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September 16, 2006
This is a relatively new deviant and I'd like to encourage him to show more of his work here on dA. Abortion by ~EN70 is one powerful design with a strong message. Imagine you're considering abortion and you see this poster on the street or train, wouldn't it make you think twice? This is what design is about, this is what made commercial design popular, the ability to communicate strong controversial messages. Simple, effective, nice use of shapes and contrast of colour and very iconic. So much to say, so little time.
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Social Poster about abortion issue

My statement about abortion:

I dont like that abortion became "usual" thing.
I accept it in some situations. It is even neccessery sometimes.
Choice is for mothers.

However treating it as a "eraser" will increase relativism and egoism.
Futher more, relativism will bring that there will be more bad things treat as a good

**I'm graphic freelancer and looking for a job****
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Basically, abortion is the genocide of humanity's future. It should be banned. If any nation supports abortion, they are literally cutting off the throats of their own future. This means this would be the end of the Aryan race or any race that follows that horrible idea. It is a strong pity that it is being pushed mostly on white countries and later to Asian, black, Arab, and other countries.

Abortion is the killing of one's own children! If a woman wanted abortion, she should not have the natural process with a man in the first place until she is ready to bear a child.

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Don't forget that abortion is also anti white, because the elitists that push for abortion want white people to have more abortions so the caucasian/aryan race will dwindle in their numbers resulting in hordes of foreigners outbreeding them in their own countries. Leftists and anyone who advocate for abortion often are very resentful towards the white race especially those who are pro diversity, only for white countries. They don't care that middle eastern and African nations mostly are populated by black Africans and arabs. Including countries with incredibly high population rates such as China, India, and Japan. But countries like America, Canada, Britain, Sweden and other white European countries must have people from other races in them.
Abortionists who use the overpopulation argument often want people to believe that countries in the west need to have more abortions while migrants are usually ignored there, meanwhile the countries I listed above that have criminally high population rates, the left never seems to bat an eye at that. It's all about white countries that are filled with "Racist" white people who love their nations.
So in conclusion abortion is also white genocide and anti western.
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Efforts to make abortion illegal will increase suffering and misery; practically no woman contemplating the procedure wants to be in that position in the first place.

If you really want to reduce elective (non-medically-necessary) abortion, make contraceptives inexpensive and more readily available. The horrible irony is that so many who want to eliminate abortion also seek to eliminate access to any contraceptives, including condoms and diaphragms. One of the primary sources of this idiocy is the effort (mainly by the Abrahamic desert monotheisms: Judaism, Christianity and Islam) to eliminate eros and eroticism from the human condition; absent that, our society and its attitude toward all aspects of sexuality would be infinitely healthier.
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Young girl named Lia Mills speech for stop abortion, please watch this:…
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As long as both Parents want to End the kid what's the problem?
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The child is still a human being.
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A human that can't have opinions.

Everything that comes from someone under Eight years must be Ignored
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Are you actually arguing that its permissible to kill any human being under the age of eight?
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The brain isn't fully devolved until that age and we can already kill 24 week year old humans so yeah.
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You're like a parody of a pro-choicer. And a sick fuck besides.
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And your'e a Protestant Bitch.
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I'm a Catholic. Also that doesn't refute any of my points.
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me in the womb lmfao

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fevlfvvfnlfdnjdfjnfnjkdfvdnjdfv djkn

*ahem* I prefer having the bab and not killing it.

And the scientific word for that is: I'm pro  l I f e
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WTf ever heard about overpopulation?
Overpopulation is literally the exact opposite of what is happening in first-world countries. Overpopulation is only an issue in countries like India, or anywhere in Africa, and I think they have more important issues needed to be addressed before then, like civil unrest, unstable and corrupt government, general shit living conditions, etc.
Just a thought Shrug 
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Just to let you know. Some someone stole your image. 

The thief: LeoDavidJones Her choice

Unless you gave permission or what not. Then ignore.
This pic makes me want to cry ;c
Anyways, Great Job! :D
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Woof. That's pretty stark.

I think everyone can agree that it's very well done, regardless of your position on the question it addresses.
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I can't believe how strong a message this sends, though I'm for equal-choice (the husband or partner having a say in it as well) I love how emotional this deviation depicts.
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Abortion in a nutshell.

Good point: 12 year olds, Inbreeding and Virus outbreak.
Bad point: High school/college and party girls who don't use birth control.

*Sigh* If I ever have a Girlfriend, both me and her are just better off touching each other until we reached the 20s. That's just me.
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Oh my f*cking god.

Would you rather follow your dreams or take care of a screaming infant?
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