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Hello guys. Its been a minute since I’ve logged back on here. ;);)


I have checked my DMs on here and stuff like that, but it isn’t like how it used to be on my OLD OLD, DELTED DeviantArt account. Back in the old days, like 2009-2012 I was kind of popular here… mainly for my rude humor and my Jurnal Entries that were more of “ Me Criticizing” and being blunt about world issues and stuff like that.. Which (in fact) got me into a lot of trouble. There was people that didn’t agree with me OR my opinions.

Just stuff like that.. good times.

I was known for my art and drawings too, don’t get me wrong. But I was getting more attention for my Journal Entry Posts .. Posts that would be titled: “ The Barak Obama RANT”, or “ The Donald Trump RANT”..(( those are examples! NOT THAT I actually talked about those guys at all )).. and viewers would loveee my Journal Entries, cause.. guys… I went offff on whatever topic I was talking about. And of course.. that’s what led to me having a lot of drama with some users on this site and ultimately resulted in me Deleting my very popular account with all of its watchers and fame.


Well anyway, ever since my return to this site.. back in 2016. I’ve really tried to keep it on the downlow. I don’t really do “Commentary” Entries like that again. I really try NOT to show my opinions on a site like this one. And the truth is.. I might’ve offended a lot of people back then with a lot of my posts. It might’ve been opinions or facts,, but regardless.. people got offended . I just wouldn’t be down to create posts like that again. Not even on youtube, I wouldn’t even chose to do that on youtube nowadays. When you choose to showcase your opinions on a matter, or try to prove someone of how wrong they are about something; you always end up getting in trouble, one way or the other.

But.. that’s just a little fact about me, that many of you guys probably didn’t know. I just thought yall should know, I wanted to come clean. That’s why my Journal Entries are mainly about updates of my real life, my art and mainly ..this LRFT SERIES.

Anyways! To update you guys with some of the stuff that’s been happening in my real life. Well. Nothing much. At my job; my bosses have been switching me from overnight shift to daytime shift and its really been messing with my brain cells. I don’t know. Also a lot of my coworkers quit but im happy for them.. Its better than being stuck in one minimum wage job that gets you nowhere forever. And that’s something that I would like for everyone reading this to do; move forward in life, create goals, reach goals. Be competitive. And don’t stay all stuck and comfortable in a job or place. Especially if it’s a toxic place or job.

Anyways THAT WAS IT. Cant update you guys on much cause there aint much going on. And most of the things going on; are dumb things to talk about.

Now.. lets move on and lets get to LRFT SERIES. Cause Im excited for this next part. Xp


Little Crush;);) ;);)

So weeks would go on and LRFT would try to tolerate all of the weird things happening at this job. It appeared like HarryPotter wasn’t paying much mind to LRFT that much anymore , but from seeing how much the Robocop would follow her... she'd think there is still some sort of Plan there.

As the days went by, LRFT wouldn't really see much of the KING. LRFT slowly began to lose some interest for the KING. Instead; she was now beginning to crush on someone else...;);););) ;);)

And y’all are not going to believe this... But LRFT now begins to CRUSH on the legend himself:

The f*cking Robocop!

There is no knowing, why exactly, but maybe it was all this new attention she was now getting from the Robocop more than anyone in her life. Maybe it was the Fact that the KING was almost non-existent at that Point. But on top of all of this:

The Robocop was the typical "Hot Guy". The typical "Bad Boy". The Robocop is the type of guy that ALL girls chase after. The type of boy that ALL girls want. Robocop would be considered a 10 in that job at the MAZE. He is young and he has his gains all over his arms and back. He is a unique type of character in a way .. while also being the Stereo Typical F-Boy of this MAZE. You could just tell. Just being seeing him and hearing him talk, you could just tell he had game.

When LRFT first met Robocop, she really was a bit impressed or intrigued by him. His personality is a lot like that of a Strict Soldier that takes everything too seriously and stands his ground. He has a deep voice that intimidates everyone. And his attitude and facial expression are more on the serious- frown side. His personality is more of the; "Do not cross me or youll see whats up" type. He looks like he came from the streets, and like he used to fight in the streets, while also looking like he came fresh out of the Army, while also looking like he came fresh out of Prison, with his serious attitude, his angry expressions and his ghetto NewYorker Accent, as well as his tattoos all over his fingers.

LRFT had never met anyone with any of these Characteristics and Traits; at all. Most humans in reality, in the (normal realm) tend to be either "kind", "sympathetic", "caring", "understanding",.. etc.

Most people present, kindness and smile more.

No, NewYorker Accent, no tattoos over their fingers, no serious militant attitude with their thick eyebrows. NONE OF THAT. And were talking about boy/men here. Dudes… most of them are not like this.

But Robocop was unique in every SENSE of the word. Most humans also tend to be "boring" or in their own mind or .. pretty much minding their own business. But this man gave off an energy that felt "exciting", "interesting". He was a special kind of Character.

It was also very VERY clear that he had GAME. He had all kinds of women chasing after him and all kinds of EXs and it was beyond obvious that he had NO trouble whatsoever getting a girl. "0" trouble. All the girls, which now included LRFT, would have the hots for this guy.. Precisely because of all these reasons. That uniqueness, that manliness, the deep voice, the fearlessness, the attitude, the fit body, the big manly veiny hands... all of that put together into one person. ....man.....

<3 <3 <3 <3

LRFT would obviously believe that she would never have a chance with the Robocop since he had all kinds of Barbies and Princess and pretty young things all around the MAZE; selling, cooking, and all that. So she would just keep her distance. ( Little Red Fat TinkerBell) was OBESE too, she would be considered a 3 or a 2. So obviously she understood that a guy like Robocop could never really be interested in someone like LRFT. Robocop was getting 10s, why would he go for a 2?? Robocop was getting all KINDZ of girls.

By the time that LRFT began to crush on this boy; she started CRUSHING BADDD. LRFT had never in her life, never in her past.. crushed to that LEVEL. She had never had the hots for anyone like THAT before. She did kinda crush on a boy every now and then, during her school life.. BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS! AND TO THAT LEVEL!

LRFT felt something different for Robocop! What it was: It was a Sexual Attraction beyond anything she'd ever felt for ANYONE in her entire life! An Attraction beyond compare.

Another fact was … that Robocop truly was this young buck, he was in LRFT's age range, those raging 20's.. while the KING was more on the older mid 30's side. LRFT was 21 years old, but she had no clue how old the Robocop was. It seemed that he was in his 20's or mid 20's. All in all.....

She was now completely HYPNOTIZED by this man! <3 <3 <3 <3

LRFT wasnt even attracted to the KING like that, and to that degree.. the KING was more like this one handsome man with the looks and the money. But the ROBOCOP: the Robocop was this one sensual, college-age badass, fearless, boy… with all kinds of muscles all around him. Robocop's stare and deep serious voice, would intimidate all the men around him, and would melt any woman around. It was now CLEAR who was the Alpha male of this entire place. LRFT started to note TRULY how much all the other young dudes feared this Robocop guy, and followed his every command to the dot.

..Man.. That shit turned LRFT; on.................!

LRFT slowly became OBSSESED with Robocop. Day in and day out LRFT would take note of all these traits subconsciously, and she’d become impressed by him every time, or any time he was around.

While at home, she could not stop thinking about him. She would think about the Robocop no matter what the situation or event. Slowly she began to fantasize about girly stuff like; making out with him.. and later fantasize about doing crazier things with the Robocop. (like how anyone who has a crush on anyone would). But since this CRUSH on the Robocop was of an EXTREME LEVEL, she would fantasize for hours on end, and fantasize about doing some of the most unbelievable of things with him. She would fantasize about stuff she wanted HIM to do to her. Ya know' since he is this strong Alpha type of guy. ;). wink-wink....... She would put him in a role where he was still this strong badass Alpha guy in her imagination.... ;);)…and this guy, this character would just take over LRFT’s deepest thoughts.

<3 <3 <3 <3

Since she was now completely hypnotized by this guy; she would now ENJOY how much Robocop would follow her around at work. She would LOVEE how much he would show up out of nowhere to just look at her. LRFT being the shy, quiet, fat, ugly, single girl she's been all her life; now had the HOT GUY at work following her around all day. !OF COURSE! Little-Red-Fat-TinkerBell is gonna go crazy for him! <3 It seemed like Robocop didn't care about all the Brats & Barbies inside the MAZE because of how much he was following and focusing on LRFT day in and day out, and LRFT was loving EVERY SECOND OF IT! The whole entire shift; he’d follow her! The whole 8 hours of work!

She would no joke fantasize about him so much, to where she would have to excuse herself during work so that she can clean herself up in the bathroom. If you understand what I mean ... (x.x)... Keep in mind that LRFT is “inexperienced”, she was a grown 21 year old woman who had never in her life experienced what most 21years olds had already experienced. It was a bit sad to be honest.

Now; even though she was now completely turned on by the Robocop, completely hypnotized by the Robocop, completely entranced and interested in him. <3 <3...

IN REAL LIFE; She WOULD NOT display any interest on the Robocop. LRFT would still behave with complete disinterest and hate toward both the 2 Jerks. LRFT behaved indifferent around every guy in her job, showing no signs of interest towards anyone at all. She behaved with complete seriousness with every Manager. With her coworkers she would behave friendly and interact more, but with her Supervisors she would try to behave as professional as she possibly could. Because for 1; she wouldn’t trust any of them, 2.she already experienced bullying from three of them, and more than anything she was this employee that had little to no value and was considered a "2" when it came to her looks and physical appearance. She really made it so that this ENOURMUS ATTRACTION she had for Robocop was kept hidden away in the most secret area of her mind.

She would remind herself about the way they behaved with her as soon as she stepped into that job. She would make sure to behave with complete indifference and show them both with her facial expressions and eye contact; HOW much she disliked them and the 0 trust she had with them. She hoped to make them realize "the type of bad people that they are" just with her attitude and her distance.

The other thing is; when LRFT began to Lust for Robocop, she was also now VERY NERVOUS every single time he was around, or near her. She was BEYOND nervous and embarrassed any and every time he was in sight! LRFT's heart would begin racing like if she was running, and she really wanted for her INSANE ATTRACTION on Robocop; to be unknown and never discovered. She hoped to NEVER blush or become embarrassed. She hoped to never smile at Robocop not ever. Behaving as such or showcasing any of those actions; would more than likely uncover her secret. Robocop, in any case.. Was still this bad awful person that didn’t deserve any of her affection and kindness.

Also on top of all this; "IF" it even became known of her interest in him. LRFT would become this "laughing stock" at that workplace, a "joke" because of how big she was, because of how unattractive she was, because of how sloppy she carried herself and how she looked. She was this basic “2" , when most girls are "8" or "10's" inside the Maze. LRFT would look like this one ugly fat girl that was now CRUSHING on the HOT GUY that every girl likes. That would've also repelled and disgusted the Robocop himself, and that's the last thing LRFT would've wanted.

It was just IMPOSSIBLE for that secret to ever be unlocked by anyone ever!

The following days; the Robocop would continue to Follow LRFT all over the MAZE. She still didn’t know if HarryPotter was in on it, or not. Every time he would show up to look at her, she would give him the "stank eye", shed hive him "dirty looks". She would look at him all serious and like if she hates him. Mainly because of all the reasons and mainly: <3HER SECRET<3. So because of how NERVOUS and EMBARRASED he would make her feel; LRFT would begin to do something new. Besides looking at Robocop like she hates him with all those "hate stares", she would now also TURN THE OTHER WAY, every time she saw him, or every time he would show up.

SOON: the whole "following LRFT" around the MAZE. The whole stalking and creeping up on TinkerBell thing... turned into this LIVE GAME OF HIDE & SEEK.

xD xD xD... AND LRFT was lovvvvingggg ittttt........ <3 <3 <3 <3

LRFT was loving every second of Robocop following her, and her now beginning to "run away" and hide from Robocop at every instance. So not only was LRFT giving him the "hate stare" and the "leave me alone" stare.. but she was literally now turning the other way and speed-walking away from the Robocop. And Robocop being the nosy , bully who's always looking and staring at her while making ZERO contact and ZERO interacting; OBVIOSULY began to notice this change. He would now begin to notice LRFT now "Dodging him" at every location.

It was honestly Hilarious seeing this take place in REAL TIME .. dont get me wrong.

That must've looked ridiculous. xD xD xD ... Although, without knowing that LRFT was into this guy and enjoying the "LITERAL CHASE".. that almost looke like……..

Sexual Harrasment, or some other form of Harrasment/Bullying at work. :/ :/ :/ :/

It just looked like this one HOT GUY following a Fat blonde girl around this ENOURMUS MAZE, and the Fat girl avoiding him at every point of meet. It was: RIDICULOUS xD xD xD.

The Robocop as he noticed this change, would simply continue to stare and look and keep quiet. Sometimes it appeared that he was too “enjoying” the whole Literal Cat and Mouse game just as much since he is this one Bully/Jock type of boy. Sometimes it appeared that he was smiling as LRFT rushed the other way... xD....

So anyway; in this job.. LRFT would HAVE NO CHOICE but to meet with all the coworkers and her Supervisros every hour so that they can all switch posts and keys with eachother. At the end of every hour, it was Switch Time. And the Supervior whether it be AngelGuy, WeedGuy, BossBattle or Robocop.. would either "be in the office all day long" like a lazy loser. Or be out and about in the MAZE. It really depended on what they were in the mood to do.

(Lucky for them, they got to do whatever the hell they WANTED.) -_-

((Those Managers really had pure freedom and free will at this job. They would make their own rules. They'd do what they please throughout the day. Sure they did have it a little tougher compared to their employees, since they have manager duties and Supervior Responsibilities, and they had to do as KING says.. but when things were quiet and most things were taken care of; this MAZE was THEIRS to rule over. They'd be free as a bird. It really was a laidback chill Job for everyone including the employees themselves.))

ANYWAY.. like I was saying. When it came to "Switch Time" with everybody.. the Supervisors would also go back to the tiny office to meet with everyone and make sure everyone is getting to their Post.

(Or those Lazier Supervisors would already be in there, because they had never really Left the Office not once .. xD xD xD.....)

Now, since we're talking about the Robocop: Let me tell you exactly how those "Switch Times" really were. So basically this "Manly, Soldier-Looking, Muscle Boy"; Robocop over there; would call everyone to do the Switch Change after a long hour of Following LRFT around the MAZE to Bully her as she ran away from him. As soon as LRFT had “NO CHOICE” but to meet up with everyone, Including the Robocop in that office; LRFT again felt this INSANE nervousness and heart racing panic.. because she now has to meet up with her stalker there, her Bully, her little CRUSH there; "Robocop".

As she would be making her way to the office; she would be in pure Panic Mode. Mainly because she would be out of Robocop's league and she would feel like this Fat-Ugly-Weird-Girl who had ZERO to NO chance with him. At that point; TRULY there was no avoiding the Robocop when it came to these "Switch Times". LRFT would literally have to come face to face with her FEAR.

As she would go in there to exchange items with her buddies & Robocop would go in there as well. LRFT would not make ANY eye contact with Robocop. She would completely not look at him. She would keep interactions short, respectful and simple. She would still keep her "hate stare", and try to exit the room as fast as she possibly could. In fact, she actually didn’t even make eye contact with Robocop whatsoever; she completely avoided looking in his direction. She would talk with and look at anybody else in that room, except for HIM.

Although, the truly funny thing is: compared to all the other Coworkers that we're in there, she would switch whatever with whatever person,.. and SHE WOULD RUSH OUT of that office like a CRAZY PERSON! xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD . Nobody else there would do that. That definitely made her look like a complete weird girl.

That is how nervous and embarrassed THE ROBOCOP would make LRFT feel. xD xD xD xD xD .. That must've looked HILAROUS GUYS. xD xD xD xD xD

Well. Moving on.. that was basically how it was every single time that LRFT would work under Robocop. When she worked under the AngelGuy, WeedGuy or BossBattle it was always boring and Chill. Nothing would happen ever. Working under any of them, never felt as exciting, or frightening, or crazy.

The other funny thing is; that Robocop was also known by everyone to be this Crazyier type of guy: he would go out of his way to show off his Manly, Police-like abilities by calling the literal Police or the literal Fire Department for any and every situation. It was almost every single time that LRFT would work with Robocop that something would happen and Robocop would call his little coworker buddies, the FBI, and the Helicopters to take care of whatever situation. And LRFT would always hear about all those situations happening through the Walkie Talkies.

xD xD xD xD xD

LRFT would always hear Robocop’s manly, tough voice through the walkie talkies, every time she worked under him. Robocop would never get off the Walkie-Talkies, never stop saying something though them. LRFT was enjoying and living every second of it!....... <3 <3 <3

None of that would happen under any of the other Bosses at all.

Robocop in every sense was really making that little dumb job into something fun and exciting all by himself, and all the other coworkers noticed that, and slowly Robocop turned into this KNOWN popular guy at the MAZE, if he wasn’t already. It appeared that he was already KNOWN to be this one exciting HOT GUY by everyone who had already worked there for a while , but the newer people who were new like LRFT herself, where now becoming aware of this.

Well as the days go on, and LRFT crushes on Robocop as he mindlessly follows her through the Maze day in and day out, and all of those things go down.. the whole: giving Robocop a stank eye, and turning the other way, the whole “what is your 20?”, the whole following, stalking, popping out of nowhere, the whole paper sheet that has everyone’s post before they even start working. Just all of that…

LRFT begins to notice something different, something that might’ve been there all along. She starts to notice that every time all the coworkers and Bosses and shift supervisors where all united and crowded inside this one tiny office; inside this room…. that this Robocop guy would STARE at LRFT.

He would stare like if he didn’t care. Robocop would stare at LRFT like if he meant to stare. When he stared at LRFT it was a stare unlike anything. It was a complete/full on stare that would happen every single time, and as this office was crowded with people IN IT. It was as if he didn’t mind whether the other guys and coworkers caught him staring at LRFT. It was as if he didn’t give any DAMNS or any SHITS. He was staring at that poor girl and he was staring at her real good. LRFT would be this shy quiet girl when the room was full of people. Surely other coworkers would be all reactive and friendly and talkative and full of life and personality. LRFT..WOULD NOT. She was more reserved and because of her weight, her looks and her every low self-esteem; she tried to hide behind her phone as much as she could, and mainly when Robocop was in the room for the MOST OBVIOUS reason.

LRFT would make it so that she was the most invisible person in the room. She would turn to her phone , keep silent, and mostly stand or sit somewhere unnoticeable, if not then she’d stand behind someone else. People would always talk and be friendly with one another, so it was very unlikely that any attention would go to LRFT. AND LET ME TELL YOU THAT NONE OF THIS: Stopped the Robocop from staring at her.

The staring from Robocop would be very clear and very much alive. LRFT looked down at her phone every time she was in this room while Robocop was also in this room. She would always wonder why this guy is staring at her long and hard every time he’s in this same room as her. There was just no explanation. And of course this Robocop guy would still have this “frown-like face or stare” or personality, OR WHATEVER!. He basically looked like if he was angry-staring at her, or out of anger or dislike or hate. LRFT begins to feel even more insecure because she had already gone through NONSENSE with that Robocop jerk and the HarryPotter jerk a little while back from all those other stories. There was already a bad start to this boss to coworker dynamic. LRFT had no idea what to make of the constant following, stalking and now “staring” from this Character. Clearly none of the other employees or supervisors ALIKE ever noticed it.

By that time; it had already been 2-3 months, a lot of the new people that came in with LRFT had already gotten used to their bosses or supervisors, and had already begun a friendship or some sort of relationship or trust with their superiors. LRFT at the time might’ve already had some sort of trust with AngelGuy at the time… and maybe some of the coworkers, but it wasn’t a far stretch. She really was this one shy insecure fat girl.

Now….. at the end of the day: why the hell would someone stare at someone for long periods of time, and follow them to every single point in the map, and stalk them and pop out of nowhere without saying anything, without an explanation, without any prior talk or anything at all, without a “hi” or a “bye” or a wave or a nod?

LRFT and Robocop were not friends, they were not buddies.. they were complete strangers. Robocop never had initiated a conversation with LRFT. So even worse.. LRFT was not about to initiate a conversation with Robocop her crush “the hot guy”, the mean guy, the guy that probably can’t stand her, probably wants to get rid of her. LRFT in the end; was just really trying to secure her job and possibly keep happy at the thought that maybe “the Robocop likes her back”, even though he truly doesn’t.

LRFT already had a bad rap of “not keeping a long term job”, of “getting fired from jobs, of “quitting jobs”. She at that point just wanted something that can stick and something she can learn from.

She hoped to be able to keep this job and she hoped to defeat all her enemies, or at least not allow them to harass her/ mistreat her. Those who were considered her enemies were the HarryPotter the WeedGuy and the Robocop himself.

Well that was the story of the “LITTLE CRUSH”. The next part gets crazier and crazier. These little stories like “The Write Up”, “The Lost Phone”, and “The Creepy Stalker” are only scratching the surface of what is really to come. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and please let me know in the comments down below if you’ve ever experienced anything like this from a HOT GUY at work. Or talk about if you’ve seen behavior like that from anyone in your life. If you’ve ever crushed on your boss or your bully? Just leave your thoughts on this whole situation down below in the comments. Also be sure to keep up with me on my:

YouTube: EmyyWolf

Tumblr: emyy-wolf

Twitter: Emyy_wolf;);) ;);) ;);) ;);) ;);)

© 2021 EmyyWolf
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Oh damn, don't you hate when you get those kind of crushes. It's like you logic and your romantic are just having and argument with your logic saying "don't crush on this guy he's an asshole."

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Omg exactly! It’s exactly like that!
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Oh dear. This can't end well.

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Lol 😆 I know right.

but tell me. Has any of that stuff happened to you personally?

and what do you think about those Characters?

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Falling for someone I absolutely hated? No, not really.

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