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forest card

(forest card)
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your art is awesome!!

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Thank you!! Yours is too :3
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Thank you, thank you!!
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This is gorgeous wowww
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Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful day ❤️
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WHAAAT!?!?!?! This is GORGEOUS!!! I just love the loose style used in this. And that lighting creates SUCH a lovely atmosphere and sense of tranquility to this piece! How long did it take you to create this lovely painting? And what are some steps you took to create this?

Don't feel pressured to answer all my questions if you don't want to of course! I'm just here just stunned at the beauty of this :D I just love your art!!

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You have no idea how happy I am with your comments :3
Thank you so so much!! I actually have no idea how long but I know that it was within a short amount of time, surprised me for sure. Layering is KEY, I knew that I wanted two trees to make this "entrance" feeling so I started from those and put more and more bushes around them with a dark olive color. I chose a spot for the sun and went on with warmer colors acting as branches and such, then with grass and other plants. Added the animals and mushrooms, then went over it with my airbrush tool on "lighten" and added in reds, oranges and sky blues to make this almost blinded affect you see when you look at something bright. Reds for more realistic to the way you see it irl and blues and whites for how a camera would see it. I adore adding these elements to my landscapes because it gives off an interesting sight. Please do ask as many questions as you want! Sharing thoughts and questions are my favorite part about uploading artworks, especially if they look as good as this 😂
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I always look forward to seeing your art! It makes my day :D Oh wow thank you for the process! Backgrounds are something I struggle with so so much. Gotta practice them soon. I'll keep your tips in mind and try meshing them into my own work sometime! Hopefully I can create beautiful backgrounds like this someday too:love:

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Notice how the description says "testing109"? I have been testing with landscapes since December and and this is one of the many few that I want to post. It's all practice. I believe in you though, you do some really great work and I can see a lot of progress and potential. Keep practicing and you'll get there eventually ❤️
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Ooo yessss I love ittt
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