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Nate Grey is back

I just heard they are bringing Nate Grey back. Of course I had to do a fanart of him at once. It was 11pm so I couldn't really come up with what he should do, so he's just standing there generating lightnings :D

He's in a mixture of his previous clothes. I didn't like his shaman outfit, but I didn't fancy his original pants either so I just gave him the jacket and random jeans.
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Actually, Nate wore a very similar outfit to this sometime between X-Man Issue #25 to #36.

Your interpretation has him looking slightly too young, but it's good work regardless. I like it.
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Thanks for your comment! :)

True, but I always thought they drew him to look too old for a boy aged 18-20. Especially when he turned into that shaman-thing. He looked like 40 then, man, I just hated that :o
So I always make him look younger. I always preferred the teenish look like the one Alan Davis gave him in X-Man annual '96. Don't really know why... Maybe because there are just enough grown-up bigmuscle heros already without him being one :)
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Nem ismerem a karaktert, de kafa lett a rajz!
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