA
♦ Preferred Types: Ice | Poison | Steel
♦ Least Desired Types: None in particular

♦ Characteristics 

♦ Nature|Characteristic:  Calm | Often lost in thought
♦ Appearance

Mature Content

Croatan: Anya by Enalon

♦ Personality
Artistic | Calm | Humble | Loyal | Stoic | Dry | Pessimistic | Detached | Escapist | Passive
Anya is a curious one even apart from her physical appearance and has even at times been described as a bit eccentric. For all intents and purposes, she's an introvert through and through and outside of her work Anya sets herself apart in such a way that almost seems cold. Despite her apathetic exterior, though, Anya has a surprising devotion to her loved ones and of the few friends she's made they would tell you of her gentle affection and patience.

♦ History
Anya is a second generation child, her parents having both been released by Cresselia. Whether her genetic condition is a result of just normal genetics or a result of radiation affecting her biology, no one was particularly sure, but it did result in her parents trying to find a balance between trying to cater to her condition while also dealing with the normal inconveniences associate with the corruption of the current world.
In spite of her analytical nature and perhaps influenced by the need to stay indoors as much as possible, Anya has found the pursuit of art (and body modification in particular) to be her calling. Her small tattoo parlor, Lucid Ink, is how she makes ends meet and encompasses the near entirety of her social interaction.

♦ Misc 
Likes: Color, warmth, starlight
Dislikes: Sunburn, bright lights, long sleeves
Theme Song(s): [link] [link]
Dominant Hand: Left
Albinism: Anya suffers from Albinism and the susceptibility to skin conditions that comes with it. While her eyes are also sensitive to light, Anya doesn't suffer from any decreased visual acuity.
Chromesthesia: A form of synestheia that makes Anya associate sounds with colors. Everyday sounds alone don't always trigger her too "see" colors, but voices and music will more often than not.

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