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Good morning, afternoon or whatever; my dear beautiful watchers ! Today is 07/20/2021 ... basically this month of July is coming to an end ... and we'll be meeting with the month of August. What do you guys think about THAT !?


So to update you guys about my ongoing life: Basically 4-5 months ago all my managers quit and my job turned into CHAOS... later i decided to take some of my savings and use them on a trip to another country on the other side of the world... then I gained a lot of weight from being on vacation.... after that I decided that Im having a mental breakdown and that I'd shave my head completely... and last but not least; Im still posting about my amaizing Trip-Tour to the Middle East. A LOT- but at the same time almost NOTHING has been going on in my personal life.

I've been spending my time mostly on YouTube watching about why having Female-Soliders is a bad idea and how women are belittled in manly-type jobs. Talking about how a woman's physical body wasnt made to be in war or battle or fight.

BUTT,,,, Anyway; to update you guys with my ART here in Deviantart.... Well recently I had uploaded I believe was Page 9 of that Shark-Comic I continue to work on. That comic is the easiest one for me to make.. so that's why I choose to continue it. I know I said that I'd just post the comics but without color or any real work done on them.. but I realized I've come a long way to just end up downgrading my work. Also a new thing.. all my work is now public for people all over the world to look at. I have said many times that in my old account people used to steal my art or ideas.. so I went private with this new account. Now I've gone public I just hope my work doesn't get stolen all over again. So if you guys want you can share my work but use my username as Hashtag or say "By Emyywolf". Idk.. Also idk if ill be downgrading my work anytime soon..

Ocean of Fins -Pg 9

Also .. as of the moment I've gone public ; people have been seeing my work more, even older work. And ive gained a couple watchers. Which I am so grateful for, thankyou so much, even you guys my current watchers. I appreciate you guys for sticking around to look at my nonsense XD and read my nonsense XD....

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Thank you and welcome to my Page. You guys can find me on youtube, twitter and tumblr (EmyyWolf).

BUT; moving on guys.. Today I present to you the Fifth Part of "Little Red Fat TinkerBell". If you're new here; you might want to read the First Parts of LRFT to make sense of the story:

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Here we go:


The Plan

So the last time on LRFT PART 4 we talked about how LRFT was now drooling over Robocop, and Robocop would follow her all around at work because that was his "job", to supervise the subordinates.

So , to recap; the Robocop was also now "staring" at LRFT for long periods of time while inside the office, just staring at her down.. trying to read her mind. LRFT's reaction was to look down at her phone, ignore, and not show any behavior that could give away how she's crushing on him. He made her feel extremely nervous and shy , but she hopes to behave in a way that showed "hate" or "dislike" or "distrust", after the bullying he and HarryPotter and Weedguy did to her 2 or 3 times in the other stories.

Also; Robocop knew every area of the MAZE, it was his home, his territory, He knew every location in the MAZE like if it was the back of his hand. So he would take advantage of this and he'd pop out of nowhere to look at LRFT when she had seen him in a further location 2 minutes ago. It was almost like "TELEPORTATION", like "MAGIC". Like if the Robocop teleported, and just to Spy on LRFT too. Which almost left LRFT in shock every single time he would do it. But it left her confused too, thinking why the hell he went out his way to run over to LRFT to stare at her? Or did he actually run? Or he used a secret passage?

LRFT by that time was now "hypnotized" "entranced" completely drawn to the Robocop . She just didn't want to show it. The Robocop turned her on , but he also intimidated her with his rough, soldier-like personality. She didn't know if he liked her with how much he would follow her and watch her and stalk her. Mainly because while in the office he would talk to LRFT like she's just another empolyee who he didnt really appreciate. With his deep serious manly voice. Always just giving out orders to his subordinates.

LRFT would begin to think that maybe the Robocop has many girls , or a girlfriend, he must be popular with the ladies because of how Attractive he is. That kind of threw LRFT off, it made her fell incompetent. Specially when the MAZE is full of gorgeous young females. In her head, it was "unlikely" that he was single or not getting some action. He is an attractive hunk , with large forearms, wide shoulders and large veiny hands in his mid 20's or late 20's. And like Ive said before; he looks like he came right of out prison, while also looking like he came right out of the Military, while also looking like he came from the streets. He just looks like the true definition of a badass. He looks like he's been in fights. He looks like he F's a hundred females a day. And he simply never ever smiles. He has a frown-like facial expression no matter what or where he is. He looks people dead in the eye. His voice is deep as thunder, and all men follow his every command like dogs. He looked like he's had a lot of experience in the dating department, wayy too much experience. And of course looks older too, he looks like he's got some skills or real life lessons thrown at him. You could see all the scars in his expression. And his hands like if hes had to do a HELL of difficult work in his life. He had THAT KIND of confidence.


He just looks like he's got ALOT of testosterone all over him, MORE testosterone than the usual man. LRFT thought there's no way he isn't sleeping with some of them. Robocop looked a lot like this:


With some "John Travolta" and "Brad Pitt" action going on.

That's why LRFT lovvvved to be followed/stalked by this man. She enjoyed and was turned on every single time he did it. She lived for that. Anyways the days go by, and LRFT begins to wonder if the Robocop is single, married, has kids, has a girlfriend. She just seriously wanted to find out, but without asking any of his friends, coworkers or anyone at all. She just had no idea how to do it. She just wanted some hope. She did feel that it was unlikely that the Robocop would want her at all or ever because of her looks. But she just wanted some sign or to get to know him somehow. She was getting tired of some random sexy stranger following and stalking her.. even though she liked it, she now wanted to know who exactly IS ROBOCOP. "What is his background" "What has he experienced" "Why is he like that?" "Why is he friends with a cringe white skinny nerd like HarryPotter?" She wanted to reciprocate some of the stalking and watching he has been doing to her. So LRFT begins befriending more and more of the MAZE workers/sellers just to get information out of them , mainly about the Robocop more than anyone. She had to do it in a way that made her sound uninterested or not having a crush on the Robocop. So she would make it real casual just talking about "her job her ridiculous uniform" , then switching it to "all the bosses in her job that walk around there", then finally reaching the subject of "the one and only Robocop". That meant that LRFT was also now willing to befriend other females, more attractive females and model-like females. It appeared that most of them spoke other languages or were from other countries. They were just there for work having a hard time making money, or trying to suck out the money out of tourists.

LRFT didn't know if Robocop would have a thing for women like that, of different languages and cultures to his. It seems as though he didn't , he always behaved seriously or with anger .. he didn't do any flirting with anyone LRFT had m so far. Also, as much as she would bring up ROBOCOP in conversations with the sellers, none of them behaved like if they've had anything with Robocop, they knew about him and met him but did not really say anything that would hint that he's getting all their phone numbers, or that they all like him. If Im making myself clear.

Although it was possible that he wouldn't flirt or behave as such while on uniform and at work, or in front of his subordinates and coworkers. Well, despite LRFTs efforts; she still wanted to see if maybe HOT HUNK Robocop would be interested in her with all the following he does to her. So she decided to put ROBOCOP on a little test. So she created a PLAN.

Her Plan: was that she'd flirt and talk to a male seller for a long period of time, preferably a handsome or pretty boy for this plan. So that for the day that she works with Robocop she was gonna see if Robocop would catch her flirting with some random man and have a reaction or not mind it at all. With all the following, and stalking, and popping up; that he did.. it was a perfect PLAN. This was a great way for LRFT to have fun at work and not be overwhelmed by work duties, and make life of the situation. Also to forget how she's ugly or fat or any of that.

And so LRFT begins her PLAN. She goes about the MAZE looking for possible candidates for the PLAN. She looks and looks and searchers and searchers as she walked about the MAZE, until she noticed the perfect pretty boy as one of the sellers within the MAZE, as she noticed him she realized that she had seen him before, maybe a couple weeks earlier.

The story goes that ONE DAY: on another date; LRFT was walking around freaking out about how Robocop was following her to look at her hideous face, and hideous body while wearing that embarrassing costume.. also the intense heat of that tropical place was KILLING her! So LRFT decides to walk into a building with A/C to catch her breath and escape the heat and the Robocop at once. (WHICH SHE ISN'T SUPPOSED TO DO). Therefore she was breaking the rules by doing so. Well, as she stood inside this building which was full of humanity btw... she felt relief and she felt hidden, although she knew she couldn't stay too long inside as the owners of the buildings don't like for MAZE soldiers to stand inside their shop. She waited in there almost 10-Seconds and went back outside onto the DEVILISH HEAT. She was sure that Robocop would be about searching for her, but she didn't think he'd be there that moment to have watched her do all that. As soon as she stepped right outside the doors of that shop, Robocop himself was standing there maybe a meter, maybe 4 feet away from her. Facing her with his body and large arms. BUT he wasn't looking at her.. In that moment he was facing his shoulder trying to look at something behind him or trying to speak into the walkie-talkie mic that was on his shoulder. So he did not notice her at exactly that moment she decided to step out of that shop. LRFT's heart obviously started racing, she started freaking out, feeling like she got caught , feeling embarrassed of her looks like always .. so before Robocop turns to look at her and continue his walk/patrol/surveillance; LRFT turns the other way opposite to Robocop, and speed-walks as fast as possible to not cause a problem or interrogation. She walks around another little outside shop to try and hide, and as she turns to look at Robocop to see if he noticed her, a man that was selling there caught her gaze and smiled. (*Which is now the same pretty boy that LRFT found for her PLAN*) .. and YES, Robocop did watch her as she walked all fast-paced trying to hide within the crowd and the shops, with the most confused look upon his face. He watched her as she smiled back at this random seller man that was smiling at her.. and then he watched her as she was almost ran over by thousands of shoppers/humanity that walked in packs. It was one of the most hilarious events that have ever happened to LRFT. XD

"But then she thought" "How in the hell did she hide in this shop making sure there was no Robocop or Coworkers in sight before she broke the rules like that, and then stood inside of there for almost 5 to 10 seconds and went back outside, and BAM Robocop himself is standing right there, just a couple feet""? ITS QUESTIONABLE!" LRFT thought.

Is Robocop an alien? Does he teleport? There's no way!

But yes.. that had happened a while ago, it was Hot, it was Sexy and it was Scary. And LRFT lived for that.

But back to this PLAN story that we're talking about. So now LRFT thought, this PrettyBoy is the perfect tool to see if Robocop is into LRFT at all. He had already greeted her with a big smile before, so there's a good stepping stone to begin with. LRFT was this shy/awkward fat girl, really fat. She was near 300pounds. Although in order to begin this PLAN at all, she has to put aside all her shame and awkwardness and begin socializing with that random PrettyBoy. It was one of the most difficult things to do, specially someone like "her" to speak with someone who's an 8,9 or even 10 like PrettyBoy there.

Well, in Robocop's name... LRFT grabbed onto her balls and began her PLAN. She acted all confident, she began talking to and befriending PrettyBoy who was busy selling more often than not. It was one of the most awkward things LRFT had to ever do.. befriend some PrettyBoy with green eyes and blonde hair. Every single day LRFT would stop by to talk to and try to joke and laugh with this random stranger PrettyBoy. She decided to do this on the days Robocop wasn't there. Weeks passed, and the perfect day came by for the PLAN to take effect. Robocop was out and about, following anyone he could, asking for everyone's location, being all extra. And the PrettyBoy was there selling and being social. LRFT had noticed Robocop pass a corner, so she knew he'd appear on the other side. So now LRFT begins talking and smiling and laughing with PrettyBoy, and PrettyBoy was down too, enjoying her attention interacting with her. When BAM Robocop rolls by on his scooter across the hall wearing his shades, staring at LRFT without looking elsewhere. Looking at her for the longest time without any care in the world as he rolled by. LRFT obviously noticed this and pretended she didn't notice him. LRFT then thought that it ended there, and that it was ALL Robocop was gonna do. Just stare and that's it, end of story, bye-bye. LRFT wasn't expecting Robocop any longer at that point, and she had only seen him that one time. So LRFT decided to stay talking to PrettyBoy for as long as she could, she didn't walk, or continue her route. When SUDDENLY;


PrettyBoy, as he was talking to LRFT.. looks up at LRFT and beyond her as if he's seen a ghost. And then his look turns back to LRFT and he points behind her.. LRFT turns around and; GUESS WHO??? Robocop himself was now standing behind LRFT with his shades on, on top his scooter, with his large arms and large hands, broad shoulders and everything. LRFT felt sooooo embarrassed and ashamed and at fault. But her response to her boss showing up like that behind her was "How can I help you?"


Robocop then ; kind of smiles and makes his deep serious voice that he usually has "Not So Serious", and says "Hey, What's going on here?". LRFT replies with " Nothing " , Robocop says "You cant be standing around you should be patrolling", LRFT responds with "I know, I know" and she waves "bye" to PrettyBoy and walks off quicly. While both Hot Robocop and PrettyBoy stayed staring at her as she left. When it was time for the Switch; as LRFT approached the office.. she noticed all the coworkers were standing outside the office and not going in. When she gets near them, they tell her; "He wants to speak with you". while pointing at the office door with their thumb. Some coworkers were laughing saying that "she's in trouble" to her.

LRFT felt absolutely scared of what Robocop was gonna do to her. She knew what it was about. She was now worried that he was gonna fire her or write her up himself. LRFT then tells her coworkers "oh I know" >=3.. with a smug little smile. LRFT again had to grab onto her BALLS and step into that office with that HOT HUNK in there all alone waiting for her.

As soon as LRFT steps into the office she sees Robocop standing, he was occupying the KING's desk this time. She decided not to get near him and stand by the door. She didn't want to show her attraction or fear or shame. She just didn't want to showcase her vulnerability whatsoever. So standing at a distance from Robocop made her feel safe.

Robocop begins to lecture LRFT with a serious tone, about how; "We coworkers need to make sure we are doing our job, and not standing around talking to MAZE employees", He then says; "He had passed by her 3 to 4 times and that she stayed there talking to that guy" then he continues with; "How she didn't notice him any of those times", he follows that up with; "She should keep personal relationships out of work, because it looks like there is something GOIN' ON" .. and as he got angrier making his points, he finished it with; "This is just a warning, and I don't want to see you do it again". LRFT agreed with a serious/worried look upon her face. She didn't talk at all except for the end where she agreed saying; "ok".

LRFT at the end of that day felt defeated. She hadn't gotten a clear answer as to "if Robocop likes her or not" because he made it about the job and how she's breaking rules. She began analyzing what Robocop talked about, specially where he mentions; "had passed by her 3 to 4 times / didn't notice him any of those times / it looks like something is going on between her and the PrettyBoy". But those are just real things that went down, that Robocop was pointing out to her. Doesn't mean he is confessing his attraction to her.

And of course with how LRFT was obsessed with Robocop, with that muscle-boy of a man.. she would go on and on thinking; "oh maybe he wants me to notice him.. so that means such and such". Or; "he was hinting at something by telling me that" and; "Oh he thinks something is going on between PrettyBoy and me and is jealous". Just mushy nonsense like that.

But no matter what LRFT thought. In the end it really just showed that Robocop only cared about the job, and wasn't interested in LRFT at all.

But then again, LRFT made a new Plan to see if Robocop might possibly be interested in her. Her plan now was to find out if he cared about other female coworkers in LRFT's level talking with MAZE employees. If he caught them talking to employees and made an issue about it. And y'all have no idea what happens next. XD


Well guys that was the story of "THE PLAN". Hoped you enjoyed. Share this story with however needs it. And have a wonderful rest of your life <3 cheers

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© 2021 EmyyWolf
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Oh boy, this is a sticky situation.

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Oh dear...this ain't gonna end well.

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What was your fav part tho??



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I can't really pick one.

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~Hey, I hope ye're doing well. Nice comic~

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You too with your poetry <3

Maybe i can gain some grammar experience from you. Since ppl say my grammar is bad. XD

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~001- Sorry if I sound like an idiot but what poetry sorry bud?

002- Well I'll be happy to help in any ways I can ^w^ (if ye're happy with it of course)~

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Oh, I thought you posted Poetry for a while.. Not sure if you still do it.

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~I do write poetry, not often but I do, but I don't exactly post it (though I think I did post that one peom I liked for the anniversary of 9/11) but I do write stories. But if ye want, I can do more poetry~

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Oh yes do it. I would look forward to it. Also if you have art you can share it in my group called “Everyone-and-All”.

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Hey there. Hope you're doing great also. <3

Stay Safe.

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