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Hello Dear Followers!

I've decided to finally tell my second part of my story; LRFT PART 2".

A.K.A "Little Red Fat TinkerBell PART 2".

I will try to make this story a bit shorter compared to the last one, where I had written almost a 50 minute story. Taking up a whole lot of lines. I'm really gonna try not to write like if I;m writting my Diary or my Auto Biography.



But first a little update:

Today is Dec 9 of year 2020. Everything feels too cold and freezing to exist!

It's been quite a while since I've logged on here to do anything like post my art or interact with people . I used to make YouTube videos a lot back then, and art as well. Recently I did try to make some YT vids, or work on my art for you guys, but every time I tried I felt BORED or DISTRACTED or maybe even FRUSTRATED, I don't know why. I do have ADD, but maybe I am just not motivated enough. It is just every time I want to create art or youtube videos. I sit on that chair and completely loose track of what I want to do. I sit there for almost 30 minutes not doing a thing, then I leave.

Anyway. So much has happened in my life. LASIK EYE SURGERY, later on I had to RE-HOME MY GECKOS.. If any of you knew; I owned 2 Leopard Geckos, a male and a female. Beautiful little things. I had made this group in DeviantArt for them. (https://www.deviantart.com/leopard-geck0)

You guys can check it out before I delete it.

And as some of you guys knew; I have a FULL TIME JOB that barely leaves me time to care for them. I had no choice but to give them away. They were already having problems with their well being and their health from MY lack of care and attention. So unfortunately they had to go.

In the Past; I had planned to make them famous, known, rich. I had planned to give them a luxury Leopard Gecko life using YouTube and even DA "this website". I had planned to even Breed them and make more geckos from the 2 of them. And share that entire series on YouTube and here. See what color varied Babies would come of them and post about it all on here and YouTube and Twitter.


It seems that things turned out differently. Sure I got to have a job that payed well enough. This enormous place where I made friends, developed crushes, motivated me and helped me to loose TONS of weight to the point that I ended up looking my age.. 22 instead of 36... (-.-).. I was and am happier and healthier with my current lifestyle in many ways. But it sure leaves out NO TIME for (YouTube creating) or (DeviantArt creating) or interacting with people on this site. Other than Instagram, FaceBook and such. Where.. everyone is there all the time. So if you guys wish to see me in my real life & real time; just add me on IG: Emmy.wolf . I'm always there, everyone is, just message me saying that you are from this website.

Well anyway. I will see in what state I am on this site to restore some fame, all while keeping my Full Time Job, loosing weight, keeping my job friends and my crushes.

This story: LRFT PART 2, also has some of the same characters from the first story "LRFT PART 1". If you haven't read LRFT PART 1.. I suggest you do so, since it'll help you understand the characters better ---> LRFT PART 1

      The Lost Phone

It was a regular Summer Night when LRFT was driving around the outskirts of the Enormous Maze. She was minding her own Business as she tends to do. Doing her job in peace. Patrolling and looking around for crime or misconduct or issues.. as her job requires her to do. Basically it was a boring Summer Night. Full moon blasting the night sky. Everyone in the Maze partying and hanging out, restaurants in the Maze all open and selling. Everything seemed to be alright.

The Team-Captains working that night were; Harry Potter, Robocop, and Weedguy. Probably some of the other regular team members on LRFT's level too, but they're irrelevant.

After what had happened with the WriteUp.. LRFT already kind of figured what type of people Harry Potter and Robocop were. She felt uneasy around them. She wouldn't trust them with HER LIFE. They were bad people. It was already clear that Harry Potter and Robocop wanted her gone. It was clear that they disliked her. Probably even hated her.

Lets keep in mind that these two managers were there to supervise their employees. LRFT at the time was not only NEW to the JOB, but she was also just another dumb employee. Nobody there knew her or cared for her. Not only that but LRFT there was OBESE, extremely light skinned and barely took care of her physical appearance regarding her hair, facial hair, and uniform. So you could already imagine what kind of impression LRFT was giving off.

LRFT was completely careless of her physical appearance and well being. Which on top of everything; kept her SHY and pure in a way. It kept her from pulling in men. It kept her looking like FAIRY MARY.

BUT.. Back to the story.

That night there were 3 Knights on shift. Three young jerks that most likely didn't like new Little Red Fat OBESE TinkerBell all that much or.. at all! Something new had happened to LRFT that night. Something she wouldn't have IMAGINED would ever happen to her! These 3 GROWN MEN Bullied LRFT unlike never before! The WeedGuy never really interacted with LRFT and he seemed irrelevant , but because he was really close with Harry Potter and Robocop, LRFT wouldn't trust him or care to, EVER! She just included him as one of the jerks.

LRFT was patrolling at night on the exterior of the Maze. It was clear that the 3 Knights were hanging out together in the tiny little office. Where they would love to be hanging out together talking for hours like best friends. So basically the 3 of them were nowhere to be found outdoors.

LRFT noticed two girls on the parking lots laughing at something. She noticed that these two girls where dying-laughing at something on their phone. And wouldn't stop staring at it. LRFT dismissed it and continued moving along. After a while LRFT decided to patrol around that area and once again she saw the same two girls on that parking lot in the same exact position laughing at the phone just like she saw them a while ago. LRFT then thinks to herself "wtf?". LRFT got all Suspicious and worried. She was already uneasy thinking about how the three Knights hate her.

When she came around where the two girls where... the two girls where now gone. LRFT looks around to see where they went so she moved ahead of that area where they had been, just a little bit.. Suddenly and out of nowhere, an older taller woman shows up next to LRFT to talk to LRFT. The two girls were with her and they looked all smiley and giggly. The woman tells LRFT that they have a lost phone with them and wish to turn it in to someone. All as the mother hands LRFT a phone. The two girls begin laughing secretly while looking at LRFT.

LRFT being the caring, heroic type of person that she is; accepts the lost phone from these people, thanks them, and moves along.

LRFT senses that something was off, mainly because those two girls where laughing while looking at her as she accepted the phone. OR MAYBE LAUGHING AT HER! It is already known that LRFT looked all cringe-worthy. But LRFT felt uncomfortable overall because of the fact that those two Harry Potters and Robocop hate her.

When LRFT looked at the phone; it was this regular looking android phone, green case, damaged, screen very cracked, type of phone. Instinctively she presses the Buttons to see if it works at all. and it did. The phone was definatly not IOS or Apple. As soon as she realized that it works.. she sees the screen where you swipe to the top and it unlocks. LRFT automatically swiped up and guess what:


It had some apps on it, maybe 3 at the top left.. it looked all hacked, but it seemed to work just fine. LRFT goes back to the memory of how those two girls were laughing. And the then reminds herself that every time you are new to a job, the bosses see you through cameras and inspect your every move and performance. She reminds herself that she already has a WriteUp from HarryPotter and how those 3 jerks, those 3 bosses as using any and every situation to get her fired.

Another rules is that; employees like LRFT are not to be on a phone or their personal phone while on the job, while on duty. Which is the rule that got LRFT writen up in the first place. Or what Harry Potter used to get her back.

She began to wonder about whether to look through this Lost Phone or NOT to. Like basically go through that stranger's unlocked phone. Which alone is already a fucked up thing to do. Or the other option which is to turn the phone in to her Supervisor; "Robocop". LRFT being the curious little thing that she is; she sits it through in that Vehicle that she's patrolling in, at night, in the darkness, with the flashing security lights on.

She thinks it through whether to turn it in and miss out on all that information of that unlocked phone or know the secrets inside the unlocked stranger's phone. After a minute of driving around thinking and trying to make sure there is ZERO Harry Potters and Robocops in sight.... She looked around as much as she could, looked and looked, until she made sure there was no one. She decided to park in a secret-looking dark area. She was also unsure of there being any recorders or cameras "inside the Vehicle" where her bosses or these Captains could possibly see her or what she is doing... but it was unlikely.

LRFT checked around a little bit more, it was very clear that the 3 jerks were in the office hanging out... and she chooses to go with the option of "Looking into and going through this stranger's lost UNLOCKED phone", instead of not doing it.


When she opens up the phone, she noticed again the apps and the screen and how the apps were all messed up. There were probably 2-3 apps on the far top left hand side of the screen. It appeared hacked because of how the apps appeared to not be centered on the screen but instead it looked as if the apps were falling of the edge of the screen. It looked all altered. It did not look like how a regular IPhone or Android, Samsung Smat Phone would have their Apps.

LRFT there felt like something was off. She had a gut feeling in that moment. The two girls laughing, the phone being unlocked-tapped-altered, the 3 jerks that hate her being her bosses and captains of the shift, well for the shift specifically "The Robocop"! .

Not only that, but LRFT was still very new at this job, it would look very BAD for her, very UNPROFESSIONAL if she was caught; not only using a phone while on duty and on uniform... but also SNOOPING through a stranger's lost phone. It would've caused her to recieve a write up, or most likely GET FIRED!

So LRFT had all of that going through her head. But besides her; breaking the rules she couldn't shake off the feeling of something going wrong, or something there that might be wrong. Regarding what she chose to do or regarding the phone. Something just felt off to her. She couldn't help but feel that maybe the lost phone is some sort of trick or that the two girls with the mom are invovled. Or more than likely; that the 3 Captains/ jerks are somehow involved.

But that was just how LRFT thought. It was just LRFT being paranoid after that Write Up. After how those Captains behaved with her or how its more than obvious that they dont like her, and how the Robocop was this Jock-like character that looked more like a bully from an 80's movie. ALL OF THAT COMBINED.

It was a lot to scare Little Red Fat TinkerBell but not enough to stop her beyond-controllable CURIOSITY. Let this story be a reminder that Curiosity Killed The Cat. Because after this story, I bet all of you will learn a thing or two about what curiosity can do to you.


From this point forth the story becomes more "Inappropriate", "graphic", and "disturbing". Please be warned. This story is not for the faint of heart.

LRFT begins to go through the unlocked lost phone. It had an app called WhatsApp, but it did not really have like a FaceBook or an Instagram or what most people would have on their phones. In WhatsApp it appeared that whoever owned the phone, was talking to several people, several friends and family... more than one could count. It was also all in Spanish, as LRFT herself is hispanic and fluent in Spanish.. she could understand the messages and what was being said in WhatsApp. But all conversations seemed basic and poitless so LRFT discarded whatever was going on in WhatsApp. The other apps seemed to be useless (phone settings apps) or (translate apps)... stuff that doesnt matter. There was not that many apps in that phone at all. LRFT then realized that the most information about a person is held in the Gallery or Photos app of ANY PHONE of ANYONE'S PHONE.

LRFT got all excited to finally get into the photo's of this unlocked phone. As soon as she opens the GALLERY APP on this phone.. it clearly had its albums and many pictures of all kinds and stuff. But the last image that was in this phone, either downloaded or taken or recorded. ....And this is what SCARRED LRFT FOR LIFE. The very last file..

It was a video. It was very clear what was happening in the video. I wont use words that'll get me in trouble. But lets just say, it was extremely DISTURBING. It was DISGUSTING. It was SICKENING. It was horrible. It was something so horrible to watch or see at all. It was something DEPRAVED, DESPICABLE, AND PERVERTED. Lets just say it had to do with a naked man and a live hen.

A live "chiken or Hen" as you would call it. AWFUL!

LRFT saw the play button to that awful-looking video, and chose to play the video. The video began and it seemed that the naked man was inniciating with the hen. LRFT didn't finish the video. She cut the video off when she realized that the Hen was alive. Basically the older man probably in his late 30's or 40's was trying to do something nasty to the Hen. Something that is for a grown man and grown woman. But like I said, LRFT didnt get to see if anything actually ended up happening to that innocent poor little animal , since she cut off the video. After seeing 2 seconds of the iniciation to that poor innocent animal... LRFT was SCARRED for life! LRFT was not the same after that 2 second experience. She was left all confused, disgusted and distrubed.

She imediately felt at a disadvantage and like a victim. She felt as if the Robocop, the Harry Potter and the Weedguy planned this. Or that they set this up for LRFT to grab the phone and snoop through it.

It truly did feel like that, considering the fact that they had already tried to mess with her regarding that first WriteUp. Also considering the fact that they gave her the stank eye and treated her poorly. Specially since the Robocop was very strict and Serious-looking.

After having witnessed what was some of the most Disturbing Content in her life. LRFT didn't know whether to throw the phone into a bush in the darkness of the night.. or the lake by the Maze, or a trash can, or whether to keep it and try to find out the mystery stranger- owner of the phone, or hand the phone over to the 3 jerks. More specifically The Robocop. Well for one; she definitely didn't want to view that image or the preview of that video once more. She certainly wanted the phone gone from her grasp more than anything.

She thought to herself; "if this really is a prank from the 3 Captains.. if it's a set up from them.. they would know that I got rid of the phone if I chose to go that route". They would ask me if someone handed me a lost phone. And then I'd have to lie and say that I've never received a phone. And they would know its a lie and that I'm lying... and they'd use "me lying" as an advantage to get me fired"..

On the other hand; if I chose to keep the phone to inpect it further.. they would also know that Im lying and keeping/stealing a lost phone.

In any way; If I chose to throw the phone into the lake or keep it for myself.. it woulf still make ME look bad, look like a thief. And the 3 jerks would use "me lying, and me stealing" a lost phone to their advantage to get me fired.

The last and final option would be to simply hand the lost phone over to the team Captain himself "Robocop".

LRFT thought long and hard about all these options for a while, she sat throught it.. all traumatized, scarred, disturbed... not herself anymore. She did feel as thought the 3 Captains might have been involved because of how they know where she is Located, as she is Posted in a location that they know of. All the employees like LRFT are all located somewhere everyone knows. It didnt really matter if LRFT wanted to hide in an area or not. If Harry Potter and Weedguy wanted to find her or spy on her.. they could just read the Schedule where it says "who will be where at what time" and theyd easily find her with ease.

And lets not forget the fact that they hate her and want her gone. LRFT imagines that maybe she could turn the phone in to the Captains and pretend "she had never snooped through the phone". Because in reality .. if LRFT had not snooped through the phone and turned it in.. she would be fine, she would not know of the sick content that the phone contains. Ignorance is bliss. And if it HAD truly been a sick prank on part of the Robocop and Harry Potter.. she would STILL not know what they would be talking about. Or what they had planned.

((If you do not know about something, you do not worry about it.))

But on the other hand.. even if she had not looked through the phone. The 3 jerks would still believe that she HAD looked through the phone, and she would still be this victim of bullying, this target for them to laugh at, this laughing stock.

Not only that, but if she turns the phone in to them; and it had not been a prank from the 3 jerks... they could think that maybe LRFT downloaded that content onto the phone and handed it to them for them to see it and what it contains. Therefore turning LRFT "into the bully" "into the bad guy" "into this sick person". They could use the Lost Phone in her pocession in several ways against her to get her in trouble and ultimately get her fired.

LRFT thought all of this through and more.. she was running out of time, since soon it would be time for her to switch posts with another employee. And Robocop would have to call in all the employees into the office all at once for the switch to take place.

LRFT chose to go with the last option "Turn the Phone in to her shift Captain and pretend to have never snooped through the phone".. LRFT chose to GRAB THE BULL BY ITS HORNS, and stand her ground no matter what happened. She said to herself "Whatever is to happen might as well happen, Im done beating myself up and being this coward little scared mouse".

"To hell with the Robocops and Harry Potters in this job!" "They can shove the lost phone with their sick videos up their--.."

And so LRFT announced through the mic "Hey Robocop, someone handed me a lost phone just now, what do I do?". (And just to let you know) when LRFT uses the mic on the walkie-talkie... ALLL the employees and Captains on the shift can hear it, since they all carry a walkie-talkie.

Robocop then responds "Okay, just bring it to the office".

At that Point LRFT had no choice because EVERYONE now knows that she received a lost phone, and that she is bringing it to the office.

LRFT now wanted to go back to some of her first options of: throwing the phone into the Lake or the Trash Can... but how would she then explain herself when asked about the phone.

She seriously had no choice now that she annonced it. And now she was regreting her decision. LRFT this time really was engorjed in FEAR,, because now they would truly look into the phone and find that video. FOR SURE. In the case that they never planned the "lost phone" situation. Or were in any way involved in that whole lost phone situation. In other words "LRFT is causing them to find that video".

Moving on. LRFT does as she is told. Because she has no choice now. Because the Robocop is her boss. She arrives at the office and unsure of how to feel, she opens up that door and there she sees the Harry Potter, the Robocop and the WeedGuy all in there together in this ghetto little office.. like presumed. Obviously they all look at her because she is the person entering. Robocop approaches LRFT , and LRFT giving off a worried/ scared facial expression; hands the phone over to the Robocop.

The Robocop then begins to ask her about how she got the phone. He says "Where did you get this phone". "Who gave you this phone". LRFT then describes the two girls and how they looked, their physical apperance. and LRFT being the ignorant ding-dong that she tends to be, uses the name of a color to describe their race, as one of the Captains did too.. Robocop then begins to lecture LRFT about how they do not use that word to describe people.. and LRFT agrees, but she was more concerned about how that vile phone was now inside Robocop's grip.

Then LRFT begins to wonder "Why is this Robocop guy asking me "who handed me the phone" and "In what location the phone was found". Like I understand that he is the Captain of the shift or what not, and that he is Supervisor and does manager-like duties, but... does he seriously need to know WHERE a random lost phone was found? And why did he ask me "WHO handed me the phone".

That made LRFT a bit suspicious of the 3 jerks, and mainly the Robocop. Those questions made it seem like they ARE involved with the Lost Phone. And that IT IS a prank. At that point LRFT wanted to ask for the phone back from the Robocop.. but how could she.. she's just this brand new employee.

LRFT wasnt paying attention to the facial expressions of the 3 jerks whatsoever. She was so disgusted and disturbed that all she wanted to do was "to leave". So she then says "may I use the restroom" as an excuse to leave the office at that moment. And nothing could calm her down from her TRAUMA except to contact her sister through text. Once in the restroom and without that vile phone in her reach.. LRFT then begins telling the story of "the lost phone" to her sister Valeruka. LRFT was in the restroom for a while as she expressed her terror and experience to her sister. She then goes back into the office to (not look like she was skipping work forever). And as soon as she does so.. It appeared like Harry Potter had been laughing and mentioning either a woman, or a video, but everyone in the office got all quiet. As soon as LRFT stepped in, it got REALLY SILENT.

Robocop then turns to LRFT and he tells her that she may go on her Lunch Break and that he is going to cover her Break. While having a funny look on his face. Robocop then leaves the office, and LRFT now has no choice but to sit inside this office with Harry Potter and the WeedGuy. Luckily she has her phone with her, so that she could just hide away by looking down at her phone and appear to be minding her own business.

UNFORTUNATELY her phone didnt save her from what was to happen next.

Everyone was quiet in this tiny office as LRFT was there enjoying her Break where she could freely enjoy the use of her phone without getting in trouble. When suddenly.. The WeedGuy says "Hey LRFT are you ok?" and Harry Potter tries to hide a smile. LRFT then answers with "Yes, Im fine". Hoping to end the conversation right there. Then WeedGuy replies; "Are you sure? Because it looks like you're not." ..LRFT then had no idea how to answer to that, she felt uncomfortable and it was more than clear that both those jerks either found the video when she turned in the phone to Robocop . OR; they created the entire Lost-Phone prank, and now they were literally Bullying LRFT to her face!

She keeps the discomfort to herself and continues to prentend that she hasnt seen anything, and prentend that she isnt bothered by anything. She looks down and says; "Well, I had a nightmare..-". WeedGuy continues to bully an harrass LRFT by asking; "What kind of nightmare?". As Harry Potter tries to hide his obvious laughter. LRFT tries to convince them that she doesnt remember the nightmare, as they didnt believe her. Basically it looked like these two nerds with Glasses on , looking like a pair of Harry Potters .. were picking on this one super-fat, super-light-skinned white girl with puffy hair. That is pretty much what that scenerio looked like inside that tiny office. A better name for that scenerio would be called "Lowkey bullying". Because you cant tell that there is "Bullying" taking place.. it just sounds like a bunch of questions beings asked to this new girl.

LRFT now "BELIEVED!" it was truly an intended prank or harrasment. She now believed that the Robocop and the two nerds created the Lost Phone situation. That somehow they got those two girls and that mom to hand that phone over to LRFT, and they knew that LRFT would snoop through that phone because she couldnt help her curiousity. They had been stalking her and planning for this to happen all along.

LRFT was being bullied to her face.

WeedGuy then turns to Harry Potter and says " Hey, did you know that there is this Sandwich in McDonald's called "Chicken McGangbang". And Harry Potter laughs. Then Weedguy turns to LRFT and says that it is a delicious sandwhich and that she should try it. LRFT realizes that the Bullying has taken a whole turn and she says "I need to use the restroom" and she leaves. LRFT never had she experienced Bullying of that degree or Harrasment of that type in her life. She felt depressed for the animal that suffered through that "animal-abuse" that was taking place in the video, and depressed because of how these people felt about her. Those 3 jerks are her Captains, her Teachers, her Supervisors, they are the people she would have to turn to with any problems she is having, those where the people LRFT would have to trust... and there they were; Bullying and Harrassing her to her face.

LRFT then hides in a hall and cries. She also couldn't come to understand how those grown men were making jokes about an animal suffering through ANIMAL ABUSE and trying to Bully her with that content. It was beyond imaginable.

After LRFT cried for a while, she feared seeing these people again. Those 3 jerks, those 3 perverts, where people LRFT wished to never had met in her entire life. Those 3 psycopaths were now PURE EVIL in her eyes. Her Lunch Break time was running out, and she'd have to go back into that office for orders from the Robocop.

LRFT decides to continue to play the "I didnt snoop throught that phone card". And she grabs whatever bravery she has left and makes her way back to the office.

Once she enters the office, The Weedguy and Harry Potter where gone. Robocop was sitting in a desk that faces LRFT at the entrance. He appeared to be focused typing on the computer. She stands there silent not looking at him and hiding away on her phone. It was beyondddd obvious to everyone that she HAD seen the content on that phone, and that all 3 of them had seen it too. Robocop then says while typing and not making eye contact with LRFT, with his serious expresion and frown-looking face.. "Are you okay?".. LRFT responds; "Im fine". Robocop on the other hand continued to type and not pay much mind to her or the overall situation and he then tells her to go to her next post. LRFT agrees and does as she is told.

She felt relieved that Robocop didnt Bully her the way that the other two nerds did. It did appeared that he might've been involved or planned the Prank. By how he asked her if "She is okay"? Because he wouldn't ask her that for no reason and out of the Blue.. there was a reason behind that question. It was still Bullying, but not to the extent that WeedGuy and Harry Potter did. Which kind of confused LRFT.

( If I hadnt mentioned it before Ill mention it again.) (Robocop has the appearance of an actual Bully. His face, his physical appearnce, his emotions, his behavior, his tone of voice, his type of voice) (Robocop gives out the impression of a Bully more than anyone in the world) (And that is not an exageration.. Literally! The body, face, personality of a Bully in any movie) (Preferably an 80's movie but still)..

That is why LRFT felt so confused as to why the two cringe-nerds bullied her more than Robocop himself. All in all.. from that moment on, LRFT decided to never trust those 3 psychopaths in her life! That day she learned who they were and the type of people they truly are.

That day LRFT felt sorry for herself like never before and she cried the rest of that day.

LRFT started going through her past memories.

LRFT had been bullied all her life. From the moment she stepped into school to the moment she stepped into work or any job. She experience Bullying from males and females of her age range. She experienced hate and bullying from her own family members and specially her younger attractive sister. When the years flew on by and LRFT befriended her younger sister after many years of hate.. her sister would tell her "You look bullyable" as a joke to LRFT. And even though it was a joke, and they were now actual sisters and behaved like actual sisters... LRFT knew she was right.

That night; as trumatized, scarred, upset, and as much of a victim as she felt; LRFT pushed though, knowing that she has a home to return to at the end of the shift, a family that loves her , a mom and dad that are there for her, a sister she loves and is her best friend in the world. She rest assured that she has her entire family to turn to in any worst case scenario. And that this is just another job she could easily quit.

After a couple hours of LRFT walking her rounds in the Maze.. she truly began to think about quitting and finding a new job. She called her sister once more to tell her about the entire converstation between her and the WeedGuy, and how the 3 jerks behaved that night. Surely LRFT's sister was now also convinced that this was an actual Planned Prank and that it IS Bullying.

The rest of that night went by, and LRFT went home without a problem. Robocop was minding his own business after the two nerds left...and not talking to LRFT whatsoever. Which was a good thing.

When LRFT made it home safely, she went straight to her sister and told her the entire story of the Lost Phone in detail. That is when LRFT truly wished to quit and her sister agreed that she should quit.


Tell me what you think of this story on the comment section below.

If you have ever experienced something similar to this; share it below in the comment section as well.

If you've experienced Bullying at school or work, you could talk about it in the comment section below or send me a note if you don't wish to share it with everyone here.

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LuaClaraLupode's avatar

Guy, goes in a psychologist!You need a lot of therapy!

EmyyWolf's avatar


But fr, everyone needs therapy after all this.

Nightwarriorstar's avatar

Holy shit that is fucked up! Are you okay!? No body deserves that!

EmyyWolf's avatar

Yes, Im fine. Thank you so much and thank you for reading. <3

This all happened in Early 2019, about a week after The Write Up story.

Surely LRFT lasted in that job, so there is more stories to come ;)

The next one gets crazier and crazier.

Just gonna have to wait and see how these characters change through time.

Nightwarriorstar's avatar

Man, you've gone on such a roller coaster ride haven't you?

EchoWing's avatar

Bullying, alas, was something I had to deal with all my way through academia. Wanted to kill those bastards.

Also, sorry that you had to say goodbye to your leopard geckos. I hope they've found a good home.

EmyyWolf's avatar

Thankyou for reading <3

And yes I miss my Two gecko Babies sometimes. They went to a reptile lady that owns a Reptile Feed Supply store. So Im hoping it was like a miracle for them.

And mann, you can share your Bullying experience with me too if u want, Im here for you


EchoWing's avatar

I appreciate that, thank you. I had regular, constant trouble from day care all the way up to my junior year of college. Lots of name-calling, the occasional bit of getting shoved about, even one instance where people were chuckling shards of metal at me. Assholes rarely saw punishment for it.

EmyyWolf's avatar



Im sorry that happened to you. Same here, ever since I stepped into school up until 2019.

My Dad would explain to me that Humans are always looking for weakness, ...specifically weak people. Either to gain what feels like power or feel better, and gain control over you.

EchoWing's avatar

He's not wrong. People are assholes because they know they can get away with being assholes. Alas, society lets them do so.

EchoWing's avatar

Doing so ASAP.

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