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Hello my DeviantArt watchers!

I havent written in a while ... as you could possibly tell. -_-

And I dont really know why; I mean... I've been on quarantine. I've been out of work, they've cut my days at work. I mean....

It makes no sense as to why I havent updated you guys. The last time I wrote it was during the time that Coronavirous had begun.

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From the time I wrote up until now.. A lot of things have happened, a lot of things have changed for me. Idk how to explain.

First of all. I've come to the realization that "life"or " people" move on. Everyone and everything MOVES ONN.

And for some reason. And for some reason "Realizing" that everything moves on and moves along. BRINGS ME DEPRESSION!

I don't know why :(

Let me start you guys off with a small story here



*Clears Throat*

A lot of you guys, I have told you the story about a "write up".

I had called that story "THE WRITE UP"! Hhahahahahh XD

I'm not sure how many of you remember it. But ill tell it again.

I'm gonna tell that story again for those of you who watch me.

and I havent told you the story.


I'll tell the story with more emphasis and dramatic than when I told you guys personally.

One day "long ago". We're talking about The Very Begining of 2019. The very VERY Begining of the year 2019 .

Tinkerbell "AKA" me. Little Red Tinkerbell. ( HER LIFE CHANGED FOREVER)

But we're not starting the story there. Back to 2017. Late 2017.

Little Red Fat Tinkerbell was broke, and she had spent her $5,000 worth of savings on food and school because she had previously gone through a very difficult, traumatic, tragic event in "2017". Let's just say that Little Red Tinkerbell had saved 5k working at a restaurant, then decided to spend it all on food after the awful event; and school thinking she knew what she wanted to study. STUPID B1#$H.


Little Red Tinkerbell Lost all her money "$5,000" ... and not only that! But this B1#$H gained HELLA WEIGHT from all the food she decided to chug during her trauma.


Basically Little Red Tinkerbell went through some $H1T , Lost all her money eating, and ended up looking like "Fairy Mary". HaHaHa , Fat Fairy Mary.

Tinker Bell, Little Red Fat Tinker Bell, was left miserable , BROKE, FAT, LONELY, DEPRESSED.

But this B1#$H was also careless and lazy to begin with! So she didnt really care about being Broke or not having a man, or Looking like Fairy Mary, or ANYTHING!


And all because she lived with her Mommy and her Daddy. She felt too comfortable. She felt like she didnt need money., like she didnt need health. etc. Mommy and Daddy were always there for her. It wasnt until her Dad

"Evil Big Fat Yeti" demanded that she'd pay her car insurance.

-_- Basically, Tinkerbell there , decided that she's gonna need some money to pay her car insurance, and to buy herself more food, instead of swallowing everyone's household food in the fridge. Which was begining to taste like shit. And Red Little TinkerBell's mom .

We'll call her the "The Evil Fat Whitch from the mountains". The witch basically stopped buyong food for the family overall because little Red TinkerBell would eat it all.

Little Red TinkerBell decided that its time to "FINALLY Have a job again".


Actually ; right after Little Red TinkerBell quit at the restaurant. Back in 2017 after her traumatic event. She went to a little school to get a license to work security and make a little more money than at a restaurant. And she wanted to work with her friend "Tall Shakira".

Eifel Tower Shakira"...

Who she knew from High School, who again she reunited with at the same place where her restaurant was at. Well she reunited with her friend "Eifel Tower Shakira" at the place she worked at. YOU GUYS GET IT!

Eifel Toer Shakira was working Security There and making HELLA money. And TinkerBell was shocked. She asked her tall friend there to hook her up.

So long story shor; Little Red TinkerBell DID end up working security with her Eifel Tower Friend, Aaaaand.


SIKE! Little Red Tinkerbell decided to take a nap at work and got fired. But that's a whole other story to that. The good ass job that pays good af,.. Little Red TinkerBell there THREW IT AWAY!

SMH -_-

Anyways! Back to the real story tho! THAT'S when Tinkerbell decided to Eat her money away, get fat, Loose her Sh#T. YOU GET IT.

Little Red TinkerBell decided its time to have a job again after being unemployed for a year; failing at school ... failing at security with Eifel Tower Friend... and not being able to pay for being able to pay for anything while living with the Yeti and the Witch.


So Little Red FAT TinkerBell applies and applies wih her Security Abilities from Eifel Tower Friend. She ends up getting a job that payed a dollar less than Eifel Tower Friend's Security Job, ( Previous job that she got fired from)... and not only that, but it was Part Time. It was far far FAR away from her Town and her family. Atleast 60 minutes Drive on the Highway to the Coast.


Regardless, Little Red Fat TinkerBell accepted the job because of how DESPERATE she was! At this point, LRFT was owing money to all her family members, The job of FAR FAR Away, had LRFT driving HELLA miles to and from her house to the edge of the Peninsula. DAILY!

TinkerBell's car was falling apart, and all her coworkers all LITERALLY looked like Santa Clauses.

LRFT HATED this job as much as the Restaurant. She was able to save 1k, or (1,000) dollars, And she quit as soon as she got a Job elsewhere. "That way that Little Red Fat TinkerBell Quit the Job of Far Far Away in the KingDom of FAR FAR Away. Invaded by Santa Clauses........

Is a whole other story to tell. XD

But this is where the real story begins. What Changed my Life!

To just tell the story.... Little Red Fat TinkerBell (LRFT) get's a job that is FUll Time, is close to home, and pays as much as "Eifel Tower Shakira's Security Job".


LRFT was excited for this new opportunity!

As soon as she got to the interview saw that her interviewer "THE KING " at this place, was handsome as hell. SHE WISHED.. That she gets this job...

When LRFT was done with the interview, On her way home...

Someone gives her a phone call, someone who sounded like a young guy, a white guy, a cringy nerdy voice. He tells her that "The King was happy with her interview and that LRFT impressed him" and "that she'd be able to start as soon as possible".

This was by December 2019 right before the Holidays. LRFT JUMPED with Joy in her car! She couldnt wait to see what her job would be like with the Super Handsome BIG BOSS KING there! All she could think about was that Interviewer Handsome BOSS and the Money $$$.

The nerdy white guy in the phone asks if she'd have to put her two weeks in at her current job or if she can start working on January 1st or 3rd.

And guess what LRFT tells him? SHE F#KEN TELLS HIM; that YES she can start on January 1st whatever! So nerdy voice and TinkerBell agree that she can start on early January 2019.


Back in the Kinddom of Far Far away tho......

LRFT was still employed there. Those Santa Clauses who where all old and White and their three old Mrs. Clauses here and there.... They tell LRFT that she has to work Christmas Eve!

and Christmas Day! All Day and all Night!

So LRFT decided to quit right before Christmas. She didn't put any weeks in. Cause those old Sanats won't let her. One night in the Kingdom of Far Far Away, LRFT Sneaks into the office late at night. She brings a large White Trash Bag with her new unifroms in it... and she writes a note "Thanking them for everything".

She didnt say about how the commute to and from work was TOO FAR , she didnt say how the pay wasnt enough, she didnt say how the pay wasnt enough, she didnt say about how she didnt want part time, she didnt say how she hated that they were all looking like Santa Clauses nearing their end. She didnt say how Frustrating, Excrushiating the work load really was. Just; "Thank you for Everything".

LRFT left that white trash bag full of unifroms and a note in the Center of It , in the office, late at night, when no one was there, and all the Santa Clauses had gone home.

Little Red Fat TinkerBell VANISHED from the Kingdom of FAR FAR Away Forever.

The Week after it was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and since LRFT celebrates with her famiy on both days; she F#KEN ENJOYED IT! xD

She Knew she had a better job comming up after the Holidays.

And "Who knows" which Santa Clause had to work on Christmas ! xD xD xD xD

Finally; the begining of 2019 begins. LRFT was feeling nervous but excited for the new job with the Handsome Boss that had hired her. Her first day at the job arrives, LRFT doesnt know any of the coworkers, managers there.

The New Job

Now.. even though LRFT was BEYOND excited to work and see the HANDSOME KING/ BIG BOSS of this place, she was still (nervous and afraid) to begin and be a new girl at this job , like for any new job.

First, Second and Third days... LRFT had to be trained by a random guy who had been a Supervisor in there in the past.. . but this coworker that was training her was short, a midget of a man, and he was OLD! Fat TinkerBell there was getting "triggered" xD xD

This old Fat Midget flirts with 20 year old LRFT here and there. Older men in their 50's and BROs werereally the only kind of guys that would flirt with Little Red FAT TinkerBell ; EVER!

Maybe it was because LRFT was reaching 300 POUNDS with how fat and careless she was. Guys her age never even noticed she existed; EVER!

We're talking about BEFORE High School, DURING High School, and AFTER High School.

Little Red Fat TinkerBell was always all her life ; Fat and not very appealing. Always Chuncky and Kind of ugly.

That means that by the time LRFT was 20 or 21, LRFT never had a boyfriend , never had a first kiss, never had.... a first time. Its a very sad unfortunate story. But its a TRUE story. There's nothing else to it. It is what it is :(

If guys her age , that weren't only BROs... or OLD... (didnt like her)


Little Red Fat TinkerBell could do. Nothing.

So it can be said that LRFT was "untouched" but also "unwanted". :(

Not only that, but on top of not being an attractive girl in her teen years or before or after , and being Chunky all the time. Fat Little Red TinkerBell there was a (shy) (quiet) girl.

She didnt have friends from High School.

She never had a single male friend in her life that was her age. She was too quiet and shy to make any friends ALL HER LIFE.

Just Keep this in mind. If LRFT had any kind of Friends; they'd be female friends.

She was too shy, too inexperienced making firends, being social, and she dreaded trying to talk to a guy she liked at all.

There was a reason for that; something FAT TINKERBELL had gone through in her childghood. with a boy she liked. But that's a whole other story.

Long Story Short;

LRFT ends up being trained by the old Midget 3 to 5 days in a row in this new Job. This Midget is the only Person she's seen so far.

But she soon begins to realize that all or most of her coworkers are all "MEN"!

At least they're not all literal Santas with their white beards. But she also seemed to be ; one of the ONLY FEMALES there at all!

The Uniform

Another thing LRFT began to realize , is that the uniform in this new Job; LOOKS F#KEN RIDICULOUS!

The First couple days of being trained there started to make MRFT feel discoraged. She again started to want a different Job solely because of the uniform . Like, "you have to wear a TopHat with a Tie and Boots???"

(IDK man. To this DAY I call it a "Halloween Costume" -_-)

Little Red Fat TinkerBell decided that maybe she can handle the fact that she's gonna have to look like a joke while working and feeling humiliated. But LRFT NEEDED the money. So she just began to say to herself "Think of the money" "Think of the money" . Time and time again.

Well as the early days at the new job went by; LRFT had to get used to the idea of wearing a TOPHAT with a TIE and BOOTS, with a uniform that overall felt like cardboard.

Looking extremly ridiculolus, feeling ridiculous, feeling humiliated. Feeling like eyes were turning to her from all around.

(WHICH THEY WERE -_-) (I mean who's not gonna turn to look at the chubby short white fat girl wearing a TOPHAT and BOOTS) (Standing out from the crowd) (C'mon!)

LRFT decided that she'd stay and tolerate the humiliation; mainly because the Benefits outweighed the Cons. She needed a weekly check and she needed it bad. She also liked how that Handsome KING would be there for her to look at.

Unfortunately; THE KING hired her to be on the afternoon.. so LRFT couldnt really work next to KING or see him much at all. KING was a morning shift guy. She barely saww "KING", he always left when she got to work..

Now this job is an OutDoor Job, So since LRFT lives in a Peninsula next to the Sea. She lives in a very Tropical Coastal Area. Temperatures rise beyond tolerable, beyond 90. People soficate, etc. YOU GET IT.

LRFT decided that she'd tolerate the unifrom , the outdoors , the unberable heat and the amounts of humanity she had to walk through at this job. LRFT needed the job and she needed it bad.

She just realized that every job has its pros and cons, and that this job at least gave her some space to herself and wasnt as overwhelming as the other jobs shes had. It was one of the easiest jon LRFT had in her entire life.. and if anything... MOST LIKELY THE EASIEST ONE SHES EVER HAD IN HER LIFE.

Of course she had already payed most of her family members with the job at the Kingdom of Far Far Away. But she still felt Broke.


After having decided that she'd tolerate all the she'd tolerate all the cons that came with this new Job, and the fact that she had to wear a cardboard unifrom , with a TOPHAT. TIE. BOOTS. While being extremely obese looking like Fairy Mary .

Later on; Porbably after a week of training with the Freaky Midget. LRFT gets to meet her manager , NOT THE KING who is above everyone, But one of the "Teachers" there, one of the "Supervisors". "ANGEL GUY".

Angel Guy

Now this man was a little bit older as well, probably early 30's.

Angel Guy did train LRFT a couple times as she was new , but the Freaky Midget and some of her coworkers had already trained her well.

Angel Guy seemed like a Good Guy , he seemed sweet and chill. He seemed like someone you would never have a problem with (atleast to LRFT) that is.

The only weird thing was that he was really quiet. He was calm collected and too QUIET.

Regardless... LRFT didnt mind how quiet and collected Angel Guy was. Sometimes it felt too QUIET and awkward during break times. But LRFT was ok with it. She prefered it to having a "problem manager" who hates you for being new.

Harry Potter

LRFT had to get accostumed to that place and everyone at her job.

Slowly; LRFT with her shy , good girl, Look" got to know her coworkers and some of the other "teachers", "managers", that were in that level of the Angel Guy. The same rank of the Angel Guy. Meaning; they supervised the subordinates like her. Here we're mainly gonna talk about the "teachers" not her coworkers, coworkers are irrelevant.

Underneath "KING" , we have the "Assistant" who can make the schedules and write people up and make reports and such, he works very closely with "KING".

He works one-on-one with KING.. or he takes care of things if KING is not there.

He's actually NUMBER 2 in the rank.

LRFT met this guy that looked young, kind of tall and extremely nerdy looking.

He was American and had blue eyes . Scrawny , pale , blonde. Glasses.

We'll call him; "Harry Potter".

He looked like someone who gets bullied all the time in HighSchool. His face was simply extremely nerdy looking. xD He just looked CRINGE ok" Because he had some weird nerd cheeks too.

She met "Harry Potter" that day. And let me tell you that this boy' had some "BAD Attitude" XD.

He had an expression on his face 24/7 that said "i will find you and kill you". with his blue eyes on his ugly face. This HARRY POTTER guy simply looked PURE UGLY and CRINGE with his weird face and cheeks. xD

( Immediatley she realised WHO the voice on the phone calls was ) xD

(The person that kept calling her while she was in the Kingdom of Far Far Away) xD

(The nerdy voice that was scheduling her via phone call) xD

ANYHOW. Harry Potter was one level below the KING . He was like the Prince of the Castle. The Angel Guy and the rest of the Supervisors were Below Harry Potter. Harry Potter there had some of the power that the KING had over their subordinates. So he could fire and hire who he pleased.

But since all the Teachers" AKA Supervisros" .. and Harry Potters all wore Golden Uniforms with wistles. ... LRFT didnt know (who was above who)... or (who was what rank). In the Castles of teaches and supervisors and Pince's and KINGS..


AnyWAY. LRFT there; thought that they were all the same thing but given different tasks.

Little did she know that these Ridiculous uniforms had their ranks written on them as if it where the Military. SMH -_-

But Keep in mind that we're talking about careless, lazy obese TinkerBell here. She's not gonna know or care who's above who with their sparkly badges . -_-

Harry Potter mostly spent his time on a desk working on a computer like an ugly nerd would. He also wore the same Halloween Costume we all had to wear, obviously with all the Gold that signafied rank. LRFT DID NOT like this guy. She just felt like someone this ugly and cringy shouldnt have that attitude and expression with people.

For example; He made LRFT think "who does this freak think he is? with that bad attitude and giving dirty looks , with his cringe face... ?""

He would tell people off. He was loud and obnoxious. He wouldnt smile for SH#T. He had a dead serious expression for no reason at all. It felt like he had B#TCH radiating off of him. He looked a little bit like a Serial Killer. YOU GET IT -,-

It just didnt match, for someone who like Harry Potter with glasses and looks bullyable.

It just; It didnt go together . He would raise his voice at people .. for someone who looked like he did... I mean... Eww.... Im Cringeing . >_<

Nooooo..... Stop.........

AnyWaY. LRFT Hated Harry Potter. Evil Blonde Harry Potter... Who had "B!TCH" radiating off of him.


Underneath "Harry Potter" we have the "Supervisors" the Supervisors are a lot like "Teachers".. they're like the "Captains of the ship". These "Supervisors" will basically order us around and babysit us. They will take care of things, if things get out of hand and such.

There are about 6 Supervisors AKA "Teachers" AKA "Captains" for all the shifts.


We have ...

Someone who is below the KING and Harry Potter. But also Above the rest of the managers. This guy also wore glasses so he was also "Nerd category".

He seemed calm and collected but there was an air to him that Spelled to us "untrustworthy".

He seemed to be Harry Potter's best friend. Harry Potter's right hand man. It seemed as if they were almost brothers. LRFT didnt nessesarily dislike this guy, but she kept at a distance away from him because he seemed extremely untrustworthy . One day LRFT saw him smoking a pen at work while saying goodbye to Harry Potter,and from there on out.. She decided to call him "WeedGuy". xD xD xD

The WeedGuy didn't really work when LRFT worked, so she barely saw him. He was just here and there. But LRFT knew to keep away from him. He was also maybe a "Trainee -Supervisor" or occasionally takes over for when the real supervisors aren't available. .. maybe he was there every day but LRFT didn't really notice him like that. And keep in mind that he was also NERD CATEGORY with Glasses on and all that.

The WeedGuy was also Just as young as Harry Potter, around the same age as 20- year old LRFT.

Boss Battle

Up next we have , someone who is same rank as The Angel Guy. This was an older man. Probabbly mid 50's , early 60's. Just OLD ok!

He was Gross and old. Now this man. We're gonna call him "Boos Battle" or "The Boss Battle". Basically that name since all the coworkers there had previously warned LRFT to be careful around him as he is one of the meanest strictest scariest Managers of the Castle. But LRFT didn't really have a problem with this Gross old man, since she didnt directly work with him.

The weird thing was that just like the old Freaky Midget. He would stare at LRFT like she was a snack from time to time.

(Keep in mind that LRFT isnt looking like a model ,or a Barbie or a Princess) ...

More like ; a big , FAT, obese mess.

LRFT barely even saw him.. cause he's not supposed to be for any of her work-days. She rarely or once in a blue moon would work with him at all.


AND FINALLY ... the Manager, Supervisor , Teacher.. Who most of this story is about... This guy was underneath KING, Harry Potter , WeedGuy, and Angel Guy. He was around Angel Guy's level, but not exaclty as Angel Guy was more known and appreciated in the Castle by the KING. LRFT's coworkers had actually warned her about this guy as well because he was also VERY STRICT, like "Boss Battle".

Now when LRFT met this guy she quickly noticed that he was (unusual). She noticed instantly that there was something unique about this guy. Something was different compared to all the guys she'd met at this place, or to any guy she'd met in her LIFE! She couldn't Pin Point it. Something about this Character was very different and it creatred "Mystery", it created "Curiosity".

Now to describe this guy ; he was strong-looking. It was obvious that he was around Harry Potter's age or WeedGuy's age. Early 20's. It was obvious that he had his good amount of muscles all over him. He had all kinds of gains going. He looked Buff. Very Buff. He is the only one there that looked like this. Everyone else was regular or on the Scrawny Side. He was definately, standing out. Let's just say that he had some "SuperHero-Action Going". ;)

Something about this Character definately intruiged LRFT . This guy; we're gonna call "Robocop" for many multiple reasons.

Now Robocop looked alot like WeedGuy in a way, he was just as short as WeedGuy, he was hispnanic just like WeedGuy (They were almost legitimate blood brothers) .. but many things were UNIQUE and INRUGING about Robocop that were raising the curiosity and mystery.


Robocop there was one of the Managers/Teacher/Supervisor who would take over when the "Angel guy" is OFF. So , he'd become LRFT's direct Supervisor twice a week.

And finally, underneath the "KING", underneath the "Harry Potter", and underneath the "Supervisors"..

There's "us".

The regular Subordinates who get paid minimum wage.. and are basically just there for SHOW. We are the ones underneath everyone on the pyramid.

Now I hope you understand how The Ranks work at this Ship or Castle or whatever you want to call it.


NUMBER 2: Harry Potter

Number 3: WeedGuy

Number 4: Angel Guy

Number 5: Boss Battle

Number 6: Robocop

There are about 2 other Supervisors ..AKA "Teachers.. AKA "Captains".. but they're irrelevant cause they take over on the overnight shift.

I NEVER see them.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

LRFT had two other Security jobs before this one... so she had a basic understanding of how to do security.. but not a full year of experience.

Those other two jobs obviously didn't work out, she got fired from one of them, and I quit the one right before this one...

Anyway; when she was new.. she was shy and awkward.. she didn't really know what was going on around her.... she very slowly started to catch on.

She slowly learned the duties of the job and the tasks and stuff. While at the same time she also started to learn who the Supervisors and bosses where.

She started to make friends with the coworkers and such.

The First Story we're gonna talk about is called;



During the first 2 or 3 weeks of LRFT being the "new girl" in this new Security Job, she was still being trained on several things by the "Supervisors".

She didn't know several things, she also didn't know all the rules and regulations.

She was told many of the rules, or ALL of the rules at the very beginning of the job.. but she wasn't gonna remember all of it, all at once.

So, there was a thing or two she had to ask about, to the coworkers or Supervisors when she actually started working.

In other words; she wasn't gonna memorize all the RULES and WORKPLACE REGULATIONS, from that one tiny packet that she had read once, in that first day of work. Obviously nobody has time for that... most people just read the packet (forget about it) and learn all the rules within working in the job itself.

((One of those days of LRFT being the "new girl" there... ROBOCOP; HER SUBSTITUTE TEACHER, who becomes captain of the crew when Angel Guy is OFF....))

He told her that one of the rules is: " To take the 30 minute break inside the office".

So basically ; she would have to eat and chill inside that tiny office with all those men. :(

Although she "DID" listen to him and followed the rules even if she didn't like it :(, cause SHE IS NOT not a rule-breaker, and also she was trying to prove herself a good employee at the same time...

But she took it onto her own hands to split the break-time "IN HALF" so she can at least use the bathroom or buy some snack to eat.. or something...

She took at least those first 15 minutes for herself.

So she would set a timer for 15 minutes and "DO WHAT SHE PLEASES" and when the timer was up, she'd run back into the office to take the rest of those 15 minutes in there like she's "supposed to".

Her main teacher "The Angel guy" and her substitute teacher "Robocop" .. understood that.. Robocop being the strict way he was.. not so much..

and they would never tell anybody anything.. as long as they made a presence in that office, or if they would somewhat show up in that office.

Well.. talking about the STORY.. that day prior to the day that led to THE WRITE UP; "something kind of strange happened". LRFT was still pretty new,... it was still during her first 2-3 weeks of her being the "new girl" in that Security Job.

That day.. it was raining and "ROBOCOP" was the Supervisor.

LRFT walks into the FoodCourt to escape the wetness and the rain, as looks around she immediatly notices ROBOCOP in there right there next to her at a distance where she can hear him, he was holding a coffee cup and standing talking to a random friend of his. ( Clearly he noticed her too WITH THAT HALLOWEEN costume on that they both had to wear). He was already staring at her when she noticed him. He immediatley says "You can go ahead and take your break now if you want". So she responds; "right now?" ... and ROBOCOP answers with his ghetto- new-yorker- boston accent; " Yeah !"

So LRFT agrees and she walks to the office to follow the rules and take her break like she is suppsed to " by eating and being in that tiny office the 30 minutes". PS. she wanted to not be in that rain anymore, and since ROBOCOP wasn't obviously there, and that means I could be all alone in there and chill. Most of the time she'd go elsewhere for those first 15 minutes like I said~ but this time I could be in that office all alone and not have to sit with someone awkwardly in there.

LRFT makes it to the office, and as soon as she opens the door the lights of the office were off, and they're usually left on. So LRFT didn't know how to find the light switch to turn them on, it was scary how she was the only girl in this job at night time in the rain, and she was too afraid to go inside the PITCH BLACK office she wasnt wery comftarble in to begin with.

Also; to point it out: In this job they all use walkie-talkies at all time.. and they have to inform the supervisor about anything they do, or anywhere they go.

And even though I had my walkie-talkie on me.. and I could've asked for help through the microphone on that walkie-talkie..

I didn't want to embarrass myself by asking "oh ROBOCOP I dont know where the light switch is at, in the office" That would've been pathetic!

LRFT immediatly turns back and decieds to risk taking those 15 minutes of her break elsewhere. She walks around her job, which is practically a "Maze" outdoors. Now...... since it was raining that night.. She didn't want to be somewhere were she could get easily wet, like "out on the open". She finds a restaurnt COOKIE shop, it had like 2 tables outside where the rain wasnt hitting or it was nice and dry. She decided to sit there and be on her phone since it was her break. Her hair was kind of wet and so she takes off THE TOP HAT and decides to wear the hoodie of the uniform jacket. Within almost 7 to 10 minutes of sitting there and enjoying her break; ROBOCOP shows up out of nowhere and magically finds her..and she gets worried as to how he found her. This one "ROBOCOP" guy he had walked up to her and looked down on her sitting there.. (without her noticing). He literally appeared out of nowhere! It's not even known how he noticed her there since that table was in a darker/secret area! ROBOCOP immediatly asks her "What are you doing?" , And LRFT explains about how she is taking her break.

{ALSO They both already knew about how ROBOCOP previously had instructed her to take her breaks in the office}

ROBOCOP at that moment gets all serious and frowns. With his deep manly voice, he gets all serious and again explains that "she is supposed to be taking her break inside the office", and he begins nagging talking about how "she can't be on public site using her personal phone, that it looks unproffesional , that she cant be sitting outside while on uniform". "Blah Blah Blah"

LRFT gets all ashamed and worried that this ROBOCOP guy is gonna fire her himself.

She immeditaly stands up and explains about how the lights of the office were turned off and she didnt know where the switch was.

ROBOCOP at that point calms down and he tells her where the light switch was at. He then says that "It is just a warning" and to not do it again. He said "ok well for the future, don't do it again" So he was basically "lowkey" forgiving her , or not punishing her.

Now.. ROBOCOP is really strict and serious about this Job.

Every Employeee..- every co-worker here said that to her. When she was a "new girl" almost all the guys there told her that about him. XD

Literally basically EVERYONE.....

And while the days passed.. She started to hear people calling him ALL KINDS of little nick-names.. like;

"Mall-Cop" ,

"Top-Flight" ,

"Top-Flight Security Guard" ,

"Sour-Faced" ,

and obviously "Robocop"

Well, the person that decided to nick-name him ROBOCOP; it was not LRFT or any of her buddies at work. It was some random kiosk guy who "apparenly found LRFT attractive" and he would flirt with her whenever he got a chance. Well; HE was actually the one who nick-named him ROBOCOP. So LRFT had asked him why the name "ROBOCOP" , and he says; "Cause he's always wearing thick sunglasses, he's always riding on that Segway, and he never ever smiles" LOL xD

( I honestly think the most accurate description of this guy, would be; "MALL-COP". Cause if you have ever seen that one movie "Mall Cop" starring "Paul Blart"... This one guy is almost literally like him.)

He takes the Security Officer Job wayyy to seriously.

He goes straight to the scene of any incident that happens.

He's always making everything into a big deal.

He's always on the Segway.

He's always trying to be a cop.

Always getting on people's business and telling people what to do or what not to do

Always being strict and serious

He's always chasing after taxi cabs that aren't supposed to be on property

He's always chasing after the criminals

The only difference between him and the "Mall-Cop" of the movie "Mall Cop"..

Is that he's not fat, in fact he's in very good shape, i think he's even muscular

The mall-cop would at least smile, this guy doesn't smile for absolutely anything

And the mall-cop is at least a nice humble guy, ROBOCOP is more of a bully/jock,

Robocop, when he's with his little friends, he will bully and tease people, he will put people beneath him,

That's the only time he will somewhat "smile" cause he's making fun of people.

In other words.. "He's a real jerk". He's a lot like that jerk from the movie "Grease", that "Danny" guy. (Hot, Thinking he's the SH#T, Acting like he's TOUGH SH#T)




Now.. back to the story: THE WRITE-UP

After that night that "rained" ..... and she had gotten "caught breaking the rules" by ROBOCOP...............

The following day she had to also work with ROBOCOP as her substitute teacher. -.-

She's actually supposed to work with ROBOCOP once a week, as that is the schedule she got hired to work for. But since she was "still the new girl" she wanted to prove herself a good-worker and not be on their bad side. So therefore, she just allowed "Harry Potter" the schedule-maker... to place her at whatever shift/days he WANTS. So, ya this was the SECOND-DAY with ROBOCOP.

That day; everything went on normally for most of the 8-hour shift.

ROBOCOP was being a ROBOCOP, but other than that; it was a "whatever" day.

When the night was reaching it's END.

That's when everything went to HELL for her.

It happened during her break.

She had decided to take those first 15-minutes of her break inside a Hallway near the Security Office.

She was being on her phone, since that's the only time she could be on her phone at all.

Obviously they cant use thier phones during work, like in any other job......

and there is also ZERO internet connection inside that tiny Security Office that they force her to take her break in.....

So, she was just standing there minding her own business.. being on her phone.

And Harry Potter passes by her a while later..

and he says; "How are you doing TinkerBell?" "Are you on break?"

(( and nobody knows what happened to her at that moment.. or if she was too distracted being on her phone.. but she decide's to answer with ; "Yeah, are YOU on break!?" ))

AND so Harry Potter there; stops.. as he was leaving.. half-way out the door...

And instantaneously; Harry Potter gives her the most "strange/ most serious/ most dead look ever!" A derranged killer type of look. Like if he was some sort of PSYCHOPATH! Like if he was some sort of SOCIOPATH!

Little Red Fat TinkerBell felt herself getting goosebumps within 2 seconds of this.....

And he answers her half-way out the door as he was leaving: "Why are you asking me that?"

So she answers: "Because you asked me that...?" so with his dead-look and serious nerd face he answers "Yeah, but you are one of our officers" "and we have the right to know!".

After that; he started to get all loud and she started to get the "hibbie-jibbies" from the VIBE this one guy was giving off...

So, to avoid further confrontation with this one weirdo she turns back to look at her phone and changed the subject by saying: "Damn there's no internet in here, you think maybe I could get some connection outside"

He turns to the door, like I said he was on his way out,...... and he responds by saying:

"Yes, maybe you can get some connection outside!!! I already told you that!!!" At that point he was really REALLY angry.



So the first 15 minutes END, the timer rings.... she returns to that tiny, stupid Security Office, trying to feel as "confident" as she can. She knew she must've said something WRONG in that "convo" between me and Harry Potter. She KNEW she must've offended him somehow... or something... but in HER HEAD she was like; "damn, if anything.... I can stand up to this nerd/loser/weirdo.. I can take him on.. he's no match for me!"

So she was READY to enter that tiny, stupid Security Office no matter the consequences!

She enters that office with confidence! READY TO CONFRONT ANYTHING...

So she enters; and sees Harry Potter sitting at his Computer being a nerd, making schedules... he noticed her enter, and he turned right back to the screen. Acting like nothing is bothering him.

(MOST AWKWARD FEELING YET) Now.. I dont know if I ever mentioned Harry Potter's Description:


-He shaves all his hair except for a stand of straight hair on the top of his head.

-He's skinny.. kinda tall..

-He's the only white guy in my job...

So everything felt awkward and wrong in there... specially after HE RAISED HIS VOICE AT LRFT, AND GOT ALL ANGRY.

As soon as LRFT was in there, she didn't say anything and she took a seat somewhere near the door. She was facing him, cause that's how that seat is positioned inside that office.. and he was facing away from her cause he was on his computer. In other words; she was basically behind him near the exit, while he was sitting facing away from her at a corner of that tiny office.

She sat there and stared at him LONG---AND--HARD, waiting for him to tell her something. Waiting for him to tell her anything! She was waiting for him to tell her anything about that conversation!

She spent the next 15 minutes of her break there, waiting for this "Harry Potter" guy to yell at her some more,

to roast her,

to bully her,

to punish her,

to lecture her,

to nag her,


And GUESS WHAT??..... he didn't do or say a single THING!

The environment was an uncomfortable and awkward one.. BUT SHE WAS READY FOR ANYTHING AT THAT MOMENT.. She was ready for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING at all.

Even if that Harry Potter guy was gonna tell her "you're fired!"

.............and so she waited for the full-on rest of those 15 minutes there..........

Harry potter didn't turn to look back at her,

She didn't say a single thing, He didn't say a single thing, COMPLETE SILENCE

The timer rang, and obviously she had to return to work. And she walkie-talkied the ROBOCOP guy "that she finished her break and that she had returned to work" and ROBOCOP responds with "ten-four" or whatever.

So she left the office and patrolled inside the MAZE walking around outdoors like she's supposed to. And it might have been 8PM at night, so there wasn't that much people walking around.

So then LRFT feels a fear unlike any other while walking around in there; She comes to the realization; "OMG I offended Harry Potter, now I'm gonna get fired for sure" and so she just kept walking around feeling uneasy, feeling tense.

.....but at the same time she was telling herself;

"Hey, I sat there in that office for the entire 15 minutes. He could have told me what he felt within that time" "so maybe.. nothing is gonna happen to me at all.. cause he had the chance to tell me WHATEVER HE WANTED TO"

And while she kept walking in there thinking all these things.. stressing herself out..

She noticed "Harry Potter" standing in front of a store. She quickly turns around and walks the other way! She's like "ugh I don't want to see that guy any more! after that little outburst?.. no thank you"

A while later.. she hears in the walkie-talkie; "S2 to S7"

That means "Harry Potter to Robocop"

Harry Potter is like; "Robocop, meet me at the entrance of the Puma Store"

Cause since those are Walkie-Talkies they can hear eachother's conversations with each other.

So, she can hear when people go on break, or go to the bathroom, or when there is a shoplifter etc.. She can hear the conversation between her supervisor and her coworkers.... they all can...

But back to the story..

Harry Potter is like; "Robocop, meet me at the entrance of the Puma Store"

Robocop responds; " ten-four"

Basically she just listens to these two jerks trying to meet up somewhere in the MAZE..

...And guess what; HER HEART DROPS!.......

She's like "Oh no, Harry Potter is gonna tell Robocop what happened and I'm gonna get bullied and fired and sh*t"

So, she ends up stressing out EVEN MORE now! She starts walking faster and faster trying to keep away from Harry Potter or that bully ROBOCOP.

Trying to not be seen by those two..

And it didn't even take 5 minutes, because LRFT turns her head to look behind her.. and those two where now walking together like a married couple, at a distance behind her!!!!! They were trying to catch her breaking the rules or something so that they could get her in trouble then & there!

So these two jerks follow her around, inside the OUTLETS at distance.

Obviously, while they were walking together.. Harry Potter is telling Robocop about the whole "little conversation situation"

So... xD.. She starts to act like a GOOD EMPLOYEE.. XD...

-People walk up to her to ask for directions to stores and she shows them how to get there

-People ask her for the time, and she'd show them her watch

A.K.A She simply started to act like she was doing a good job, while she was being watched and stalked from afar by Harry Potter and Robocop

(it was quite funny honestly)

A while later, after they kept following her, as if she were some sort of "suspect";

She stops and stands nearby a kiosk to hide from their sight. And she waits for those two jerks to pass her by.

So they pass by her; and she looks straight into their eyes.. and they pretend they didn't see her stading there waiting for them.. they pretend to be distracted, talking together..

So she ignores the situation and she sees them walking away fast-paced after they passed by her.. and they disappear behind a corner..

She could clearly tell that they went back to the office.

And In her head she's like;

"oh my God, they were talking all kinds of sh*t about me"

"They're gonna tell the KING and they're gonna conspire to fire me"

"They dont like me at all"

"This is it, I f*cked up.."

And she wasn't wrong at all.

Cause right after they both disappeared from her sight.

Harry Potter calls her by the last name through the walkie-talkie and says "could you come to the office please?"

XD OH NO..............................




After those two followed Little-Red-Fat-TinkerBell around the MAZE like if she was a suspect...

talked all kinds of sh*t behind her back...

walked past her as she looked into their eyes..

and finally disappeared back into their office....

Harry Potter calls her by her last name through the walkie-talkie and says "could you come to the office please?"





LRFT begins to panick and everything... but as scared as she was, she had to answer....

LRFT immediately picks up the microphone, presses the button, and says "ten-four" which is like saying "yes".

At that point she ALREADY KNEW, things were gonna go to sh*t

She ALREADY KNEW; everything was over for her.

So, LRFT decides to calmly make it to the office.

Deep down LRFT was: STRESSING THE F*** OUT

Step, after step, after step.......

When she finally reach the office in the middle of 10PM at night.. in the darkness.. in that secluded area where the office is at, she takes a deep breath and opens the door.

When she walks in;

Harry Potter was sitting at his computer..

ROBOCOP was sitting at the other computer..

There was another regular officer in there talking to Harry Potter..

((Usually; the coworkers walk into that office for things like keys, and walkie-talkies, and paper-forms, and food, and water, and to talk to the supervisors whenever they want....))


(It wasnt weird to see another coworker in there at the same time.)

While Harry Potter was answering to this one other guy, LRFT stands in front of Harry Potter's desk since he's the one who called for her.

As Harry Potter is looking behind him at this one guy, and talking to this one guy...

LRFT notices that Harry Potter is printing a paper that had "Insubordination" F***ING WRITTEN ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Her heart DROPPED to her Butt-hole.......

In her head she was thinking:

"" My suspicions and concerns where all right!

""I'm gonna get roasted, bulled and fired.. right here/ right now. "

Obviously at that point she was more than just stressing out, she felt her face getting hot,

She felt "power-less".. She felt "vulnerable"


The other Coworker leaves the office, and goes back to work almost immediately.

The door closes, and now its only her and the two jerks all alone in that office.

Robocop; the whole time pretends to be typing on his computer.

He literally ignores the situation and pretends to be minding his own business.

Even though he was sitting 4 feet away from us.

( Clearly he was enjoying the situation because ROBOCOP and Harry Potter have been friends forever and they're both in on it )

But back to the story; as soon as the other guy left, and its just them 3 all alone in that office;

Harry Potter says to her; " Little Red Fat TinkerBell, please take a seat "

And so "She does".. She takes a seat right in front of him and looks him straight in the eyes..

He places the "printed paper" in front of her..

and he says: " Is it true that yesterday you decided to sit outside, on public sight, and use your personal phone on public sight? "

(With his fu**ken strange/ serious/ dead / serial-killer look once again.. like always)

So LRFT decided to "be all serious" and "stand her ground" ... She put on a confident shield to face these bullies.. and then she proceeded;

She answers this Harry Potter guy with; "Yes, I did. But I didn't know that I couldn't do that."

So Harry Potter takes a deep breath, says.. "Alright"

(( then his face got all red, and his eyes got red as if he had been crying))

((maybe they were red prior..))

Everything gets quiet... and Harry Potter sits back in his chair and says;

" If you ever talk back to me like that again.. I'm gonna make it so that you don't work here anymore"


Instantaneously her instinct drove her to answer him anything!

so she responds with; " umm.. okay.. "

With the most straight face ever.

Then, he continues with:

" Today, the way you talked to me, I felt it was extremely disrespectful, and way out of line.."

so she smiles and says; " I'm.. sorry..? "

And he stayed staring at LRFT for a while, trying to intimidate her..

He looks away, takes a deep breath and says;

"Alright, I don't hold grudges."

"That paper in front of you, is for what you did yesterday.. just sign it whether you agree or don't agree"

So she signs it, not giving two FUKS.. and to not cause further confrontation.

He had her clock out so that she'd be sent home early for the day... "as punishment".

Later that night....Once she was almost close to home.. she decided to give him a little phone call to apologize for her "rude behavior" some more.

She ends up telling him; " that she was distracted, and she wasn't paying attention" She basically made up some BS so he wouldn't hate her too much.

He then told her about "how the write-up she had just signed is now gonna be on her record forever".

After that, she never saw Harry Potter and ROBOCOP the same way again.

She's been almost 5 months in that job.. and even to-this-day.. she thinks they both are the most untrustworthy of anybody in that Hell-Hole of a MAZE.

And that's pretty much the end of the story.

LRFT received a Write-Up for .... "who even knows WHAT anymore"

LRFT's story of how I got written-up for NO REASON

LRFT's story of how I got written-up for A VERY STUPID /SENSELESS REASON

(( At that point; she doesn't even know if the whole thing was a "game" or some form of "bullying" from these grown ass boys........)))

(( OR: if it was actually "her being evil and AT FAULT" ))

(( She just stayed confused forever after that ))

After LRFT received that one and only STUPID LITTLE Write-Up. A few other Coworkers who were hired after her......... had also gotten WRITTE-UP unfairly for a stupid-reason by Harry Potter.

(( Which makes everything a little bit SKETCHY))

An older lady who was hired after LRFT.. in her first month there... she got Written-Up for: " being in the Bathroom too long " Like.... OMG.. It's almost like if they were "timing her" from the moment she asked to go use the Restroom.

LRFT was SURE thee other NEW HIRES also got written-up for Stupid Reasons by that one freak


After that LRFT had learned that several CoWorkers from that job had gotten FIRED, one right after the other, before she even started working there. She heard that several people were FIRED from ther during the Holidays and thar's why they had to bring in NEW PEOPLE, which "LRFT" clearly was one of them.

Then LRFT questioned; as to why they ended up Hiring " HER " and many other CoWorkers ALL AT ONCE!

So therefore; SHE ASSUMED: "Oh MY GOD.. They're gonna FIRE all of us, all at once by the end of this year"!!!

Why wouldn't she ASSUME that, if she had literally gotten Written-Up for a sense-less reason. She actually assumed that she'd be one of the first people to GO.

And it doesn't even END THERE;

After that stupid little Write-Up, She saw the true face of ROBOCOP! That one bully/jock boy...

How the F**CK is this one guy gonna tell her;

"Oh its okay, just don't do it again" ~ after she sat at that table A.K.A "broke the rules"~

And then the next day, he goes and tells Harry Potter EVERYTHINGGG!


LRFT surely felt a bit "Betrayed" by ROBOCOP after that...

Cause since he's supposed to be her "Supervisor" or "Teacher" or whatever.

He's supposed to be like; the first person I go to, for any problems or for any concerns.


She ALSO didn't understand how her Supervisor; forgives her for breaking the rules one day.. And; Snitches on her the next day.

LRFT clearly felt discouraged at that point. By that time,after experiencing such behavior from her Superiors , LRFT was truly considering QUITING her job at the MAZE. The following day she was running through her toughts about how to QUIT or how to get REVENGE.

She was upset at the fact that she didn't even do anything to these fools so that they'd dislike her so damn much! She kept thinking to herself that it had been because of how FAT and OBESE she is. And how gross she looks.

LRFT felt bullied by that one short STUD," ROBOCOP" and that freak "HARRY POTTER". She was definately thinking about QUITING.

She was already weirded out about how ROBOCOP and HARRY POTTER followed her around the mall like a pair of stalkers, like if she was a suspect.

And about how Harry Potter didnt just up and Write Her Up the whole entire 15 minutes that she sat in that Office with him, during her Break.....




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Welp it's nice to know that you still think about us. Don't beat yourself up too much, we all have been hectically busy.

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I don't have a Insta grahm as of yet but I can message you on here whenever I do.

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~001- Is everything okay?

002- Nice story~

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Yes,everything is alright. Currently on a business trip.

Did you read the entire story?

Had I told you about the story "The Write Up" before?

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~I don't think ye ever told me. But I had a read through and I really liked it.~

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Thankyou lol . I have many more stories where that came from. All from my job at the Maze.

Posted LRFT PART2 today.

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omg sorry.. but

wut happend? o O

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Just Sharing that Real Life Story of mine. ^.^

Did you read it all?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow left

Or do you mean to say "What happened to LRFT at the end?"

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I think it's safe to say you've been through hell of late. I can sympathize.

Anyway, this seems like a decent start, though if I were you, I'd find an editor and/or proofreader.

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XD Thanks lol.

I've been through hell multiple times at that job.

And Im gonna post all about it in this Series "LRFT".

Just posted "LRFT PART 2" today!

Soon will make a Part 3.

And yes I might need an editor /proofreader, but since its just a little dumb stories.. not putting too much effort at the moment. lol XD

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