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Ichigo + InuYasha + Death Note

Intro page to a parody-doujinshi (featuring a whole bunch of various characters) we are working on.

Sorry for the blinding colors, I suck at coloring ^^"

With the help of anmazol (backgrounds) & M-Skirvin (translation)
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Óóó, nem tudtam, hogy magyar vagy. ^.^" Mindenesetre, szép munka... Kíváncsi lennék, hogyan folytatódna. :3
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Köszi! :D
Megterveztem jópár oldalt a sztoriból, de aztán végül közbejött egy másik projekt, és nem sikerült megcsinálni :( De nincs elfelejtve ^^
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Lol! Number one demon! xD
Completely awesome and epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Okay! Here's another suggestion:

"...the woman who mercilessly bound me to a tree..."

That gets all the descriptives in order. Then there's:

"...We've come to the conclusion..."

And try this:

"Get lost! Or I'll..."

I think that's all I can find on this page!

Hope you don't mind my kibbitzing!:heart:
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Thanks for the suggestions! Updated the pic just now :)
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Very nice art and colors, but there are some glaring grammar errors...

It should be,
"...bound me to a tree..."

Binded is not actually a word.

And there are others...want some hejp fixing them?=P
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Oh yes I do. Please send me a note about them if you have time. I'll correct them right away ;)
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