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Mystique vs Iceman

Yesterday I started to draw a random girl and then somehow in the end it turned out to be Mystique from the X-Men comics :D Then I figured she should have an opponent of some kind, and since it was close to midnight I wanted it to be a simple-looking one. So: there, Iceman! :D

Today I added some grayscaling.

Oh boy, I need a new X-Men movie soo much!
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Did you read "Manifest Destiny"? The segment "Kill or Cure"? Where Raven turned into a obsessed bunny -boiler who tried to kill Iceman, or at least to get him to join her in a suicide pact? This looks like the final confrontation on top of the Bay bridge. She cries and ours her heart out, he laughs and throws it back in her face, and she jumps. Bobby shows some remorse; when Beast asks if he feels all right, Bobby says,
"I'm doing a lot better than SHE is right now!"
I've since learned that Iceman RAPED Mystique while she was with the X-Men (he disguised himself as her bathwater and raped her in the bath) so you could say that this incident is payback for that; as we learned in "Kill or Cure" it seems that Raven did genuinely love Bobby, although she denied it to herself until she couldn't suppress it any longer, although Raven being Raven she manifested it by trying to kill Bobby; she was going to kill herself anyway and wanted to Take Him With Her; Bobby being Bobby threw it back in her face (bastard!) and told her she could "check herself out any time she liked", but he wasn't going with her; she cried and replied, "You'll see me once more before you die, I won't be wearing this face or body, but you WILL love me!", then she jumped.
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Az új X-men megtette hatását :D

Jó lett nagyon :)
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Jaja, eléggé visszaszoktam az X-Menre :D